29 March, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #623

             The title Amazing Spiderman, had lost its "pizzazz," well I am happy to say that this issue made up for all that.  This issue is just Hell on earth, Electro braking the Vulture out of prison, Vulture hunting down people who he thinks deformed him, and Spiderman is stuck fighting a reality show wannabe named Simple Simon. Vulture is seriously messed up, he hunts down a man, and nearly eats him, but the almost entrée redirects the Vulture, saying that the person to blame for his disfigurement was J. Jonah Jameson. Of course, the new Vulture goes to his office and takes him.
            One thing that I like about this comic is that the tables have turned with Spiderman and mayor Jameson, now people are blaming him for the creation of not just the Vulture, but the Scorpion as well.
            The art in this comic is to be praised, it almost looks like the illustrator took a picture of the background and then drew in the characters. I usually thank the penciler for the art, but in this case it has to be the colorist, Andres Mossa is the best colorist I have ever seen.
              I hope the character Simple Simon returns. I don't want it to be even the Killer Moth for Spiderman, more like KGBeast, their but not constant. It would be cool to see a villain, who is villain just to be on a reality TV show. I know that the idea has probably been used before, but this character is just to ridiculous to pass on.
             The last person I want to thank, well actually two people, Michael Lark & Jodi Wynnee, the makers of the cover. It was simple, to the point and vibrant. What could be better?

Grade: B+
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26 March, 2010

Action Comics #887

Unlike the issue before it, I can say more about this issue, because if you did read Action Comics number 886 the plot for this comic will be much less confusing.
This issue (which was a page turner) is Nightwing and Flamebird attacking the new Rao, created by Jax-Ur, also known as Vohc. There is a second story in this issue, and no not the one about Captain Atom (not very good) but instead one about Lois Lane. Lane's "superpower" is she gets what she wants, and in this comic she wanted two things: one was to have the Web fix her computer, and two was to fallow Nightwing and Flamebird as they were fighting Rao. During the fight it shows posts on a few blogs that tell how people are starting to understand that Nightwing and Flamebird are not there to hurt people, only to help.
I hope that New Krypton gets destroyed. As Brightest Day approaches, I have noticed a few things, all of which I like. Superman is returning to the Superman comic line, he will be the last son of Krypton again, Barry Allen is returning, and, best of all, the hunt for Bruce Wayne has picked up. People have been calling Brightest Day the rebirth of the DCU, (Detective Comics Universe) and there right.
Another thing I like about this comic is the ending [SPOILER ALERT] after the epic battle with Rao, and Jax-Ur/ Vohc, they shoot Nightwing (Lois Lane and Clark Kent's son) into the Phantom Zone, which will make for a cool next five or six comics.
Lois Lane has changed over the years, and the newly updated version is the best. She is adventures, and daring, and makes for a good comic. In fact someone could make a comic just about Lois Lane.

Grade: A-
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The Best moments of Blackest Night

11. Boston Brands body becoming a Black Lantern (Phantom Stranger: 42)
10. The battle between Parallax and the Spectre (Green Lantern: 51)
9. Johnny Quick running with his daughter (JSA Blackest Night: 2-3)
8. Blackest Night Shazam (Power of Shazam: 48)
7. Introduction of Lex Luthor to the Orange Lanterns
6. Introduction of Blue Lantern corps
5. Phantom Stranger: 42
4. Star Man Blackest Night (Star Man: 81)
3. The Introduction of Scarecrow into the Yellow Lantern corps
2: Green Lantern: 50
1: Making Sinestro as the White Lantern

Featured Moments:

Blackest Night

In case you didn't already know, Blackest Night is ending in April. It was cool seeing all the dead super heroes coming back, but it's time for it to end. If you go to ING.com you can see an interview with Geoff Johns about the end of Blackest Night, and the Beginning of Brightest Day

24 March, 2010

Brave and the Bold #32 (Aquaman & The Demon)

Just like the comic, with the Atom and the Joker, this comic had a very unusual combination. Although unlike the Geek, or Hardwire, the Demon is not wildly unheard of. He was in Quiver and Swamp Thing. The combination was jaw dropping nonetheless.
The comic featured a random person who was unjustly thrusted into Aquaman and the Demon's affairs of keeping an unheard of horror arising from what is logically Hell.
Sometimes when I think of Aquaman I think of a useless man who dresses up in orange and swims around. This comic showed the true, raw power that is Aquaman.
"...He could control every creature that lives in the sea. But I don't think either of you know what that really means. Do you know, do you understand, do you have andy idea how much life there is in just one single square mile of the sea? I don't think you do."
I found that the Demon was underplayed in this comic, which I found disappointing. I do know that he was the minor or featured character in this issue, but all he did was say a few rhymes and spit fire at one guy. If they were to underplay one character, I was glad that it was the Demon. I am also glad that Aquaman has returned in his old costume. He went from his classic orange costume, to a "scruffy" guy. Never mess with the story too much.
My subscriptions renew dates all came up, and I canceled many things, like: Red Robin, and Batman and Robin, but there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to cancel this series. It is one of the better series that DC has, and it looks like it is only uphill from here.

Grade: B+
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23 March, 2010

Detective Comics #'s 861-862

I know I have said this before, but I don't read Detective comics that much, especially now that Bruce Wayne is gone. I loved these two comics. Batwoman is a better character than I thought she was. She ventures
around Gotham University trying to find the Cutter, a man who is running around cutting off parts of faces of girls that attend the University. I was disappointed with the "obsession" of this villain. I have seen this plot before. I'm going to guess the future ending.
His wife or girlfriend died, possibly because of him. He was traumatized, went mad, and is now trying to make a new woman.
While Batwoman is trying to find the next girl that was captured by the cutter, Batman is doing the same thing. Listen, I know Bruce Wayne is "dead" or at least not Batman, but I couldn't tell if this was Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson. (It was never specified)
The art in this comic was done in a "sketchy" style, not to heavy, but not to light. It was almost perfect. The writing in these two books was also well done, it showed the intelligence of the characters while not missing the, almost Brooklyn feeling of Batman. It also fetured some dificultees with Batwoman and her family. Unlike Spiderman, the comics are not completely built around the personal life. I do know that is most of Spiderman's schpeal, but it is still over done. Greg Rucka did a great job deciding, what was too little, to much, and just the right amount.

Grade: A-
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22 March, 2010

Batman and Robin #10

" The Return of Bruce Wayne Begins Here"
This was one of the best comics that I have ever read. Accepting the idea that Bruce Wayne has gone back to the past, Batman and Robin run around the Wayne Manor finding clues that are left behind by a past Bruce Wayne. (yah I'm guessing that the Bruce Wayne travailing in time idea is true) Meanwhile Damian Wayne, wonders what would happen if Bruce Wayne returns? Will the spot of Robin be reserved for Damian? Plus there is something else on his mind. (I'm not going to spoil the plot)
I loved this comic. In a series that I don't like that much, this was like an oasis in the middle of a desert. The thought of finding secret rooms in Wayne Manor. Bringing Bruce Wayne back has to be perfect, and when I saw the cover of this issue, I prayed that Grant Morrison did justice to it. He did. This was in the top three comics that I have ever read, maybe even the best.
Something inside me is preempting disaster and another failed attempt at bringing Bruce Wayne back. But most of me is just happy that someone is trying.
Thank you, Grant Morrison, Thank you!

Grade: A+
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Green Lantern #51 (Blackest Night)

If you have not read my review of Green Lantern 50: do so before reading this review

This comic was not that good. I loved Green Lantern 50 so I was very disappointed to read this issue. Hal Jordan is "guiding" Parallax . This was done in the pervious issue, so that they can destroy the Black Lantern Spectre. But when this is done and the original Spectre is freed there is a battle that takes up half of this comic. I wanted to see a fight between the Spectre and Nekron. So now there is no Parallax, a good Hal Jordan, and a good Spectre. The Spectre tries to defeat Nekron, but since Nekron has no soul the Spectre has no power over him. So the Spectre is destroyed.
I hated that, it had so much build up, and for nothing. That was a huge disappointment. I love the Spectre and to see him just cast aside like that, I did not like. Geoff Johns is good, but that was a mistake. That was the entire comic, just a mistake.

Grade: B-
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20 March, 2010

Red Robin #10

ugh can't these guys get a good story out anymore? This was a bad book! Not kinda good but mainly bad, just bad! First of all this story expected you to read Bat Girl #8 (which with my schedule I will never be able to do) to just understand the beginning of the first scene. Even with that though the story would be very out of sink. All of the sudden Spoiler is the new Bat Girl, and the League of Assassins want to kill her and Red Robin? Plus even after that after a big dramatic scene with Pru (which was never explained) and the "big bad guys" come out(who work for Ra's al Ghul) they look just like the Council of Spiders. Great it worked for a little while, but don't bring them back. Especially not in the next story arch. Plus during all this Vale, who you can tell Yost is trying to make the next Lois Lane is trying to find out where Tim Drake has been. Nobody ever did that with Spider man, and I was glad they didn't. "Yost: You were great for a while, now you suck."

Grade: C-
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08 March, 2010

Thor (Siege)

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. I am not a consistent reader of Thor so I was lost on some parts, for instance: who is who? But I know enough to basically know what is going on. This story is what so many people have been waiting for, the coming of Ragnarok. Loki was perfect in this comic, I was happy to see he returned to his role as a man, and his costume restored. I don't like it when they mess with the stories to much. [examples: turning Loki into a woman, firing Peter Parker] Surprisingly there were no fight scenes in a book about the gods of Azgard dying. But Kieron Gillen made up for that by making the part about Volstagg next to brilliant. Like an issue of Action Comics, there is not much I can say about this comic that would not be a "spoiler." I will say this. It was a very good comic, even if you don't like Thor, or even if you don't like Marvel, read this book.

Grade: B+
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Fantastic Four #576

If I were to say this was a good comic, I would be lying. I will list the problems off

1) The drawing was not up to snuff
a) when people opened there mouths up to speak they look distorted
2) The plot was not that good
a) It was simple, go exploring because of a science experiment

3) Half the comic had no words
a) I do understand that it was because of the plot, but the part that explained it looked like an excuse not to write that much

4) Sue Storm assigned her self the role of speaker of the people when she was talking to the Atlantans

The plot was that the "gang" was going under water to investigate these crystals. Which they never explained the significance of. Then when they went down there the noise was too loud so that the Fantastic Four could not hear each other (see complaint number 3) Then randomly they began fighting with fish people who eventually brought them too Atlantis, where they could communicate by thought, and Sue Storm decided that she had the right to speak for the entire human race, for reasons that are unclear to me.
ING called this a daring comic, I get that I really do. But they also said that Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham ventured in to this story without a safety net, and they fell.
No talking
Bad drawing
Confusing motives
Plot to simple
This is the worst comic I have ever had the misfortune to read.

Grade: F
I recommend not buying at: www.mycomicshop.com

06 March, 2010

Justice Society of America: Blackest Night

The Justice Society of America faces it's biggest challenge when former (and deceased) members of the Justice Society return and cause mayhem. Allot of the story is a personal vendetta with Power Girl and Lois Lane of Earth 2. Usually I would not like this but they played it just the right amount and just the right amount of time. Featured in these three issues was another personal vendetta which I would have liked to see more of. Between The Liberty Bell and her father Johnny Quick. Some Black Lanterns when they arose told their previous loved ones that they love them. Johnny Quick did this too. They all turned against them. (Example: Lois Lane turned against Power Girl.) Johnny Quick never did turn against his daughter, which I thought was confusing. Even the reincarnated Mr. Terrific was evil. But Johnny Quick Died (again) telling his daughter that he loved her. Their were four major sections of the story.
1) Power Girl/Lois Lane
2) Johnny Quick/Liberty Bell
3) Fighting in the streets
4) Mr. Terrific, Dr. Fate, Dr. Midnight, Green Lantern/Sentinel and the Star Spangled kid making a bomb to defeat all the black Lanterns at once.
I know in a previous post, I said there was rarely any art in a comic that I would call better than average. This is one of those occasions. The way they drew the Black Lanterns was absolutely perfect, and on the cover the artist did something that made it all look very clean and nice. Which allot of artists can't do.

Grade: A
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Justice Society of America #36 War & Remembrance

This was one of the best comics I have ever read, I know I have said this allot and I know saying that is cliche, but it is true. It had the death of Alan Scott which I have never seen before, and it had the Rage of Jay Garrick which was beyond cool. The entire comic is a flash back of Mr. Terrific while he's writing his memoirs before his execution. Its main plot was an attack by several Nazi super villains including: Captain Nazi, Count Swastika, and Count Berlin
The comics art was the same as most comics. There is standard art, good art, and different art. This like most comics was standard. I did think that the comic was one of the best I have ever read and strongly suggest it to all.

Grade: A
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Green Hornet 1

Dynamite entertainment has been doing pretty well, with the Green Llama and their other superheroes and taking on all the old stories, and TV shows. They recently came out with a comic that I was very happy to read: The Green Hornet. I did not see the show when it was first on, but I saw re-runs a couple years ago and I was entranced. My only wish is that Dynamite would open up a subscription service so that I can read these monthly.
I did have a couple issues with this comic.
1) on the cover Kato looks like a woman
2) (spoiler alert) The main character is about to retire, IN THE FIRST ISSUE.
3) half the comic was a personal relationship thing (hold off until at least issue 4)
Other wise I loved this comic. It was funny, and the fight scenes were beyond intense, and well
choreographed. I do hope to see this comic series more and also that they fix the mistakes I
mentioned before.

Grade: B+
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Blackest Night: Green Lantern/ Green Arrow

The first thing that pops out at you, even when you just look at the cover, is the coloring. It's hard to describe, kind of like smudged charcoal. I like it.
The next best thing is the story. It is Green Arrow, possessed by a Black Ring, and of course Green Lantern fighting him. On a side note: Green Lantern and Green Arrow have been teemed up allot, and the only reason
is because of the word GREEN but I think they make a good team up that's interesting to read about. Especially here. In this issue it shows what happens to you when you become a Black Lantern. While Green Arrow's "Black counter part" was fighting Green Lantern, and the entire Green Arrow family, he was spilling out secrets. He was trying to fight his "counter part" from "the inside out." As well as he was trying to silence his tung.
In most comics the writing is not great, but not bad. This one had great writing. It captured the voice of all it's characters, and was worded well. Over all I would say that this is a great comic.

Grade: B+
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03 March, 2010

Justice League Crisis on Two Earths

I am not one to learn directors or actors, so i'm not going to go on and on about what an amazing performance "Blah Blah Blah" had, but I will tell you that this was a good movie. The story was about two earths, and the destruction of all universes. Lex Luther of the second earth, came to the first earth to plead for the Justice League's help against the Crime Syndicate. (evil counter parts of the members of the Justice League) The theory of the infinite earths was that every time someone made a decision, a separate earth/ universe came into existence, where the person made the opposite decision, infinite people making infinite decisions creating infinite earths. I always liked the Idea of parallel earths and parallel super heroes so I liked this movie allot.

Grade: A
More movie reviews at: www.flickpickmonster.com

01 March, 2010

Captain America #603

The story of The Two Americas continues in this fantastic issue. One main thing that popped out was the fight scenes. While being intense, and realistic, They were quick, and didn't force you to skim over any dialogue. Often times when I fight scene/ conversation goes on for too long, I will skip a word bubble that seems not to important. I did not have to do that with this issue.
Pencil artists are highly praised, as they should be. But in this certain series (mainly the covers) the person who really deserves credit is Dean White, the colorist. His smudgy style on the cover and crisp style in the book, goes together in such a way that is impossible to describe. Of course there would be no comic at all (or at least a bad one) if it weren't for the writer, in this case Ed Brubaker did a remarkable job describing what was going on inside the mind of some one who was so fascinated by Captain America, that he had plastic sugary to make himself look more like Steve Rogers.
The book had many interesting minor plot twists, and was filled of action packed scenes, that I might have to hunt you down if you do not buy this comic.

Grade: A-/ A
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