31 October, 2010

Uncanny X-Force

          I had never liked these X-Men spinoffs, actually (recently) I've never really liked any of the X-Men series, nor did I like Deadpool. (which is kind of X-Men) But when Angle, Wolverine, and Deadpool are all in the same series I had to check it out. I'm just saying now that I've had no experience with Fantomex, or Psylocke.
          The series starts off with Deadpool going on some covert mission to a cult sort of thing, well, until he was knocked unconscious by a giant statue. Then we see Psylocke's dream, she dreams that Angle is arguing with Archangel, and Archangel is killing both of them. Angle and Psylocke both wakeup and argue about lying to each other when they get a call, not really sure what about, probably Deadpool. Then there is a competition between Fantomex and Wolverine, and Wolverine wins. I was then a little confused when the X-Force just kinds of meets with no lead up. They go to where Deadpool was and they get attacked by the giant statue, after they overcome that and rescue Deadpool, you see Apocalypse as a small boy, and Angel declares that he's going to kill him.
            I found this issue confusing. I don't know who called Angle, or what about, Angle later said something about how Deadpool was gathering info about something for years, and I don't know what, and most importantly I don't know what brought the X-Force back together. (Although I Fantomex just decided to get them all back) But as I was reading I barley noticed, what I did notice was great writing, great art, and the best written Deadpool I've ever seen. It's like the way Bendis writes Spiderman, Remender writes Deadpool like I've always wanted to see him. Another character that is done really well in this series is Fantomex, he had a very nice classiness about him, but I still don't know anything about him. (I'll be sure to look him up so I'm prepared for next issue) Angle, Wolverine, and Psylocke were also written well, but not as well as Deadpool and Fantomex. For a series like this I would usually comment about "starting in the middle of the series," but the trailer for this series took that thought right out of my mind.
           This was a really good issue, with great art, and great writing, there were just a couple of holes in the plot, most of which I would consider irrelevant.

Grade: 8/10
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Wolverine #2

        At first I was skeptical about "Wolverine Goes to Hell," I thought it would be just another Marvel event to make comic headlines, while they are simultaneously doing "Curse of the Mutants," and "Shadowland." I thought it was going to be a publicity stunt, that is only written half heartedly. After I read the first issue, I thought I was right. It was only written okay, and the plot was confusing. In the series defense, I didn't read Daken or X-23 (although I gave X-23 some thought) because I've never really liked the whole family of Wolverine thing, so I don't know how well those were written, but in Wolverine issue one, it was not good.
         In this issue Wolverine is fighting every single person that he had ever killed. (in Hell) Nazis, ninjas, and Omega Red, he is fighting and killing (again) all of them. He has no powers and no adamantium. The Devil keeps telling Wolverine he can stop if he lets out one little scream, but Wolverine simply replies: "Keep 'em comin', Bub." Wolverine's girlfriend (who was rescued by Mystique last issue) calls Yukio. (Wolverine's former girlfriend) While on the phone Yukio is killed by Wolverine's demon possessed body, and goes to Hell, where the devil makes her whip Logan until he screams. At the end of the comic you see two people planning to use Wolverine, one who was small would use him to escape Hell, the other would use him for a hidden agenda.
       Right after I finished this comic I knew that it was a good one. My original assumptions about this series were wrong. The comic was filled with emotion (on a wolverine scale) between fighting Omega Red, and being tortured by his ex girlfriend. To be very blunt "it's been a ruff day for Wolverine."  This issue was written very well, the writing had an almost poetic way about it. Which was also reflected by the fantastic art. My only real complaint with this issue was that Aaron didn't use Saber Tooth enough. Wolverine is in Hell, in pain, emotionally compromised, if Saber Tooth had come out, and had a dialogue while he was fighting that would have topped off the issue and made it from great to amazing. In fairness Aaron did kind of do that with Omega Red, but Saber Tooth would have been better. I also have to point out how Melita called Yukio of all people, opposed to like Cyclops or Beast, it just looked like away to bring Yukio into the story, that's what it was, but it just looked a little forced.
       This was a great issue, but it could have been better.

Grade: 8/10
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30 October, 2010

Daredevil #511

           This is also a series that I have had little experience with, but it does tie into Shadowland. Shadowland has been a great series, but I really want Matt Murdock back. I also have a problem that just because the guys name is Daredevil (for a completely different reason then he wants to act like a demon from Hell) someone decides to make a demon from Hell inhabit, and take control of his body. On the other hand, the action, writing, and character usage has been remarkable. Even without reading all of the one shots that have come off this series, I still get to see Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, and the best written Spiderman ever. I've alway wanted to start reading Moon Knight but have never gotten the chance, and I have always liked Ghost Rider, but he makes few appearances now. Shadowland has been a good series with good tie-ins so I was very exited to subscribe to it's biggest tie-in, Daredevil.
          Recently Foggy Nelson has been the star of the Daredevil series, and this issue is no exception. In this issue the police charge the Shadowland area of Hell's Kitchen, and fight a rowdy crowd of people.  Dakota  tries to preach sanity, but ends up having to break a guys nose. Detective Kurtz tries to do the same thing, but someone throws a molotov cocktail at him. Dakota then goes to rescue Becky who is in an apartment right above where the riot is happening. Foggy Nelson scales the side of the Shadowland temple, and gets inside when then something happens.
          This was a decent issue at best, it was more police trying to "maintain the peace" than actual Shadowland stuff, if it weren't for Foggy at the end this series would be in the exact same place as it was last issue. I'm in no way criticizing Diggle's writing ability, just his story telling. This issue was written very well, just there was little to no forward motion (except the Foggy thing, which probably saved this issue.) Besides that I have really nothing to say except that I liked the art, it has that same darkness that Captain America has, but it's also sketchy which makes it even darker, which reflects the darkness of recent Shadowland/Daredevil events. I do also have to complain that one of the Daredevil characters was completely taken from Batman. Detective Kurtz is almost exactly like commissioner Gordon, he does the same thing, even though he's not commissioner, but he looks the same and acts the same, and plays and equally prominent role in Daredevil that Gordon plays in Batman.
           I wouldn't consider this a must read, but if you like Shadowland and Daredevil then by all means, check it out.

Grade: 6/10
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28 October, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes #6

          Recently this series has gone from good to amazing. I do have my problems with the series but they are few. I don't know of a single writer that would have been better for this series than Paul Levitz. He has found a way to incorporate several of the characters, and giving some more face time than others, which is really a trait this series needs. On top of that the art has constantly been great in this series. Francis Portela has found a way to show the seriousness of what Levitz is doing, and capture the "Mom and apple pie" feeling of the original comics.
          In this issue Shadow Lass is angry that Phantom Girl didn't knock before entering the room when she found Shadow Lass sleeping with Earth-Man. Then Earth-Man, Timber Wolf, and Brainiac 5 destroy some xenophobes, and Earth-Man denounces his old beliefs. Then Earth-Man goes to Brainiac and yells at him and demands a normal flight ring, and he tells him "I may be convinced that we have to get along with offworlders, but it doesn't mean I have to like 'em... especially you."
At the end of the story Matter-Eater Lad announces that the fans get to vote on the next Legion Head. But this is after Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl go on temporary leave, so you can't vote for them.
           I thought it was really smart of Levitz not to put Matter-Eater Lad in the actual story, because if he did you would have the option of voting for him. I love MEL as much as the next guy, and I most likely would have voted for him if he were on the ballot, but he wouldn't be a good Legion Head in the story. Te actual story of this issue wasn't all that good. For one Levitz didn't  bring up Shadow Lass and Earth-Man enough, I know I said I didn't like the pace of it last issue, but the cover is devoted to that, and that was the big thing that happened last issue, and not once this issue was Earth-Man even in the same panel of Shadow Lass. There was a little where Shadow Lass goes on about how Earth-Man is a warrior, but that was way to little, plus I was also disappointed about how fast Phantom Girl excepted everything.. If Shadow Lass and Earth-Man talked, and Phantom Girl was a little less accepting this issue would have been much better. On top of that, when Levitz wrote the part with Earth-Man and Brainiac 5, did he forget that Earth-Man is now with an "offworlder?" He had finally become excepting, and then he went on a rant about how much he doesn't like Aliens. I don't know what was going through Levitz head. Other than that this issue was mainly made up of space fillers, just a bunch of loose dribble. The only reason I would encourage buying this issue is because Matter-Eater lad is in one page, and he announces a pretty cool event. Colossal Boy 2010!

Grade: 3/10
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Superman/Batman #77

           I've only read a couple issues of Superman/Batman , so I don't really know what to say about the series. But with the little experience I've had with it I do know that this is a decent series, that is a good go to when you want a simple pleasure read. I was upset that Brave and the Bold had been canceled again, but when the letter came that my subscription was to be switched to Superman/Batman, I was exited.
           This issue is not about Superman or Batman, it's Supergirl and Robin. After some interns from Lex Corp get murdered a cop accuses Supergirl of not caring about things that don't have to with giant alien invasions. She goes to find Batman so he can help her with this case, but instead she gets Robin. They investigate at Lex Corp, and then go to a halloween party that all of the interns are. Everyone is talking about the murders except one Batman villain that really likes Halloween and fear.
            First off I have to say that the whole thing between the cop and Supergirl would have been really effective if I hadn't seen it about a hundred times before. Like in Legacies issue four, and Green Lantern/Green Arrow issue 76, and in so many more places. Other than that I really liked this issue. After I read it I thought to myself "this was a fun read," which it is but then I remembered the murders in the beginning, but it's still a fun read. This comic really puts Damian Wayne in the spot light which I think is good because I really like Damian Wayne, most likely I'm in a minority here, but I think he's a funny character and a good/contemporary Robin. I hope that this issue will help change the minds of all the people out there who hate Damian Wayne. Especially the way he was done here, Josh Williamson really made Damian Wayne, there were parts where I just couldn't stop laughing.
I'm now very exited for more Superman/Batman, and I urge you to pick up this issue.

Grade: 9/10
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24 October, 2010

Detective Comics #869

           I really liked the first issue of this arc, but I didn't know what to think about the issue after that, I will admit that I was misinformed about what Winslow Heath was putting the knock off Joker gas in. I thought it was day to day products, which would have copied the Batman movie, making the plot unoriginal.
           In this issue some cops come back to work after they have apparently been out with food poisoning, but Bullock is suspicious that they are working for the Guardian Bats. Also when Heath's chief scientist enjoys watching people kill each other Wilson is not amused. He then opens a fair and resizes tones of Joker gas to the people who are attending, all of which are previous gas users. The Guardian Bats rally, where the leader of the Guardian Bats throw a "Guardian Robin" off the roof. Also somewhere in the middle of the issue, when the Impostor Joker was in a comma, he was actually awake for that entire time.
          I almost didn't pick up this arc because of the art work, but now it is continuously impressing me. It is ridiculously cartoony which reflects the insanity of Gotham, and the Jokerz. I also like that this "Impostor Joker" has a sole, if he were exactly like the Joker (which is one of the better characters ever made) the series would be boring, because even though it would be pleasantly violent, and twisted, the entire time I would be thinking" this isn't actually the Joker."
          I especially like the idea of the Guardian Bats. This rash and violent militia is what would happen in a situation that was this scary, this publicized, and this out of control. That is why I like this arc, between addiction, the violent militia, and the crazy art work, this arc does exactly what Batman is supposed to be, realistic, and twisted. DC has been doing a great job with Batman in that way, the only problem is that would be much better if this was Bruce Wayne, which would then be the person who was supposed to be Batman, being who Batman is supposed to be. Regardless, pick this issue up, it's fantastic.

Grade: 9/10
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23 October, 2010

X-Men #4

             I always look forward to this series, I just resized I never reviewed X-Men issue three, so I'll give it a grade right now Grade: 9/10. I had stopped liking Marvel for a little while, because they destroyed Hulk to the point where I can no longer read it, and I wasn't a huge fan of what they did to Spiderman's villains (Doc Oc, Vulture etc. but it did grow on me later) but now I love Marvel again, this is just a great series.
              In this issue Blade and Angel hunt down some vampires and then realize they have to run away from them because there are too many. Xarus then confirms that there is no chance Wolverine is healing off the vampire gene, and gains his trust. Xarus then calls up Cyclops and uses Wolverine to intimidate him, so now the vampires are going to invade Utopia.
              I'm just waiting for the moment when Wolverine says "ha ha I'm not a vampire."  I guess that adds suspense, but that is canceled out by predictability. I do think that Jubilee should stay a vampire, because now that she isn't a mutant her character has become a annoyance, and this is a way to give some conflict to the X-Men and purpose to Jubilee.
              I don't think that Blade is being used to his full potential, six pages were devoted to Blade and Angle (two of my absolute favorite characters in any comic universe) but they didn't do anything. They found vampires and ran away. Blade is one character that can pull the Punisher thing off well, and there making him a "sissy."I do have to complement the cover which is just very realistic and very cool, although, the art inside the book is just okay. (like green arrow it's nothing special) This issue does open the gate for many good issues in the future, but only if Gischler uses Blade, and Jubilee to their full potential.
              While this issue wasn't the best thing I've ever read, I still love the series and am looking forward to future issues.

Grade: 7/10
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21 October, 2010

Green Arrow #4

           This series has been bad, plain and simple. That art has been just below average, the story way below, and the writing has been rock bottom. I've said this numerous times, but I will say it again: Krul doesn't know who his is writing for, is it Green Arrow, or Robin Hood. I've only stuck with this series, because my subscription goes for another eight issues.
           In this issue Martial Man Hunter comes into the Star City forest and starts going crazy and attacking the white lantern tree. Green Arrow manages to stop him, and then MMH explains that the white lantern forest made him go crazy. Green Arrow then goes to a rally and saves Mary from the Royal Guard, and then at the end he figures out that some assassin is trying to kill her.
           Honestly my description doesn't do the book justice. I was happy to find that there is a good issue in this series opposed to all the dribble that was the first three issues. I was very happy to see Martian Man Hunter in this issue, I lost track of the Brightest Day series a while ago, so I haven't seen him at all. I was also very happy to see Ollie venture out of the forest and be moire like Green Arrow than Robin Hood for once. I was a little confused about what actually happened with Martian Man Hunter, but I have the gist of it. I really did like the story, but I'm always confused why the cover art is alway so great, but then inside it's just okay. I really wish that Mauro Cascioli would be the cover artist and the inside artist as well. Didgens Neves is okay, but If that art improved just a little this comic would be so much better.
          This was by no means a great issue, but it is with out a doubt the best issue in this series, I really hope it is uphill from

Grade: 8/10
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17 October, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes #5

               This series has been getting better and better, it started off as okay, but then became good, and now I look forward to it every month. Levitz, has been doing a great job with this series. Instead of focusing on all of the characters in great detail, he picked a few to focus on, a couple sub heroes, and then some ones that make an appearance but aren't that big. I like it that way, it makes the comic enjoyable, without being confusing. On top of that he has the whole thing with Earth-Man and the Green Lantern Corps, but he does that in the perfect moderation, so again, it's enjoyable without being confusing.
            In this issue several heroes are helping some refugees from Titan off a rescue ship that just crashed then the Earth Force comes and they take down all of the Legion except Sun Boy, but then Earth-Man and other Legion members help  him out. Then the Green Lantern ring tries to go onto Professor Li, but she rejects. At the end Earth-Man and Sun Boy arrest everyone at the illuminati thing, and at the very end Phantom Girl finds that Shadow Lass is sleeping with Earth-Man.
            This comic was fantastic, there were parts with Chameleon Boy that were just fantastic. (this is a comic that has the opportunity to use politics, and Levits found a way to moderate it perfectly) Levits also has made Earth-Man a likable character, which is also something I like, because When there's one character I just hate in a series, I end up not liking the series. (example: Hawk in the Birds of Prey) A lot of people liked the end, they say it gives many opportunities to the seres, I agree, but I didn't like the way it was done. It seems like Levitz said: "okay I finished one plot, lets start another right now!" Maybe if it were at the beginning of issue six it would have been better, but if thats my only complaint, and it's a small one, you know this issue was very good.
             I urge you to pick up this series.

Grade: 9.5 /10
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08 October, 2010

Flash #5

           To be honest I almost dropped this series, with a new Geoff Johns , Barry Allen Flash series, I expected to be constantly giving this series nine's and ten's out of ten, opposed to six's and seven's. I've been really disappointed and I was exited to get almost any comic except Flash, but I heard such great things about this issue that I thought I would give it a try, and let this be the deciding issue. (if the score is more than 7/10 I'll continue) 
           In this issue the 25th century version of the Top is working with the Flash, so that Iris doesn't become some Super Villain thing. He stops Mirror Master from breaking the glass with the mirror lords, but then the White Lantern ora thing told Captain Boomerang to throw his boomerang and he broke the glass, now the Flash has to distract them so that the Top can do something else.
           I really liked this story, the action was clever, entertaining, and just plain awesome, also it didn't distract from the rest of the story. I was a little confused about what happened to Captain Boomerang, but Brightest Day is supposed to be a mystery, for now. I really liked how not everything went according to what Top told the Flash, because now it's not "Geoff Johns goes through the motions and then at the end of the arch makes a stupid excuse to make it different." I've seen that so many times before and I'm happy that it happened this way.
         The art in this is extraordinary. I like Francis Manapul but this is some of his best work. I especially like how powerful he made weather wizard. Usually I would give the credit to the writer for something like this, but Manapul really captured him as an all powerful being. A lot of times people underestimate people like him (for example: Storm) but really they are all powerful. Weather Wizard was only in this issue for a short amount of time, but I thought I'd mention it any way, because it shows how well Francis Manapul did in this issue.
         I really liked this issue, best one of the series. (so far) The art was great, the story was great, the writing was great. I especially liked how it was just one big fight scene, but it didn't take away from the rest of Barry's life, nor did it slow down the plot. This is a great issue and I'm definitely continuing with the series.

Grade: 9/10
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07 October, 2010

Justice League of America #49

          I absolutely hated Justice League of America number 45, it was just plain awful, I think I gave it a 0. something. So because of that I didn't even read the past story arc because I hated the lead up to it and I just wasn't a big fan of the whole Starheart thing, so when this came I was exited to see what a normal Justice League story is like, and I was happy that this was a one shot, because there is no better way to start following a series.
          In this issue Donna Troy was called to San Francisco and she brought Jade. They were called to Alcatraz, because someone named Shadow Thief is going crazy, he keeps saying "soon he will come." Bogeyman (who has the power to control children's minds) asked to see Donna for no reason. Then Donna has mind games played on her when she's attacked by the original Teen Titans, and Jade is being told how disappointing she is buy Kyle.
          I always love it when mind games are played with Superheroes, that is why I like people like Mongul, Mysterio, and Boogyman, and it did wonders for this issue. This was just a great issue best comic I've read in October (so far) hands down. While I usually think Jade is annoying and a waste of space, Robinson did a great job with her. Before writers have made her emotions way out of proportion and have had everyone baby her, but this one she was kind of like that (so Robinson didn't just suddenly change her character) but she was more self dependent.
          The art in this issue was beyond fantastic, it might be some of the greatest art I've ever seen. Pow Rodrix did a amazing job with this issue, this is one of the only times where I opened an issue and immediately noticed the art.
          This issue is a must buy, I loved the story and the art, it was just a highly enjoyable comic. I didn't mention some bit between Supergirl and Dick Grayson, but that is the only part not worth mentioning, because it was kind of random and pointless, but maybe it will come into play later.

Grade: 9.5/10
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02 October, 2010

Birds of prey #5

          This series has been going down hill since issue one. I really hate this story arc, I don't like White Canary, nor do I like Hawk, and both of them are galavanting around this series where they don't belong. What I want is a starting arc that utilizes all of the characters, I can understand adding someone (just why did it have to be Hawk) and bringing back a common enemy. For instance the Calculator, or doing more with the thing they have about Savant and Creote, that is by far my favorite part of this arc, if they had done more of that and replaced the whole White Canary thing with a perticularly devious Penguin plot, I would be happy.
         This issue starts off with more Savant and Creote, which I like, they say sorry and they're going to get through this and all of that stuff. Then it goes to Black Canary who announces she's leaving the team to go work with White Canary. So Huntress and Lady Black-Hawk fallow her. Lastly there is a little bit where Hawk Dreams that his brother is alive.
         Again, I do not like the White Canary thing, I understand that Simone is trying to make this issue shocking so that people will be wondering if Black Canary is really staying, but of course she is, if this were a mini series I wouldn't be so sure, but you don't get rid of the poster girl for a team in issue five. I also found the Savant and Creote thing just a little disapointing this issue, it was a lot of just making up lovey dovey stuff. I have to admit though, that had to come sometime, and Simone did a great job with that scene, which could easily be messed up in a catostrophic way. This series has still been on a down hill, I will not renew my subscription when it runs out, I just really don't like this series. I loved issue one which sold around 50 thousand issues, but then I just really hated the fallowing issue which sold around six to seven thousand issues fewer,  this series had just been a dissapointment, and this issue was no prize.

Grade: 5/10
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