22 May, 2011

Batman #710

         I went to the comic store recently and picked up a good number of comics. But four or five of the ones that I picked up were out standing. This is one of those. I picked this one up mainly because I was excited to see Two Face. He's always been a cool and interesting character, and I was very excited to see a comic with a classic villain in it.
        In this issue Two Face is interrogating/killing people trying to find where his coin is. The GCPD finds the bodies and calls in Batman. While they are investigating a congressman comes out and says this should not be handled by vigilantes, and Batman leaves. The scene goes to the Falcones and Mario is angry Two Face is back. Batman then goes to Katrina Falcone and again tries to convince her to go away to boarding school, this time even Catwoman backs him up, but Katrina refuses. Two Face is then gets kidnapped by the Falcones and a woman who I assume is Harvey Dent's ex wife (who is working with the Falcones and the Falcones have the coin) shoots him. Meanwhile Batman breaks into a club to try to interrogate people.
       I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. I am a huge fan of classic comic books, with the classic heroes. While this is not Bruce Wayne, Two Face is definitely a classic villain. Not only were classic characters used, but the comic had a very classic feel. It felt much like Batman: A Long Halloween. That might be because of the Falcones but it still had the feeling of the comic. The only thing that I was "miffed" about was the fact that Two Face died. That stayed with me for a couple of minutes until I came to the realization that DC would never actually kill off Two Face. He's too interesting. He has his whole thing with being good and evil, but every time he flips his coin I can't take my eye off the page. Batman's thing is that all of the characters in his stories are dark and have their own psychological problem. The two with the coolest are Two Face and the Joker. One who sees the joke in life, and the other one who's crime are completely based of chance. This was still a really good issue, but if Two Face is actually dead I'll drop the entire series.

Grade: 9/10
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