31 March, 2011

Batman the Dark Knight #2

             Even though I am starting to like Dick Grayson as Batman, I have and forever will like Bruce Wayne better. I was exited to see a Batman series with a very classic feel to it, but I was a little worried that I didn't love the first issue. I know that David Finch is a good author, and I didn't not like the issue, I thought it was pretty good, but for a Batman series starring Bruce Wayne I want my expectations to be shot out of the water.
            In this issue Batman is interrogating the Penguin for more information about Dawn Golden, but the Penguin's guards all have there guns pointed at Batman. Batman gets away and chases after the Penguin. He finally gets him. But Batman starts breaking bones as an interrogation, and Alfred is shocked. Before Penguin does talk Killer Croc comes up from behind and knocks Batman out. A girl randomly steals the Batmobile, and some guys are talking about how someone is picking off their group one at a time.  Then Jason Blood turns into Etrigan. Then Batman is hooked up to a chair being beaten up by Killer Croc, but if Batman's hart rate goes up he will die, and finally someone who looks like Ragman (and probably is Ragman) atacks one of the members of the group I mentioned earlier.
           This issue didn't shoot my expectations out of the water either, but it was incredibly close. I wasn't to sure about using the Penguin and Killer Croc as the first two villains in the new series, instead of the Joker, but these two are turning out to be great. I really liked the darkness and the intensity of this issue, it's what I've missed about Bruce Wayne. This had a very "Bruce Wayny" fell to it, and I liked it a lot. I'm also very happy to see the Batmobile, and Batman's cool toys, I've missed those a lot. My one complaint is that there was a section in the middle that just seemed like a bunch of random unrelated things were all going on at once. The thing with the girl, the gang, and then the demon all happened really, really fast. I wish that had been spread out more over maybe a longer issue, or just save some stuff for next issue. I did very much like how changed Bruce is, he's still good old Batman, but the thing where he was breaking the Penguin's bones, and how shocked Alfred was, was just very interesting, and it's nice to see something new brought to Bruce Wayne.
So over all this was a really great issue, that I recommend highly to everyone, but for people who really want Bruce Wayne back in all Batmen series, u should definitely pick this up.

Grade: 9/10
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27 March, 2011

Batman #708

        I go on and off with this series. Sometimes I pick it up just because, but other times I won't pick it up because Bruce Wayne isn't in it. This time I was walking out of the comic store and this one caught my eye  so I grabbed it. Dick Grayson being Batman was something that I opposed strongly at the beginning, but now with the combination of Detective Comics and Batman, I'm starting to like him more.
       In this issue Batman takes down a minor criminal. He then flash backs to when he was beating up a circus kid named Prodigy. He flashed back because Azrael stabbed him with the sword of sin. The scar has turned into the shape of a bat. Batman then goes to fight someone called the crusader who is attacking people in Devil's square. Batman is joined by Catwoman and Red Robin. Azrael tell the Crusader to stop. He leaves Batman with a test. For Batman to find one truly righteous person in Gotham, or else he will destroy the city.  Then somewhere else Ra's Al Ghul loads up Fireball with electricity, also so he can blow up the city.
       This issue was incredibly enjoyable. I wouldn't say it was a great comic, but I did enjoy it very much and would recommend it to anyone. Azrael is a cool and interesting character, and I'm glad he's in this. The Sodom and Gomorrah plot could be really great, but I'm curious  how it's going to work. I really hope this arc doesn't solely consist of Dick Grayson walking around in broad day light looking for a truly righteous person. I also have my concerns about Ra's Al Ghul's plot with fireball, not because it looks bad, that could be really great, but it makes me think that Hine through that in to avoid Dick Grayson walking around in broad day light looking for a truly righteous person. Grayson walking around with the Fireball thing wouldn't be as bad if it were just Dick Grayson walking around, but the Sodom and Gomorrah thing could be really good if Hine does this right. I have to compliment the art in this issue. It was outstanding. Guillem March was incredible. The art alone is a reason to pick up this issue.  I did have one complaint, and that is making Dick Grayson very dark. I have said over and over again that I'm glad that Dick Grayson isn't exactly like Bruce Wayne. While he wasn't like that in this issue he came pretty close, and I hope it doesn't progress. But overall this was a pretty good issue and I recommend it. I enjoyed it very much.

Grade: 7.5/10
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24 March, 2011

Avengers #8

          I read the first couple issues in this series, but I couldn't keep up, and I was also discouraged by the entrance of the Red Hulk a character that I had always wished would go away so that I could read the Hulk series again. Bendis is not the person who got me back into this series, it was John Romita Jr. His art is great and when I saw this issue I decided to go for it.
         In this issue the Illuminati gathers, but Black Bolt is dead so Medusa arrives with Lockjaw. She is brought up to speed on the Illuminati and what it does. Then the Illuminati discuss a problem that they're having with the reality gems. Reed's gem (red) has been stolen. Iron Man then tells a story about how Red Hulk had "the tar beaten out of him" by a kid who had red and yellow gems. You also find out that Steve Rogers is having Tony Stark watched. The Illuminati work out that Black Bolt had the yellow gems. They go to where Black Bolt had the gem and it was gone, then Steve Rogers and other heroes arrive confused.
        I loved this issue. There are certain comics that I own that I am genuinely upset when I finnish them because I want the next issue right after I finnish that one. This was one of those comics. The first time I heard of the Illuminati (as a comic team) was a Civil War graphic novel, and that is really what made me want to get this issue. (John Romita's art also helped with that decision) So the plot is great. I love the Illuminati and I love the infinity gems. This issue even made me like Red Hulk a little. The memory was very simple, and he was written not particularly different than a ton of other characters I've seen, but that is what made me like him. (a little) I always had this illusion that he was this big awful villain guy, but he's kind of "heroish" which is typical, but typical is a step up from what I thought of him before. On top of all of that this issue was written beautifully. Each character was written the way they were supposed to be, but even incredibly sensible characters, like Richards, Strange and Xavier had their moments, which kept the comic interesting. I also got to learn a little about Medusa a character I didn't know much about. So to review: This had a great plot, great writing, and great art

Grade: 10/10
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23 March, 2011


         I have stated many, many times that Fantastic Four number 576 is the worst comic I ever read. Because I read that I stopped reading Fantastic Four, and didn't even pick up the issue where Johnny Storm died. I heard he died a very"superheroy" death, which almost assures that he will come back. (I do plan on reading this issue soon to see it for my self) I didn't plan on reading this  but a friend of mine assured me it would be great.
        In this issue Sue Storm explains everything that has changed to Peter Parker. Including that Reed's dad is back. Ben blames himself for Johnny's death and has become antisocial. At P.A.V.L.O.V some people freed the Wizard. The Wizard escapes and the Fantastic Four goes back for dinner. Reed puts forth a plan about the Inhumans, and his father says that it's a bad idea, which is different for the Baxter Building. Then Reed's father and Valeria take Reed aside and tell him that Dr. Doom has to join the team, and after a little he agrees.
       My expectations were low for this issue, so this book exceeded them, but that isn't saying much. Originally I that the costume change was (put bluntly) stupid, but then when Sue explained that she just wanted a change of pace I thought that it was fine, because that is a genuine reason, but then it was ruined when she said something about a black and white world. I did like Ben Grimm's reaction to everything, and I'm also glad he didn't welcome Spiderman with open arms. I also like Valeria and Reed's dad taking charge, it was a nice change in pace, and was perfectly done. Bringing in Dr. Doom now was a great idea. If you have a new outlook on the Fantastic Four, might as well have a new outlook on Dr. Doom, and I'm so happy Hickman didn't wait five issues to bring in the FF's big bad guy. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a little more on the Wizard, because that really is the main event of the issue, but that isn't a huge thing, because I know that he's going to appear real soon. My real complaint is that with the exception of Franklin Richards and the Thing, the other members of the FF didn't really acknowledge Johnny's death, it was a little different, but shouldn't the Sue and Reed's emotions be a little different? So that bugged me, but over all this was a very good comic, and very enjoyable.

Grade: 8.5/10
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20 March, 2011

Birds of Prey #10

         This series has gone back and forth for me. The last arc is something that I dreaded reading, but for some reason I read it anyway. This arc has gone back and forth from mediocre to amazing, and then back again. My main problem with the series was Hawk, I didn't like the character, or how he was in the team, but now I'm beginning to cope with Hawk, and that is no longer an excuse to not like the series.
         In this issue Huntress toys with the Calculator while in handcuffs. The Calculator tries to shoot Huntress, but Dove jumps in the way and gets knocked unconscious. Mortis tells Calculator that they need to get out of there, because Black Canary is free. Black Canary starts beating all of the Calculator's henchmen up. When a big guy grabs her, Hawk comes to save the day. Then Huntress and Lady Black-Hawk take advantage of the opportunity and chase after calculator. Black Canary goes through how Hawk was in the helicopter and Oracle is alive. Huntress says that Calculator "pissed off Superman" also that Oracle is never dead, and has ghosts. Then Oracle (who is alive) calls a conference with both Batmen, Red Robin, Batgirl, and Misfit saying that she won't help everyone anymore, because that makes villains to couscous. Then Catwoman comes to talk to the birds of prey, and finds out Oracle is alive, and then leaves after mentioning a team up.
       This was a mildly bad comic. The first part when the birds were chained up was dull, and I just wanted it to end. Even Huntress' clawing at Calculator was dull. I must admit that I did like Huntress messing with the Calculator especially the "you pissed off Superman" bit. When Black Canary came, the comic got better. I also liked it when Hawk came. I wouldn't say I like the character, but I do think that I'm starting to. Then when I got to the actual Oracle giving her speech, then things went down hill. It wasn't just the whole idea, which I will talk about in a moment, but also a little thing, Robin isn't there. This could just be because I am a huge fan of Damian Wayne. But the whole idea was also not great. Oracle is a superhero. Superhero's help each other, and that was pretty much Oracle's whole gig, and what made her such a powerful person. I understand that Gail Simone wants to keep Oracle in the birds of Prey, but this seems ridiculous. Also Catwoman's appearance was apparently useless. When I was reading I thought for sure that the next arc would be a Gotham City Sirens, Birds of Prey team up, but the next issue is about Huntress and Catman, which is really just something I don't care about. So this series is still disappointing, and it wasn't helped by this issue.

Grade: 4/10
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05 March, 2011

X-Men #8

          This is a decent series, I thought the whole vampire thing was premature, and not handled very well, but the last issue of this series, was also decent. The X-Men public relations thing, is kind of interesting, but it's not "WOW" stuff, I think that it's going to effect the series for now, but as soon as this arc ends they'll do what they always do.
       In this issue Spiderman teams up with the X-Men to take on the Lizard. People were disappearing mysteriously, but then the disappearing stopped, but then it started again, but only with children. The X-Men find that someone is going on a "creepy/stalker website" and is talking to "nerdy" kids and telling them to go to a special place. When the kids do so, the Lizard grabs them. Wolverine made it in time to try and rescue one of the kids, but lost. Then you see that the children are all in a cage, and someone is controlling the lizard, making him grab the children, so that he can do experiments on them.
      I love Spiderman, he's a great character, and when he teams up with... anyone really it's usually a good comic, most of the time that is due to his witty banter. It was the same in this comic. Spiderman had is witty banter, but he also had some serious moments to. No just about his life, or someone in his family, but about the world. I read Amazing Spiderman: 297 and there was a scene where he was to upset, that children were taking drugs, that he couldn't even say the witty things he does. The same thing happened in Amazing Spiderman: 96, and Stan Lee said that the reader didn't feel like Marvel was giving them a lecture, it was just an incident in a story. This was the same basic principle, but it isn't about drugs, it's about bullying. I am a little sick of the Lizard because of SHED, but this was a good comic. The X-Men were good, Spiderman was good, Gischler just wrote the comic well. This comic does leave you in suspense, wondering who is controlling the Lizard, but there is the possibility that this is a new villain, this would be a good way to introduce a new villain, but it would be very disappointing for this arc. I want to here it's someone else I've known forever and suddenly is even more powerful, but It is most likely an X-Men villain, because this is an X-Men comic. I'm excited, I can't really predict this comic, and I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Grade: 8/10
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