31 May, 2011

A lot of reviews

          I've been busy this month so unfortunately I haven't had much to for reviews. So instead of doing a lot of reviews with synopsis, I'm doing many reviews in one post, and cutting out most if not all of the synopsis and spoilers that I put in my usual reviews.

Booster Gold #44

This is a character and a series that I haven't really had much experience with. The series always looked good, and the character always looked interesting. With Flashpoint on the way I decided to finally check out the time traveling Superhero, thinking that this would be a good jumping on point. I was correct. I loved this issue. For anyone who wants to jump on to Booster Gold this is the issue to do it. It even has one or two pages devoted to recapping Booster Gold's origin.  While I do see how that could be annoying to a long time fan, this was very good for someone who is jumping on. It was a little confusing when it started in on Flashpoint, but frankly I think that is just because the whole idea of Flashpoint is complicated. I'm not a big fan of this idea, I think the new Flash series is too young for a big event like this, but it worked well for this issue

Grade: 9/10

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #9

I know that I'm slightly behind on War of the Green Lanterns, but this issue was still amazing. The entire story of War of the Green Lanterns has been thrilling. The way people like Tomasi have been able to create a story that really had kind of already been done before (Hal turning Yellow, and Guy turning Red) but still make it very exciting is remarkable. When it comes to comic books being powerful or emotional this comic, story line, and not really even series fit the qualifications. But all of the Green Lantern stories, especially War of the Green Lanterns are just fun reads. This particular issue was nothing great, although it was cool to see Guy Gardner with Krona's Gauntlet, and also to see the Guardian entities again, but next issue when the Guardian entities attack will really be something fun to read.

Grade: 8/10

Doctor Who Classics #3

I've always been a huge fan of Doctor Who especially the old doctors (although Matt Smith is one of the more amazing Doctors I've ever seen. He might actually be my favorite.) So this series really excited me. A whole series about just classic Doctors, what's not to love? I really enjoyed how this issue started and finished a story. I was happy not to see a long drawn out arc, but instead it was done just like an episode of Doctor Who. It was incredibly well done. The writing and art were nothing spectacular, the real appeal for this comic is the feel of it, the fact that you feel like you are reading a Sci-Fi story. Doctor Who and Classic Sci-Fi fans alike should definitely pick this issue up.

Grade: 8/10

22 May, 2011

Batman #710

         I went to the comic store recently and picked up a good number of comics. But four or five of the ones that I picked up were out standing. This is one of those. I picked this one up mainly because I was excited to see Two Face. He's always been a cool and interesting character, and I was very excited to see a comic with a classic villain in it.
        In this issue Two Face is interrogating/killing people trying to find where his coin is. The GCPD finds the bodies and calls in Batman. While they are investigating a congressman comes out and says this should not be handled by vigilantes, and Batman leaves. The scene goes to the Falcones and Mario is angry Two Face is back. Batman then goes to Katrina Falcone and again tries to convince her to go away to boarding school, this time even Catwoman backs him up, but Katrina refuses. Two Face is then gets kidnapped by the Falcones and a woman who I assume is Harvey Dent's ex wife (who is working with the Falcones and the Falcones have the coin) shoots him. Meanwhile Batman breaks into a club to try to interrogate people.
       I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. I am a huge fan of classic comic books, with the classic heroes. While this is not Bruce Wayne, Two Face is definitely a classic villain. Not only were classic characters used, but the comic had a very classic feel. It felt much like Batman: A Long Halloween. That might be because of the Falcones but it still had the feeling of the comic. The only thing that I was "miffed" about was the fact that Two Face died. That stayed with me for a couple of minutes until I came to the realization that DC would never actually kill off Two Face. He's too interesting. He has his whole thing with being good and evil, but every time he flips his coin I can't take my eye off the page. Batman's thing is that all of the characters in his stories are dark and have their own psychological problem. The two with the coolest are Two Face and the Joker. One who sees the joke in life, and the other one who's crime are completely based of chance. This was still a really good issue, but if Two Face is actually dead I'll drop the entire series.

Grade: 9/10
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20 May, 2011

Detective Comics #876

            Sorry for my lack of posts, but recently I've gone through a phase of reading the old comics so I haven't really kept up with the new issues and haven't had anything to review. I do have a couple that I will be reviewing over the next couple of days. Detective Comics is one of my favorite series, each arc is just so different from the previous one. I am a little upset that Snyder is taking a break from the arc with Commissioner Gordon, but it will be good to see how Jim Gordon acts through out this arc.
          In this issue a killer whale was found on the floor of one of the biggest banks in Gotham.  Gordon and Grayson investigate and find a woman in its stomach. Although while they are dissecting the whale Commissioner Gordon tells Dick Grayson that the head of the bank is the daughter of the man who killed his parents. Gordon also tells Grayson about his son being back in town and asks Grayson to meat with him, because his eyes aren't contaminated. Batman goes to check out the owner of the bank. (The woman found in the stomach of the whale was her assistant) Sonia Branch, the owner of the bank and daughter of the murderer who killed Batman's parents, didn't want to talk and told Batman to leave. But then she calls someone and says she will do what ever they want. Batman heard this with a listening device. Batman races off to where the call was made but starts getting attacked.
         Scott Snyder missed the mark with this issue. He was trying to make it creepier then it turned out to be. It had all of the elements:  woman showing up inside of a whale, Gordon's son, daughter of the man who killed Grayson's parents, and a death trap. Mainly the problem was the art. While Jock is a good artist, and there was nothing wrong with the art, I just don't think he has the right style for this arc. Anyone with a darker approach to Batman would have been better. The story on the other hand was somewhere between okay and good. I really do like creepy Batman stories, but again the story wasn't quite creepy enough. I predict that the level of creepiness will rise as the arc goes on, based off of the short descriptions DC offers about up coming comics. (I don't want to give those away incase people don't want to see them, but they are on DC's website if you want to see them) So over all this was an okay comic, but I do think it will improve as the arc goes on.

Grade: 6.5/10
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