31 July, 2010

Birds of Prey #3

The past two issues of this series have been one of the most exiting things in the past year. (besides Shadowland) But I found this issue really disappointing. It was mainly just recap and fighting. It did have one or two unexpected twists, but not enough. I'm very much looking forward to the end of this story arc. Recently I've noticed writers aren't starting off series in the way that they should. They're all trying to jump right into the middle of a series apposed to starting off with an introductory arc where the villains come back. Birds of Prey, X-Men, and the Flash are all good examples of this. While I love Birds of Prey and the Flash series I would just like some action with the Calculator, and Captain Cold instead of things like a hero going to jail or an identidy being revealed. In this issue the Birds of Prey are hiding in the Iceberg Lounge. When a group of rogue cops blow it up. After that fight, Black Canary goes to confront White Canary.
         I really didn't see why Penguin's perverted thoughts were necessary. It was just a tool to be shocking. Maybe three panels would have been acceptable, but an entire two page spread? That's a little rediculouse. The art was also bad, most of the faces looked distorted. Plus I'm very disappointed that Hawk is becoming a major player in the series, and Dove is very underplayed. I really wish it was the other way around. I hate Hawk, I understand that his character is supposed to be annoying but I really can't stand him. As I said before, DC is pushing to hard to make him the new Punisher and it is looks very contrived. I did like the end when Black Canary says she won, but then White Canary explains that she was wrong and that she, had won. I'm not very exited about next issue (unless it is the conclusion of this arc) but I am more than psyched for the next arc, but the only reason I would recommend this comic is so you know what happens in this series which I have very high hopes for.

Grade: 6.5/10
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30 July, 2010

Shadow Land #1

         Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I was away for two weeks. But I did bring a lot of comics, so I'm going to start reviewing them. After I read the first page of this issue, I was hooked. I had stopped reading Daredevil when he became the head of the Hand. The idea just didn't appeal to me. But because of recent reviews, I decided to read this one. Wow, am I glad I did, this is with out a question the best comic I've read this year. There was no part of the story, art, dialogue, or anything that wasn't perfect. The only thing that was ehh..., was that it continues in the Daredevil series, but can someone tell me if you really need too read Daredevil #508?
         In this issue, Bullseye brakes free from restraints and goes looking for Daredevil, meanwhile every one in the super hero community is worried about Daredevil's new attitude. (which they rightfully should be)  So Iron Fist and Luke Cage go looking for Daredevil. Bullseye, Fist, and Cage all reach Daredevil at the exact same time. So there is an epic fight scene, and Daredevil ends up shoving sai through Bullseye's stomach.
          I'm split here. I want Bullseye to die, but at the same time, I don't. I want him to die because that would continue the awesomeness of Shadowland, and it would be pretty dramatic and gutsy. But Bullseye is one of my favorite villains, and he is one of the people in comics that doesn't have any Sci-Fi thing that can bring him back. Also in this issue, I didn't mind the Hand. That might just be because they made the fight scene just that much better, but they really didn't get in the way of this comics greatness. I did like that Bullseye who is about as evil as they come could recognize that something was wrong with  "Ol' Hornhead."
          "This whole Shadowland thing is strictly temporary." I did love this comic, but I really want the old Daredevil back, but that also does not affect the grade of this comic.

Grade: 10+/10
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14 July, 2010

Batman and Robin #13

                 13 is an unlucky number, even for Batman and Robin. All right, I know I usually have an introduction about the series right here, but I have a lot of angry venting to do so I'm going to dive right into the synopsis. Joker reviled himself to be Osborne Sexton. That is what happened in issue 12 that is very important to know. This issue started off with Thomas Wayne coming back, apparently he hired someone to kill his wife and then he disappeared and then came back and killed Dick Grayson. The comic then flashes back to three days earlier. Commissioner Gordon and Batman apprehend the Joker after through a monologue about how careless he was in leaving his clues, which he apparently likes to do. Okay clues are Riddlers thing. Turns out that Joker killed Osborne Sexton and took his identity so that he could help Batman, and be a good guy? You can't do that to the Joker it just doesn't work, unless you have some devious plot for later on. Then there is something with Professor Pyg doing something with addictions. But back to Joker, he asked to see Robin. Robin is not convinced that Joker is on the straight and narrow, so he tries to beat the truth out of him with a crow bar.
               I like the crow bar thing, beating Joker just like Joker beat Jason Todd, but that was the only good thing about this issue. If Morrison makes Thomas Wayne come back, he would have killed off the real Batman (Bruce Wayne) and ruined what Batman worked for. (avenging his parents) So if you put those things together: No more Batman. Grant Morrison would be responsible for finally killing Batman. My main problem with this book is the art. I do not like Frazer Irving. I think he should draw horror comics, not Batman. I had the same major problem with Bruce Wayne Returns #2 and guess what, it was also drawn by Frazer Irving. I liked the old artist Andy Clark, he made this series different, but his art was still good. I also like Frank Quitely, If it weren't for his cover I doubt this issue would have sold more than a hundred copies (an exaggeration I know). If I were buying this series at a comic store this would be my jumping off point, unfortunately I have to wait for my subscription to end, which will be soon.  I have read other reviews of the same comic, and I know I'm in the very small minority (if it even exists beyond me) but I stand by what I said. At IGN they loved the art and said it made it creepy and powerful, I thought it looked like it was being forced to be creepy. If it is over done, it looks fake, and it did. There were a couple pannles that I thought were really good, but the rest of it was contrived.

Grade: 1/10
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Deadpool #23

                I know I'm an issue behind in Deadpool, but I've only recently been interested in him. This issue got mixed reviews ( kind of) some gave it an Okay, some gave it a great. I have to side with the great, I absolutely loved this comic, I picked it up because I'd heard about him, I saw him in Wolverine Origins (even though they sowed the Merc with a Mouth's mouth shut) and I saw him in Ultimate Alliance 2 (great game) so I though I'd give him a try. I was surprised to find that I loved this book.
                In this issue, some one at a superhero costume party (to celebrate the "Reunification of the Avengers") and someone called Deadpool a Dirtbag. Deadpool didn't like that so he went to Vegas and blew him up.  Then he went to do some gambling. He started to win a lot, so casino security came to throw him out, by casino security I mean a giant robot named the House, that actually has the Weasel inside. That is where I leave off on the synopsis.
                Several people thought that the humor was lacking, maybe there was one or two moments that could have been more funny, but it was pretty good. I knew Deadpool was a loose cannon, but he went to Vegas and set off a bomb just because someone called him a dirtbag, wow that's low. But it made the issue all the better. The art was fantastic, it was somewhere between conventional comic art, and cartoons, which I guess is perfect for Deadpool. I have only two complaints and both are rather small. The cover is supposed to almost be a preview of the issue, so I picked this up not knowing what to expect (remember first Deadpool comic) but I did expect something that had to do with the Avengers, the real Avengers, not a bunch of people in costumes. There was nothing, but that is only a very minor complaint that I thought about after, my second one probably only exists because this is my first Deadpool comic, and that is there was no Deadpool fighting, he jumped out of the way a couple times, but other that that, nothing. I'm sure that wouldn't have bothered me if I had read a Deadpool comic with fighting before hand, but it still bothered me just a little. I wouldn't complain usually but Deadpool is known for fighting. But those two complaints are very, very small. So it didn't effect the grade much.

Grade: 9/10
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11 July, 2010

Secret Avengers #2

          As soon as I saw the cover of issue #1, I knew this series would be peerless.  Not because the cover was drawn well, or even because it was written by Brubaker, but because of the people this team included. Moon Knight, Valkyrie, Black Widow, Ant Man, War Machine, Beast, Nova, and Steve Rogers. I like what is being done with Steve Rogers, he is no longer Captain America (I kind of don't like that, but not nearly as strongly as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson) but him being this secret black-op kind of guy is pretty cool. Plus in this issue only for one panel he gets a laser shield. So that's pretty cool.
In this issue the Secret Avengers lose contact with Nova and go to Mars to find him, and to investigate Roxxon. Then the whole of the Secret Avengers is put under attack by (who I think I'm right in assuming) is the Shadow Council, and by ______. This is a spoil free blog.
         This is a great second issue. I would have liked  a couple pages about Moon Knight, he was practically the star of last issue, with the whole "I'm changing my ways" bit, so a couple pages on that would have been nice, but thats not a huge deal. Last issue I didn't really like Valkyrie being on the Secret Avengers, but this time, War Machine was the weakest character. He told Ant Man that he had to earn the name, so he kept calling him Kid, and was very condescending to him, and eventually that just got boring. Also last issue Sharon Carter was attacked by Nick Furry and the Shadow Council, this issue she is just siting at her computer and complaining that they hacked in, which they probably could have done with out busting into the ship. The art in this book was fantastic, a couple scenes with Nova showed his awesome power just in the picture. There was also a different scene where Beast looked into one of the Shadow Council's units eyes and that picture could have been taken out of a horror movie, and I wouldn't know the difference. So this was a good fallow up issue, and I'm very excited for this series, and also is the Moon Knight series any good? Is it worth reading? Or any of the Deadpool series?

Grade: 9/10
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10 July, 2010

The Flash #3

            This new Flash series is not just about the Flash, it is also about Captain Boomerang. (this issue was 33% Captain Boomerang) That can be expected considering the Flash and Captain Boomerang have both come back recently, the shocking thing is how good it is. That 33% was extremely good, it could have been a comic on its own. In this issue, Boomerang brakes out of prison, everyone is convinced that the only reason the machine said Barry killed Mirror Monarch is because he contaminated the scene, and the Renegades take another shot at the Flash.
            The art has been and continues to be superb in this series. I do love this story arc, I am a nut for alternate reality stories, and the Flash, so a Flash somewhat alternate reality story is perfect. I just wonder if this is the right arc for the first couple of issues in this series, and they shouldn't do something like Captain Boomerang breaking out and he and the Rogues going crazy. Just to introduce Barry and his villains back into the DCU. Regardless the series is great, and the Captain Boomerang section is incomparable. I like how Barry is a selfless person, while being the Flash, and while being a member of the Police.When he has a bunch of super powered commandoes from the future running after him, he still works on a case about a boy that was wrongly accused of murder. I just read so many comics, where the writer tries to make the hero dark that it's nice to read about the good old fashion "superhero boy scout." I also like how Iris understands that Barry is just a "superhero boy scout" so she has conflicting views at times, but then realizes it's for the best. Lastly, where are the Rogues during all of this? "Copycats " of themselves come from the future and they do nothing? I understand that they wanted Boomerang to break out and make Flash sweat, but come on, they have to make an appearance. So this was a good issue, just it had some missed opportunities.

Grade: 8.5/10
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09 July, 2010

The Death of Dracula #1

               This is supposedly a Marvel one-shot, but I highly doubt this is the last time we are going to here about this story.Vampires are a fad now a days, and it was smart of Marvel to make a vampire comic. In this issue Xarus (Dracula's oldest son) killed his father, and all of the vampire sects have to decide to join Xarus and agree to make him the new king vampire or fight back. Janus (Xarus' older brother/ main character) has to think.
               Before I go any further I have to state that there are three main sects in this comic. There is the Siren ("female seductresses") Krieger sect (warriors) Claw. (warriors) The Krieger sect walks away, and so does the Claw sect. The Leader of the Siren sect's leader tries to kill Xarus, but of course that fails. He wipes out the Krieger Sect and Janus goes to attempt to gain the Claw sect's loyalty, for the revolt against Xarus. That's where I leave off on the synopsis.
                 I would be very happy if this became an ongoing series. You can flip to any page in this comic and you will see amazing art. It is the best art I have seen in at least the past two months. I know I say I like a lot of art in different comics, but this is truly something else. I didn't like how the comic is called the Death of Dracula, Dracula's death wasn't very dramatic, actually that's not true it was very dramatic, but it would have been more dramatic, and effective if he had been in more than four pages. The pages that he was in were perfect, he looked and talked exactly how I ever could have wanted. I also appreciated that Dracula was hard to kill, if it had just took one stake to the heart I would have been disappointed that the most famous vampire ever, and who was supposedly king vampire for years went quietly. I really liked how each sect had different appearances and views on "vampire-hood" and humanity. The Claw kept to them selves, the Anchorite wanted to be left alone and so on. So I really want to see more, at the end of it I was longing for more.

Grade: 9/10
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08 July, 2010

Bruce Wayne Returns #3

          This series has been awful, plain and simple. It has been a series of bad writing, bad art, to complicated stories and a bunch of other things that just didn't make sense. I'm more than happy to say that this issue was an average comic. It was so average that it was great. (for the series that is) Although I'm getting concerned that Bruce Wayne won't actually return. I'm pretty sure he will, considering the fact that the series is called Bruce Wayne Returns. (The Return of Bruce Wayne) But the entire Justice League (and others) are trying to keep him back in time for reasons that are unknown at the current time.
          In this issue Bruce wakes up on Black Beard's ship. Black Beard keeps calling him the Black Pirate, and keeps ordering to take him to a hidden treasure. Do to past experience he knows exactly where to go. The same place the Bat-People fled to when the Deer Tribe attacked. He goes in and he and the boy who was also captured avoid all the traps. When they all get to a bridge made of bones, Bruce dresses up as the Black Pirate, and the Boy (who is actually the Black Pirate) fight off all the pirates. Then the Bat people take Batman in to their cave. Then he tells the boy different words, that lead him to be the model for a painting that later ends up in Wayne manner. Meanwhile the entire JLA is discussing how to keep Bruce where he is. Batman then wakes up in the time of Jonah Hex.
           I don't really like how the DCU wants to keep Bruce where he is, it is pitiful. This is why I'm concerned about Bruce not coming back, but I don't see how the character Batman can survive without Bruce. The movies and the franchise is based around him, he has to come back. But I was very happy that Wayne was more himself than he was in the previous issues. He was more like a detective, and he was more selfless. Plus he was remembering his encounter with Darkside. I also have high hopes for the next issue with Hex. DC is pushing him because of the movie, but in this case it works perfectly. So with that all I can do now is wish Bruce Wayne a quick and speedy recovery.

Grade: 6.5/10
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Birds of Prey #2

               Gail Simone continues the series that had the best first issue I've ever seen. So naturally I had very, very high expectations for this issue. This issue began with the continuation of an epic fight between the Birds and White Canary. Every panel in the entire fight looks like it could be on a poster. My only complaint is there was one panel where Black Canary punched White Canary in the face, and I saw the panel I've seen so many times in so many different books. The same nose crunching panel. I've seen it in every comic universe I've ever read, and it is always there. The comic  was drawn very well, this time it wasn't the colorist, it was the penciler. Especially when they zoomed in on White Canary's face to show the hatred in her eyes, you could see the genuine loathing in her eyes. It was done very well. After that Oracle calls in Lady Black-Hawk who brings Hawk and Dove. Hawk being in the Birds of Prey is my least favorite part of the series, he just doesn't work in the story, mainly it is because I don't like his character. I said this in an earlier review, but I will say it again. DC is trying to make Hawk the DC equivilant of the Punnisher, but they are trying to force him to be edgy.  Black Canary said it right, I also enjoyed it when Hawk got thrown into a wall.
               So after the fight scene, you figure out that White Canary was stalling so the press and the police could get there and Black Canary would be filmed resisting arrest. Now Black Canary's identity is public. That is the flaw. Why? Why? Why? Why? I hated that they did that with Green Arrow, now they have done it to Black Canary! On the Second issue! I think all of the Birds are going to the Iceberg with the Penguin. That will be cool for a couple issues, the Birds being mixed with the law. Trying to be good but relying on the Penguin. So this issue wasn't as good as the last one, but this series has so much promise.

Grade: 8.5/10
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05 July, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #634

             Grim Hunt, it is exactly what it sounds like, it is a hunt that is... well... grim. This series is the aftermath of SHED,  this does not matter in the story arc, but as someone who hated SHED, it matters to me. I will admit my standards were lowered for this issue, but either way it was still great. Kelly did a great job, with every part of the book. I will say that a character dies in this issue, and when (he/she) does it is a combined force that needed this author, this penciler, this inker, this colorer etc. When I saw it...I was blown away, it was the best death scene I have ever seen. It was absolutly fantastic. It took, this issue, and series to a whole new level. This arc alone is making me reconsider canceling my subscription to Amazing Spiderman.
              The Synopsis of this issue is that the Hunters: Realitives of Kraven, are hunting down Spiders. (guess who they are)  That includes Spiderman, Spiderwoman, Spidergirl, and even Kaine. Spiderman learns of this hunt when Ezekiel comes back from hell to warn him, and to help him. Also Spiderman is teamed up with Spiderwoman.
              The Hunters are using Madam Web (by torturing her) to find all the Spiders. By sacrificing a Spider, the Hunters bring some sort of wolf creature back from the dead. (they were trying to bring back Kraven) Oh... and during all of this Spiderman has H1N1
            The writing was fantastic, the Hunters were made to sound like Harley Quinn, and Kelly made it work with out making them a complete knock off. A love the art in the Captain America comics, this was much like that (the penciling wasn't that good, some characters looked deformed) so it added to the creepy aspect of the story. This arc alone (so far) could be made into a movie, and I bet it would do pretty well. The first horror/superhero movie.
             This comic also had a little short story about Kraven in the back, if you want me to review it leave a comment.

Grade: 9/10
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03 July, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes #2

               The last issue was good, not crazy good, but it was good. So naturally I had high expectations, not crazy high, but high. These expectations were reached and surpassed. Cinar and Portela do a great job of showing people with xenophobia. If you see pictures of  protests against integration they pretty much look like the pictures in this issue of people protesting against the people of Titan being on Earth. This book's plot was really simple. The Legion is clearing the debris that once was Titan, the Legion is trying to calm protesters agains the presence of Titan refugees on Earth, Earth-Man disabled his "leash," but is being corporative, and Saturn Queen took over Ultra Boy's mind. Oh... and Saturn Girl went back in time to when her boys got zapped by the beam, found something, then raced back to the present to use it. I did like the inclusion of Saturn Queen, I didn't expect it at all, I know it should have been pretty predictable, but for some reason it just didn't occur to me.
              In  my review of the last issue, I said that it wasn't dramatic enough to give Earth-Man the choice of Legion or corps, but in this issue his character grows on you. Actually gradually through out the issue. At first you hate him just as much as before, but when he starts to cooperate, you can see him being on the Legion for a long time, and it doesn't really bother you. I'm not saying that he is a good as Colossal Boy, but he grows on you. This issue really makes you like all of the Legion characters, there isn't a single one I don't like. Although it is a little too big, It's hard to keep track of all the members, but as long as I know the main ones, I think I'm fine. Levits is doing everything he can to make sure that most of the Legionnaires are included which is a good thing to do. If he leaves out someones favorite Legionnaire suddenly he has just lost a fan. So he is doing a good job with that , and he is doing a good job with this series.
               So overall this comic was great. Not the best thing that I have ever read, but it was great.

Grade: 9/10
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02 July, 2010

Green Arrow #1

               First off, why did DC end a Green Arrow series and then in two months start a new one, exactly where the old one left off. This could have easily been part of the old series. I just don't understand. At least the art changed. (see last Green Arrow review to see my description of the old art)
               In this issue Green Arrow rescues some girl, who's name is not mentioned. There is also a giant forest in the middle of Star City, that looks like a star. Some lady named Isabel Rochev, a "major player in the soviet private sector) is now head of Queen Industries. Mayor Altman and Commissioner Nudocerda are hosting a party that is supposedly a fund raiser for all the people who's homes were destroyed by the forest that randomly sprouted up, but Oliver Queen thinks otherwise. He steals all the food and hands it out to the people. When the commissioner and the mayor rase after him, they get stopped by maintenance in the middle of the road, when the commissioner gets out of the car to yell at the guy holding up a stop sign. The stop sign guy kills him, runs away and takes off a disguise. You never find out who it is, neither do the detectives, nor does Green Arrow. Lastly Rochev builds what looks like a robot army for the mayor.
            Rochev made so many royalty word puns, way to many. The Royal Guard, the King of Queen Industries, long live the Queen. The list goes on and on... and on, and on. Although who ever designed what she looks like did a fantastic job. She looks elegant, but also like she could kill you with a plank of wood. Hasn't the mayor ever read a Sci- Fi book, doesn't he know that robot army's never work. This series is a little predictable, the army is going to work for her and go crazy on the city, then Green Arrow is going to stop them. (I hope I'm wrong) I'm a little disappointed that Black Canary, nor any of the Speedys showed up in this issue. Not even for a second, but reading the comic again, I see that in this particular story line there is no room for them, I do hope they make an appearance soon. Lastly, I know that Green Arrow has always been a little like Robin Hood, but J.T Krul is over doing it. He lives in the woods, he is getting some "Merry Men," and takes from the Rich and gives to the poor, all in one issue. Green Arrow isn't Robin Hood, he's close but Krul has practically closed the gap. Although that isn't that big of a deal. This series shows promise, but not too much. Oh...I almost forgot. At the end Green Lantern flew in to the forest, but his ring bummed out on him, so he fell at the feat of Green Arrow, who was standing next to a tree with the White Lantern logo on it. When I was talking about promise before, this is what I was talking about. This forest now has a reason. This forest has a purpose (just like every other white lantern/ Brightest Day thing does) and it will be cool to find out what it is. So I'm very much looking forward to the next couple of issues. So those two or three pages bumped up this issues grade significantly.

Grade: 6/10
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