26 February, 2011

Justice League of America #54

        This series is very on and off, some issues I just don't read, and others I read, but then forget that I read them. There is the occasional issue, that isn't just good, but incredible. Justice League issue 49 was one of the best comics I've ever read, but Justice League issue 53 was so dull that I forgot I read it.
        In this issue Bruce Gordon is going around Diablo Island looking for Mophir's corpse. He finds it, but then even with the sun still out, Gordon turns into Eclipso. Eclipso looks back on past expiriences, and decides to go at it again. He recutes Shade, Nightshade, Acrata,  Shadow Thief, Bete-Noire, Dark Crow and a monster called Syththunu. This is his "Shadow Team" so far, but he wants Jade to be apart of it.
      Honestly I know almost nothing about Eclispo, I have some old comic books that have him in them, but I never got around to reading the Eclipso parts. But this issue was just cool. People who have "shadow powers" have always been interesting to me. I always get exited when I see Shade or Shadow Thief in a comic, and I'm very exited that they are in this arc. The only thing that I don't like is that Jade is going to be a part of the team. My real problem with this series has to do with a little of everything, story, writing, occasionally art, but I find that my real problem, the reason I'm not exited when  this series shows up in the mail, is that I don't like the team. I'm not a fan of really anyone on this team, except maybe Donna Troy and I definitely like Batman. Ideally I would like Superman, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman... but even the team at the beginning of this series, with Vixen, Red Tornado and Black Lightning would have been great. I hope that DC fixes this team again, and I can see how they could do it in this arc, but I doubt it.
      I also don't know why the Spectre is on the cover, but he's not in the issue, I hope that he comes in later in the arc, because that would make it so much better.

Grade: 8/10
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20 February, 2011

Magneto #1

          Magneto is an interesting character, no one can deny that. A holocaust surviver who is then discriminated against, again simply for being a mutant. That is a character people dream they could write about. Ian McKellen played him great in the movies, and now I'm exited to see Michael Fassbender play him in X-Men First Class, and naturally I was exited to see a one shot all about him.
          In this issue Magneto visits New York for the first time. He walks around for a little, and then orders a "Superhero suit" from a mutant who makes them. He befriends the mutant and takes her out to dinner. He walks with her for a little, but a weird monster. Magneto takes down the monster, and tries to kiss the mutant girl, she rejects him and he walks a way, promising never to be a hero again.
         I have faced many disappointments in my comic reading years, but this has to be one of the biggest. It was a bad story, bad writing, and bad art. The story was to simple for a character as complicated as Magneto, and it was toned down from what Magneto's story usually is. I don't know if Howard Chaykin was trying to make this a kids comic, but even if that was the intention, it still would have been bad. I understand that this and the other X-Men one-shots coming out are promos for the new movie, but they should at least be half decent. This is going to be a short review, because the story was overly simple, with no redeeming value, and there isn't a lot to talk about. What I can talk about is the upcoming movie. One of the best things I've ever read is the first ten X-Men comics. They were fun, interesting, and exciting. I always wished there would be a movie made about the original team: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Ice Man, Angle, and Beast. To be honest I don't know if the original team team will even be in the movie (although in the preview there was a character that looked a lot like Beast) but even if the movie is pre-X-Men, I'm very much looking forward to it, even though this promo was terrible.

Grade: 0.5/10
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15 February, 2011

Detective Comics #873

         This is my one year anniversary of blogging on Comic Review Warehouse. What started as just a way to vent my feelings about the latest comic book in a very simple manner has turned into a great thing.
The anniversary review is Detective Comics issue 873. Like in Green Lantern Corps, I read an issue and then never got to the next one, but I got Detective Comics issue 872 and 873. I liked issue 872 and 871 and the last arc of this series was incredible and so far this arc has been pretty good.
        In this issue The Dealer has turned everyone at the auction onto Batman. They start to attack him, and Dick Grayson goes through all the calm down rules of the tightrope in his head. The people at the auction catch up with him, but Grayson wakes up in the hospital next to Oracle. He's missing his legs. Oracle then attacks him, but Dick Grayson wakes up again, and again he's in the hospital, but this time he has legs, and Oracle isn't trying to kill him. Dick Grayson gets dressed as Batman and goes after the dealer. He empties the "cargo" off of his plane. When Batman finally catches the Dealer, the Dealer turns into some weird Man Bat creature, but Batman beats him fairly quickly. When he gets home he makes the Wayne mansion his own, and tells Alfred to throw the Joker's crow bar into the river.
        This was a great issue. Messing with Batman's mind is a constantly used tool in all of the Batman series, and now that there is a different Batman DC focus' on that a lot more. Everyone knows that Gotham is evil, and dark, but this arc took that to a whole new level. Auctioning off the crowbar that Joker beat Jason Todd with is just sick. But it was enjoyable to read about. I'm a fan of reminders of "Batman a Death in the Family" and even the stuff that is done with the Red Hood (regrettably I never read Red Hood Lost Days, but maybe if I see the TPB one day I'll pick it up) and this was great. I wasn't a fan of just ending the arc by making the Dealer a weird Man Bat monster, but I do hope that he comes back again with a whole new arc and a whole new crime. His character could either be great or terrible. If they just make him the creature then he will be boring, but if they make him someone like the Penguin mixed with Man Bat (organizes things, but can be strong) then he will be great. I also liked when Dick Grayson was going through the rules of the tightrope in his head. Bruce Wayne always flashed back to memories of his parents and used their teachings in almost every single case, and Dick Grayson does that as well, but since his background is different, it's a different feel. Dick Grayson is a good Batman, I would like to see Bruce Wayne back in this series, but I'm happy that Dick Grayson is his own Batman and not trying to make him exactly the same as Bruce Wayne.
            This is a good issue, a good arc, a good series, and Dick Grayson is a good character.

Grade: 9/10
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13 February, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #56

          I read Green Lantern issue 54 and reviewed it. I said that I loved it and I would definitely read the next one. What I said was true I did absolutely love that comic, but I never had a chance to read next one. Finally I picked it up and its sequel, and because I try not to review comics whose sequel has already come out, I'm reviewing this issue.
          In this issue Sinestro sends the entire Sinestro corps to go fight the Weponer. All members of the Green Lantern Corps that are on Qward have had their rings confiscated by the Weponer. While they were tied up up Ganthet threw up red (rage) blood and Atrocitus appears in the blood saying that Ganthet should have stayed on earth. He then explained that, he allowed this to happen because he had to communicate with Atrocitus in  a fool proof manner. Then the Sinestro corps starts attacking, and Qward needs more defenders. The Weponer gives them their rings back and they make shields. If they fire at the Sinestro corps they will break the treaty, so they power down and start hitting with out their rings. John Stewart leads Qward's warriors inside the Weponer's bunker, they arm themselves and get ready to fight.
         I loved this issue as well. There is some clean feeling to the Green Lantern Corps series, not just with the colors and art, but also with the writing and the stories. It's one of the things that makes this series so enjoyable. People fighting with power rings is cool, especially when it's an army of Yellow Lanterns against some Green Lanterns, but the idea of an entire race arming themselves against the Yellow Lanterns and the Green Lanterns throwing punches against the monsters that are the Yellow Lanterns, is just cool. I hope this doesn't become a recurring theme, it's cool once in a while, but if abused will become very boring, very fast. An arc could be written about being ringless but that is about it. I don't really know why Tony Bedard decided to pick this issue to reveal what happened with Ganthet and Atrocitus, it has very little importance to the story, in fact the first time I wrote the synopsis I forgot to include it. But besides that little hiccup, the book was flawless.

Grade: 10/10
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12 February, 2011

Birds of Prey #9

           This series started out so promising and went down hill very fast, The arc was boring, and not very well written. Then this new arc came and the first issue was as promising as the first issue of the series, but I didn't have much hope for the arc, but since last issue was also good, I now have a lot  hope for this series.
           In this issue Black Canary is still having nightmarish visions because of Mortis. She sees her mother, Green Arrow, Speedy, and Sin. Batman brings her back to Oracle where Savant can work on her. The rest of the Birds of Prey (Huntress, Lady Black-Hawk and Dove) are on a bus with the Calculator's cronies, Lady Black-Hawk eggs them on until they start hitting each other. Hawk confronts Oracle about finding Dove, and then he gets mad at Batman, after Batman told him to calm down. Oracle takes him down with her nightsticks. Black Canary continues to have visions, but breaks out which makes Mortis have a seizure. Dove breaks out of her chains, but then is subdued and the Birds of Prey are now near a firing squad, and Oracle comes in a helicopter, and the Calculator blows her up.
           This was another good issue. It's not a great issue, nor is this a great series, but this series has moved from terrible to slightly above decent. I have finally come to terms with Hawk being in this series, I will still hope that Simone gets rid of him, but I can see future possibilities that could make him a good character. Dove has gone from a good character in this series, into a great one. The conscience she has plus her raw power makes her a fun and interesting character. Mortis attacking Black Canary is a cool idea but we just went through an arc where she relived past decisions, and past experiences. I know this arc primarily focuses on Oracle, but it deals to much with Black Canary. The next arc should focus on my new favorite character, and my long time least favorite character: Hawk and Dove. They joined the series out of no where in the beginning of the series, and there should be more of an explanation, plus I just want to hear more about Dove, and I really want to like Hawk.
          So this was another good issue, but I really want Dove to become a bigger character in this series, and when that happens, Birds of Prey will become a great series.

Grade: 8/10
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06 February, 2011

Justice Society of America #47

           I really like this series, especially the recent issues. The whole terror wins idea has been brilliant, it had intellectual value, a tone of character development, and it was a very good read. The entire series in general has been great. It made number four in my top five ongoing series of 2010. Not only was that based on the terror wins arc, but the winds of war arc was also fantastic. Overall I've been very happy with this series.
          In this issue Man Hunter (while stopping a robbery) sees something about the JSA on TV. People were debating whether Super-Heroes are good for the world, or bad. Then she sees the Flash make a statement about how bad the crime is in monument point. Dr. Midnight goes to see Alan Scott, but he's not there any more. Then Flash brings him to Lightning and tells him that Dr. Fate took her soul and is protecting it, but her body is dead. Dr. Chaos then tells Mr. Terrific to release Scythe, and that he knows his IQ is dropping. Then Dr. Midnight and Wild Cat confront Dr. Chaos who says that he has a device that will kill a certain number of randomly selected people. But the Flash runs and takes the device, but then Scythe comes in and the comic ends.
         I have one problem with this issue, for some reason whenever I read a JSA comic they always find a way to get rid of Dr. Fate. This thing with Lightning gets him out of the picture so that Guggenheim can focus on Mr. Terrific and the Flash like he usually does. Guggenheim is a good writer, but I would like it if he took some risks and wrote some stories that had Dr. Fate as the lead. He's an incredibly interesting character that always seems to get shoved aside. I do see how Guggenheim could have Dr. Fate in this new soul place and so the main characters are him and lightning, but judging just on the covers of upcoming issues it looks like Guggenheim is going to stick with Green Lantern.
       I enjoyed the rest of this issue thoroughly. Dr. Chaos is a great villain, and so is Scythe, and the way Dr. Chaos interacts with other members of the JSA is great. I even like Mr. Terrific's loss in IQ, otherwise this would be a short and boring series, he would trace Dr. Chaos and put him in prison and then we would all move on to the next arc, but because he is becoming "dumber" the arc is much better. It prolongs parts of it, and adds other parts.
      This was another great issue, but the series would be much improved if Dr. Fate was in it more, opposed to his usual one page appearances, followed by people talking about where he went and why.

Grade: 9/10
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02 February, 2011

Green Arrow #8

          This series has been nothing but terrible, if I said I enjoyed it, it is interesting, or anything like that I would be lying. I didn't like what was happening with Queen industries or the fact that Green Arrow is now Robin Hood. It's not that J.T. Krul writes badly and none of the artists draw or colors badly, it's one hundred percent story.
          In this issue Lois Lane meets with Even Gibson to write about the magic forest in the middle of Star City and the people there. Mr. Terrific and Dr. Midnight are there, Lex Corp is there, the Royal Guard is there, and even Poison Ivy is there. Then Galahad and Green Arrow are running through the forrest after someone running away from them. It turns out to be Jason Blood who has been separated from the Demon due to the magical properties of the forest. Galahad, Green Arrow and Jason Blood capture the Demon and tie him into some trees. Galahad chases down some Lex Corp scientists for attacking the forrest, but Mr. Terrific and Dr. Midnight tackle him. When Galahad escapes the forest he starts having weird flash backs. Green Arrow pulls him back, Jason Blood fights the demon who escaped the trees and the Phantom Stranger appears.
          I must admit this was the first issue of Green Arrow I enjoyed. I was a little disappointed because of Krul's lack of originality. I think the Demon is a great character, and same with Green Arrow and Phantom Stranger, but anyone who ever read Quiver will find all these characters appearances at the same time a bit familiar. They might be doing the empty soul thing with Galahad, in fact I strongly think thats what's going to happen and if that moves Green Arrow away from being Robin Hood faster then all the better, but it still lacks what could happen if you brought in Blue Devil and the Demon opposed  to Phantom Stranger. It would still be the same premise but it wouldn't be a repeat of Quiver. I did enjoy the section of the book before I realized what was happening. Jason Blood being separated from the Demon is the best thing that has come out of the Magical forest, while I know it won't stick it changes things up a bit. I know I talked about Quiver a lot but the truth is that I liked this issue, and is definitely the best issue this series has ever seen. One of the best things about this issue is that now I see an end to Green Arrow and his Marry Men.

Grade: 7.5/10
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