30 August, 2010

Superman #702

            I loved the first issue of Grounded, it was one of the best comics I have ever read. I could go on for hours about how good it was. Superman is walking the earth and solving problems that don't have to do with Lex Luthor or other super villains. One example is that he helped someone fix a car. The issue was powerful, well written, and the art was fantastic. It was a perfect issue.
           In this issue Superman is walking through Detroit, he lets someone who is really bad at basketball block him, discovers some aliens, and saves someone from a heart attack.
           Before I read this issue I read some reviews online. As soon as the word alien comes up in these reviews, I was already disappointed. I wondered why Straczynski had too include aliens in this series, I thought it would ruin this issue. It didn't, for the most part I didn't like them being there, but the line about finding lost pets, well... at least I thought it was really funny. This issue was less powerful than the one before it, this one had a different feel to it. Instead of it being sophisticated and serious this one had a lighter touch on it. Except at the end with the man and the heart attack, that is a great scene, and the best part of the comic. If you think the alien thing is ridiculous and you don't want too buy this comic, I think you should just for the end.
          As usual the art is great, but I really like the cover, of this issue and the last one, I like the simplicity of them, I don't really know why, but I really like them.
          So overall this was on the worse half of okay, and really disappointing because last issue was so good. I would still buy it though because that last scene was extraordinary.

Grade: 6/10
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28 August, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #640

           This series is exactly what Spiderman is supposed too be. His personal life is just as interesting as when he is Spiderman. That is the main reason I love this arc. When I go back and read Amazing Spiderman from around the 70's and the 80's I am entranced throughout the entire thing. Everything is there, what his problems are, his alibis, and just events in his day to day life that some how are just interesting. Recently when I read many comics  (not just Amazing Spiderman) I have found myself skimming the comic until the person is dressed in their costumes. I am now happy too say that the past couple issues where Peter Parker has barley dressed as Spiderman and I have read and enjoyed the entire thing.
         In this issue, Aunt May is at the hospital, alive due to Parker in the last issue. MJ and Peter are both pretty shaken up by the whole attack. MJ gets a call from her aunt saying that someone might be in her house. When she gets there her aunt is unconsciousness on the floor and a man (working for King Pin) looking over her.
         The art is extraordinary, after I read the comic I went back and just looked at all of the panels. It did improve the comic a lot. I can't stress, that this is how Spiderman was supposed to be written, enough. I'm just very happy too see the series revert back to where the series was in the 70's and 80's. The story was good too. Just like in the last issue it was powerful, and entertaining. That is a combination that is hard to find in a comic but when I do find it I get very exited and I talk about it as I'm doing now. In this issue there was another shocking thing at the end of the issue that was one of the better parts of the comic, and of course set up for some more great issues. These next couple issues are going to change the world os Spiderman as it is right now, and I'm glad too know that at least it's a change I like, and happened in an arc that I liked.

Grade: 9/10
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24 August, 2010

X-Men #2

                The first issue of this series didn't really impress me. When you put the title X-Men, it better be good, okay is not good enough. I really wished that Marvel would have held off on the Vampires for a couple story arcs, just introduce the series, then do something shocking and huge, like the Curse of the Mutants. It is starting in the middle of the series all over again. I promise I'll start talking about that as soon as all these new series get into their second or third story arc.
                 In this issue, Colossus, Wolverine and Storm go off chasing a vampire trying to bring it back (alive) so that Dr. Nemesis can find a cure for Jubilee. When they find a clan of vampires Blade jumps in and kills all but one. Later in the issue Jubilee runs off to Xarus, and the X-Men find that the vampire population is growing, rapidly.
                 I love Blade, I think it's great that he's in this series. I've heard that some people are upset that there wasn't actually a fight scene like the cover suggests, but I didn't mind that. It could be because I'm so happy to see Blade that I'm okay without a slugfest. But mainly I think I'm fine with it, because it really doesn't matter. The cover is there to advertise, and this looks a lot cooler then Wolverine shaking hands with Blade.
               Gischler did a great job with making the characters sound like them selves, especially Colossus. He made him sound Russian enough without over doing it. It was a little thing but for me it made this issue more enjoyable. One thing I really like about this issue is how Blade describes the political aspects of the vampires. How he explains that Xarus is more dangerous because he was able to unite all of the sects under one banner. I know that is just another little thing, but this issue is full of just really little good things, that when added up make this issue pretty good. Add Blade and you got your self a great issue. So I'm happier about this issue, but I still think Marvel can do better.
                 I just am wondering one last thing. Where is Janus during all of this? He was the main character in Death of Dracula, and his story was left at a cliff hanger, so where is he. He hasn't found the X-Men yet, or Xarus, I just want to here something about him, but at least it gives me something to look forward too in future issues.

Grade: 8.5/10
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20 August, 2010

Captain America #608

          I know I missed the last issue, but it was Amazing Spiderman and Captain America, I just couldn't think of anything to say about those issues. These past couple arcs have been big ones in the world of Captain America, with killing someone who looked exactly like Steve Rogers, almost watching Falcone die, and then attacking police officers. (see last issue)  I've been so happy with Brubaker , I've been beyond thrilled with Guice. I love this series.
         In this issue some new Beetle attacks Captain America and Black Widow, which of the Beetle loses. When she's being interrogated she reveals that she knows that Cap is Bucky. Then the media gets hold of it, and the fact that he was the Winter Soldier. Later of corse, Black Widow figures out that Zemo is behind it.
           I'm very, very exited about this arc, and the next couple arcs after this. I really want a "Bucky on the run" kind of thing. Like Batman and Spiderman when they are hated by their cities. I really hope that Brubaker doesn't make this a dream or something, or have this solved by just fighting Zemo, or just accepting it. I want a little, not knowing what to do. Otherwise this would just be a waste. I'm usually one of the people always to complain about people revealing secret identities, and this is one of the only times that I've been really happy about it, and seen potential for success not disaster, so I really need this to be good. I really have to complement the art again. It is amazing, it works perfectly with the somewhat dark nature of the series, and, well... Guice can just draw.

Grade: 9/10
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19 August, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #639

               I know I never reviewed Amazing Spiderman number 638, but I am going to review this issue and just touch on the previous one. One Moment in time is just going back to see what happened on the day that Peter Parker and MJ Watson, and what did MJ say to Mephisto? The previous issue was cool because they used parts of the issue where they did get married and tied it together with what happened in this new reality. I really didn't think much of the earlier issue, it was just another comic to be filed away, and thats probably why I forgot to review it. But I really liked this one.
               Opposed too just the endless doubts that Parker had, this focused more on what actually happened, MJ and Parker are talking about what happened and how unmasking was the worst thing that Peter ever did. But the main thing that got my attention in this issue is when aunt May got shot and then started dying in the hospital. That is what effects a good seventy percent of the grade, that moment was one of the most powerful moments in comics.
               If Amazing Spiderman ever reverted to what it was like in the seventies and the eighties I would be very happy. I did like that this issue show cased one of the things that was really revolutionary about Spiderman when it first came out, and still later into the Bronze Age, and that is Peter Parker's life is just as interesting as Spiderman's. A lot of the time when I'm reading a book, I'll just sit there and wait for the person to get dressed up and start fighting villains again, but Spiderman was supposed to be enjoyable even during the times when he was a photographer.
           I have had my troubles with this series before, like SHED, I hated SHED, but this story arc has so much potential, and fallow through that this might be a long term great thing. When it ends I hope that effects the series and puts it back in to the state it was in, in the Silver and Bronze ages.

Grade: 8.5/10
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16 August, 2010

Birds of Prey #4

            I loved the first issue, thought the second one was okay, I didn't care for the third issue. It has been starting in the middle of a series all over again, not because someone had all the data on everyone (although that doesn't help) but it was revealing Black Canary's identity. They did it to Green Arrow and I hated it, and not they did it to Black Canary, what's next Superman gets revealed as Clark Kent? I was very exited for this arc to end, but I was disappointed that it is continuing for a couple more issues.
            In this issue Black Canary is fighting White Canary, usually I would hate this, but they were talking and thinking during the fighting and that made the difference. Meanwhile Savant is trying to kill himself by jumping off a cliff, but Oracle is holding him. And in yet another place Penguin stabbed Lady Black-Hawk and is having a stare down with Huntress. White Canary's Identity is revealed, (no spoilers) a secret about Savant is let out (I loved this one) and does Lady Black-Hawk make it to the hospital?
            First off I have to say that I really enjoyed that Hawk was berly in this issue, because he was stabbed. I hope he leaves the Birds of Prey somehow, I know he wont die, but maybe this is the motivation to make him leave. Ed Benes did a unbelievable job on the fight scene between the Canaries, he has done a good job before, but this time it was fantastic. The best part of this issue had nothing to do with Black Canary, or even White Canary. It was completely Savant and Oracle. The part where he is off the edge and Creote is just watching because Savant made him promise, (even though that isn't very original) was outstanding. That could have something to do with that secret that I mentioned earlier, but I think it would have been good either way.
            Overall I really liked this issue, it was much better than issue two and three, and maybe even the caliber or issue one. Art was good, story was good, characters were good, it revealed some cool things. (and that was good) So how could this issue not be a good comic. The only thing that I'm marking this issue down for is that the arc isn't over, but I have a feeling that I'm going to like the second story arc very, very much.

Grade: 9/10
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14 August, 2010

Avengers #3

          This series has been just okay, and when you are talking about the revivle of the Avengers okay just isn't good enough. This is a group that I have wanted back for ever, not the New Avengers, not the Ultimate Avengers (1, 2, or even 3) I just wanted the Avengers with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Spiderman. Even if Captain America is only a minor character. I am a little disappointed that Hulk isn't on the Avengers, but I get that. He's too much of a loose canon for the spin that Bendis is putting on the Avengers. Just one more thing before I start the review, Bendis is doing a great job with Spiderman, he has his funny qualities and he's still powerful, and thats what I really want to see in Amazing Spiderman, but I've been disappointed.
          In this issue the Avengers are battling it out with Apocalypse and his Horsemen when all of the sudden Apocalypse and the Horsemen disappear. After that Ironman studies what just happened, and then goes on the rebuild the time machine with Noh-Var. At the end a knight and a dinosaur appear, so I really got confused.
         I know I might sound hypocritical when I say that I really liked this issue, even though most of it was a fight scene. It was a John Romita Jr. fight scene, and that really does make a difference. Spiderman has been done well just like I said at the top of this post, but in this issue the person who really shined was Thor. He was written perfectly and it showed his raw power which just made this issue so much better. I was a little upset that there was no more development on the elder Hulk thing. It was the best thing about the first issue and now they just kind of forgot it. But besides that my only complaint is that Hill is still in the series, she's not really doing much, and I kind of hate her character so I just want her to go.
         With out a doubt this is the best issue in the series, and was just an outstanding issue overall.

Grade: 9.5/10
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13 August, 2010

Secret Avengers #3

           I have been very exited about this series, it has worked past starting in the middle and became a really good story. Even though I would have liked to see Nova on the team, and not a crazy, possessed, all powerful being.
        In this issue Ant Man is hiding, Moon Knight and Black Widow are unconscious, Valkyrie goes down fighting Nova. Finally Steve Rogers is with Beast and Archon. (A robot/human that was designed to keep an evil thing in side of Mars) Archon goes down to fight Nova.
         Okay so this was a pretty good issue, the problem was that nothing actually happened in this issue. All that happened was that a couple more characters went unconscious. I was also disappointed that Archon got beaten up really fast. His whole purpose was to fight these things, and one punch blew him up. I at least wanted two or three pages, but whatever. I really hated that monologue in the beginning. It was like that awful monologue in Superman one, with Lois Lane "Can you read my mind?" Brubaker couldn't decide weather to make him sound very poetic ("I am a speck on a mote of dust in the eye of a storm") or to sound like a rookie. (" Freaking out... Freaking out...")
         When I saw issue one I was very exited about Nova and Ant Man, one was turned into a different character, and the other is being undermined and practically excluded from the series.
           So this issue was... dull, there is no other word for it, it was just boring. And it highlighted the worst parts about this series, I will probably still keep reading, but I hope it doesn't continue down this path.

Grade: 5/10
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10 August, 2010

Avengers #2

          I know that I'm expected to talk about starting in the middle of a series, but this time I think the story arc works perfectly with the beginning of the series. It brings the Avengers together and brings back one of their old villains. (Kang/Immortus) So even if the first issue wasn't my favorite, it at least it started off the series in away that I like.
          In this issue the Avengers draft Noh-Varr (AKA: Marvel Boy) to build a machine that lets them look into the future, once it is done and the Avengers gawk at it for a little while it starts to break, and then goes out after seeing Elder Hulk's face. Then Wonderman comes in and wrecks up the place, and it ends with Apocalypse appearing with his horsemen, who all look like Avengers. (or former Avengers)
          This is like last issue, it's okay, it's okay, and then the last page is great. I love Apocalypse, he's fantastic, plus I'm loving the futuristic, Avenger horsemen. I also really like Wonderman, not loving  what Bendis is doing with him, I want him to be on the Avengers, and I hope after this arc he will be. Plus he beats Thor around, and I know that Thor would beat him.
         Anyway, John Romita Jr. is doing a great job as usual. I didn't like him much because of Kick A**, not because he was bad, but because I hated everything about that book, but he is doing a more than superb job in this book, every panel is flawless. I don't like Maria Hill much, she is just a filler for a leader in this Avengers series, when Iron Man is doing the job and pushing her into the back. I hope that Bendis finds a way to get rid of her. So this issue is really good, and it looks like this is going to be a solid series.

Grade: 8/10
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09 August, 2010

X-Men #1

           I absolutely love the X-Men, I love the idea of them, the characters, just everything about them. I also liked the Death of Dracula one shot. I could see why putting them together would be appealing, but this is another case of starting in the middle of the series. (I'm sorry that I mention this a lot, but it will stop after the first story arcs of all these new series end) Marvel should have held off doing this until around the fourth or even fifth story arc. Just not right away. I am happy to see that Marvel is bringing Blade back. I've never actually read a comic about him, but the idea of him always was cool. (and the movie was pretty good) In this issue (what I think I'm right in assuming was) a vampire walks into the middle of a out door restaurant where Jubilee was having lunch. He takes off his coat and explodes, getting blood all over Jubilee and everyone around her. In the infirmary the Doctors find out that Jubilee is showing signs of becoming a vampire. This is after she explains what really happened, how there was no bomb. Wolverine goes to investigate, he finds a warehouse of sleeping vampires and starts to fight with them.
           When Jubilee says "There was no bomb. He just tore off his coat and his skin started sizzling." How did Cyclops know that it was Sun Light, stranger thing have happened in the Marvel Universe, but Cyclops knew that "Flesh...burns in day light" Instead of oxygen, or he took some chemical. Other than that my only complaint was starting in the middle of a series, but I already went over that . I loved the art, and the writing, and the fight between the vampire and Wolverine was done really well. I thought the suicide bomber thing was perfect, it modernizes the vampire and makes it less swords and steaks but more like a terrorist organization which is perfect for what Marvel is doing here. I was a little disappointed not to see Janus in this issue, but he has to turn up sooner or later.
             So this issue is not what I expected, but it was still pretty good.

Grade: 7.5/10
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05 August, 2010

The Flash #4

         This series has been decent so far. Not great, but not bad, it''s just enough to keep my interest. This is one of those series that I have been referring too when I say they "start in the middle of a series" I've always liked Barry Allen, I still do, his villains are one of my favorite villains in any of the  comic universe, I just wanted some introduction in this series. Opposed to some life changing thing. In this issue the Flash starts fighting Captain Boomerang, and saves some people from the destruction caused by the fight. The Renigades step in and start fighting Boomerang as well. Commander Cold goes one on one with Digger and the Flash has to step in and save him. Seeing that, the Top (the one from the 25th century) tells the Flash about the future. Why he kills Mirror Monarch, and what triggers it.
         I hate it when an entire comic is just one huge fight scene. Most of this comic consisted of people fighting each other. I can understand some fighting, I mean they are Superheroes, but does Johns really need to devote an entire issue to just a random brawl. I will admit that the fight scene was very well done, and drawn beautifully by Francis Manapul. The things about the future were pretty good, it made scene, but the Top just telling the Flash the future seemed pretty rushed and not thought out. It does open up the opportunity for some really good future issues. Even though this was my least favorite issue so far in this series, it was still well done. I was disappointed that this issue was just a fight scene, but it was one of the better fight scenes that I've ever seen. Plus it got me very exited for the future issues. So this is still one of the better series out there.

Grade: 6.5/10
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03 August, 2010

Superman #701

           This is my 100th post. YAY!
            I love the series Brave and the Bold, and I love J. Michael Straczynski. I even loved the Superman series when Superman wasn't in it. But when you bring Superman back and add J. Michael Straczynski you get a fantastic story about Superman and his morals. "Grounded" is a story arc about Superman walking around the world fixing everyday problems for people that he might have missed before, he isn't fighting Lex Luthor, nor is he reversing the earth's rotation. He's helping someone fix a car, or fixing up a bad neighborhood. I've been talking about that starting in the middle of a series thing a lot now, and usually that is true, even though Superman is anything but a new series I was expecting something like a fight with Lex before something like this. But I like this a lot better. The idea that he's just going around being a model citizen is really good. That is a huge part about Superman, the fact that he never lies and is just an all around good guy. Before this issue that was best shown in Superman the movie, but this took it to a whole new level. Especially the scene where he talks down someone who is about to commit suicide, he doesn't swoop up and grab her, he just talks her down. This shows his good side even more, and just proves that he isn't just raw muscle.
           Before when I just heard the plot of "Grounded" I was really worried, I thought there is no way that Superman is just going to walk across America in his first story arc back. But then I read the comic, and I would be content with exactly that happening, I mean there would have to be some twists along the way, but for the most part this is pretty good. This issue has gotten mixed reviews, some people think it is boring, some think it is okay, and others think it is absolutely fantastic and belongs in a museum. I thought this issue was superb. I was not expecting this at all. You have to read it to know what I mean, a description will make this issue sound really boring, but it's actually going into the box where I keep all of my favorite comics. So the classic Superman is back, and Straczynski is doing a great job with him.

Grade: 10/10
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Detective Comics #867

               I wasn't going to by this issue because of the art, but a friend of mine convinced me to pick it up. I didn't see the writer until I got home and started reading. I have liked David Hine recently, mainly because of his work with Arkham Asylum and the Batman villains, (like I have said countless times before) which is my favorite part about Batman and maybe the whole DCU. (I do like it for countless other reasons, but this is a big part or it) In this issue someone has been making a Joker gas knock off that is only temporary but is addicting so the victims use it again and go on crime sprees. It is revealed in this comic of who is responsible, but this is not a spoiler blog. At the end after many fights with these "Jokerz"  someone makes an imposter Batman and tells people to grab guns and go kill the impostors.
           I really liked this issue, even the art. (After reading it you relize that the art works with the story) I like the idea of the knock off Joker gas, the problem was that is the second time I've seen that in just a few short months. In April and May Batman comics had a "copy cat villain" who went around killing people just like the Batman villains do, and eventually he sprayed Riddler with a fake Joker gas. So DC should have picked one or the other, and they should have picked this one, this story was much more exiting, intresting and compelling than the other.
           I did like how the Joker gas didn't just infect street rats, but instead infected even model citizens. It makes the story much more dramatic and emotional. So overall I liked this comic a lot, there were some not so good moments, but there were a lot of very good moments that made up for those, this arc looks very exiting and I really want to see where it is going. I also wonder if this arc is going to be just another story arc or will affect the DCU even more. It's a long story arc, so I hope it affects something.

Grade: 8/10
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01 August, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes #3

          This series has been okay, I expected it to be really good, but my expectations have not been met. Again it is that same scenario that I've recently talking about, and that is starting in the middle of a series apposed to giving to readers some "okay they're back" time. In Birds of Prey it was revealing Black Canary's secret identity, in X-Men it was bringing the vampires out too early, in the Legion of Superheroes it was Earth-Man and on top of that Earth-Man's choice, and then even after that, the destruction of Titan. However I do like that Levitz has made you hate, and then sympathies with Earth-Man in two issues. (and enforce in the third) I also like that Saturn Queen is back. If Levitz had done the destruction of Titan and Saturn Queen coming back, then tackled Earth-Man, I would have been much happier. But Levitz is doing a pretty good job with a mediocre story. In this issue Earth-Man is forced by his ring to go to a swamp planet (which I am assuming is OA) and is fallowed by members of the Legion, Saturn Girl meets up with Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass and they are all looking for the boys, and finally Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl and several others are battling it out with Saturn Queen.
           Like I said before, Levitz is doing a fine job with Earth-Man even if he brought him out too early. I really like the idea of no Green Lantern Corps and the visual effect of OA as a dead planet. Plus the politics in this series is great. I'm loving the discrimination against the refugees from Titan and how everyone is afraid. It is really like segregation just in a SCI-FI sort of way. This is the best issue in the series so far, but not by a lot. This series shows much promise and I love what Levitz is not only doing with the Legion and all the Legionaries, abut also the entire futuristic world that they live in.

Grade: 9/10
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Deadpool Corps #3

           I've been on my recent Deadpool run, so I picked this one up, despite all the bad reviews it got. As I've said countless times before, I love alternate reality stories. So I couldn't resist Deadpool Corps. In this issue the Corps has been captured by a being called the Awareness. The Awareness abducts large amounts of life forms and gives them all a single mind. Lady Deadpool, Deadpool, and Kidpool are all in prison. The leader of all the life forms on the ship that the Corps is currently on is allowed his own mind, he tells the Corps that there is away to stop the Awareness. Meanwhile Dogpool and Headpool are trying to find away to brake the Corps out. Oh... and the Champion is with Headpool and being difficult.
           Like I said in my review of Birds of Prey #3, writers are doing too much too early, I'm not talking about the Awareness or anything like that. I'm talking about the Champion. One: He isn't Deadpool from another reality, and two: did the Gischler already get sick of the characters he had? Why did he have tooe add another member to the corps on issue two? I wasn't a fan of this issue but I think it would have been better without the Champion. I've also read that the humor wasn't great in this series, in the comic store I can't read the entire comic, so when I picked up this issue, I was relying on one or two funny panels that I'd read. But the humor wasn't that good, like I said there were some funny moments but not enough to make this a good Deadpool comic. The only good thing about this comic was the art, that was extraordinary. Two thumbs up to Rob Liefeld and Matt Yackey. Like in the Deadpool series it matched the ridiculousness and the darkness that is Deadpool and that I want in a Deadpool comic. Unfortunately the writing was just not good enough.

Grade: 4/10
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