31 July, 2011

A lot of reviews

Batman: Gotham Noir          

                I've always been a fan of Batman and I have also always liked stories about Jim Gordon. I was very excited to see a comic that would bring the superhero world back to its roots. Away from the modern superhero and homicidal maniac back into the gangs and the mob. Batman has had that with the Falcones which has been good, but this is what Batman started out as and it was good to see Batman during his prime, just even creepier. Even though I was excited to see Batman in this state I was also pumped to see Jim Gordon during this exciting time period. Everything was done right, this was an excellent comic. The story was enticing, the writing was great, and the art was fantastic. It brought the character back to its roots. I expected this to be a boring alternate reality story thing, but this wasn't like that at all. If you have not bought this comic yet I recommend you do it immediately, it was great. Nothing I say can really do this comic justice. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I will let out that there was an appearance of the Joker in this comic and that it was very different from any Joker I've ever seen. This one went crazy and still did the same kind of crazy things the normal Joker does, but in this case Ed Brubaker found a way to make the Joker as creepy as usual without using the gimmicks like the obsession with Batman, the crow bar, or even laughing gas. It was great writing, story telling, and character development. I also forgot to mention that the way Brubaker wrote this comic and the way Phillips drew it made Gordon't emotions fly off the page, and made you empathize with him. They also made this comic feel like a classic mystery novel, and with that comes a need to see the ending. I recommend this comic highly, I loved everything about it.

Grade: 10/10

Deadpool #40

              I have always found Deadpool amusing and I read it whenever I don't have a comic that I really want to read and I often think it's great. If one is looking for a serious comic then I wouldn't recommend this series. This is a series that I would recommend if you want to have a quick fun read, and that's exactly what this issue was. The main attraction to this and most if not all Deadpool comics, is not the story its self (funny though they may be) but it's the character. He's so funny and different from most other things out their today, unless you count the few appearances Batmite or Ambush Bug make, and reading about him is a great break from the endless arcs that get tied into a bunch of different series. The comics themselves though lack a great quality which is disappointing. This story for example made little sense, even for Deadpool and the art was not up to par. But since it's Deadpool my expectations were set a good deal lower and I still enjoyed this comic. I should also mention that the writing did make me laugh, and that this slap stick humor is boosting the grade of the comic very much.

Grade: 7/10


Superman/Batman #86

         This series is constantly on and off. Sometimes it's great, and sometimes it's lousy. I wasn't a fan of the last arc until after I finished it. I'm still not a fan of it, just in my mind it went from being terrible to being okay. The reason I keep coming back to it is because it's one of the few series now a days that still has a classic feel. Granted most of this is probably because Bruce Wayne is Batman, but I enjoy new stories every arc opposed to one story broken up into many little arcs.
        In this issue Batman is looking for the man that killed the reporter that was doing the story on Batman's secret identity. He goes to Martin Mayne, the editor in chief of the Gotham Gazette to get answers. Mayne goes through the "who elected you" schtick but eventually gave the name of a bar that the reporter went to a lot. Meanwhile Superman, as Clark Kent, goes to Wayne tech to get answers from Mr. Fox and continue the story. Fox says that things were stolen but due to the fact that Bruce Wayne did something else, they lost no money at all. Later on Bruce Wayne goes to the bar as Matches Malone and gets someone to talk about who killed the reporter. Someone named "The Box." Kent goes to Mayne and tells him that he will continue the story, Batman goes to the Box and finds out that the Box is the Joker, and in the mail box of the Joker's hide out is a tip from Mayne saying that Kent is continuing the story. The comic ends with the Joker trying to kill Kent with a hammer.
      Especially after the disappointment with Detective Comics issue 880, and the lack of the Joker's involvement, this was most enjoyable. This comic had a ver classic feel, but with a modern twist. Opposed to many other Batman stories that are being published, this one really felt like Batman a detective and not just a superhero, which was also really good. The only real problem I had with this comic had nothing to do with the comic. I really don't like Mayne. For starters his name is the same as Wayne just the first letter is flipped, and also he looks and acts to much like Perry White. Besides that one character though I loved this comic. I've always been interested in the Jokers fascination with Batman and how he doesn't want to know his secret identity. This has taken that to the next level. When I first heard this plot I assumed it was either going to be someone in the Bat family, or someone trying to do the right thing because they were saved by Batman. I never suspected the Joker. I would pick this comic up in a heart beat if I hadn't already.

Grade: 9/10
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Detective Comics #880

         I have been so out of modern comics. I have been reading some more Marvel which has been fun, but I love DC and since none of the stories really matter anymore (well... until next month) I have just been ordering old comics and enjoying them thoroughly. Next month might have fewer posts then usual because I will be reading mainly old comics. Also all of my subscriptions are ending because of DC's relaunch but I was still excited to find this comic in the mail, mainly because of it's cover.
        In this issue the Joker escapes from Arkham and Jim Gordon panics because the Joker often attacks his family. He warns his wife but it was too late. When Gordon got to her she had already been attacked. Gordon brings her to Dick Grayson for medical care and she starts to recover slowly. Oracle goes back to her office to await the Joker, and Batman goes looking for him. He finds him in a crypt. They start to battle and the Joker says he wants his old Batman back and not this "little bird." Eventually Batman controls him and the Joker says it wasn't him. Then we see Oracle's brother attacking her.
       I was looking forward to a real Joker story which is not what I got. There have been just random mentions of this villain throughout multiple comics in the past couple months and I think it's finally going to be done next month, right before Bruce Wayne get's his old title back. I did like the portrayal of the Joker here. While I do love the insane (and somewhat lovable) Joker, it is always good to see a Joker like the one in Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum, and a renewed obsession with the old Batman. So the story was enjoyable not great and probably not something that I am going to remember for a long time, except for the part that actually had the Joker, that was incredible and I would buy the comic just for that.. I'm not a huge fan of Jock's work, it's good, but not great, so for me the comic even suffered there. Although the cover was one of the best cover's I've ever seen, and is definitely poster worthy.

Grade: 7/10
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17 July, 2011

Amazing Spiderman #665

        I also picked up this comic because of my rereading of Marvel comics. Due to a mix up my subscription for Amazing Spiderman ended after Big Time Spiderman which was one of the best arcs that I have ever read. So because of that this was a natural choice if I wanted to pick up Marvel Comics again.
        This issue started off by describing the Movie Night situation involving Peter Parker and Betty Brant. But then when Betty Brant wanted to see a certain movie Peter never had the time, between being Spiderman and his job he never was free. Finally after both Peter and Flash say "no" to her during its last week in theaters Betty goes to see the movie in the last theater that's playing it. The problem is, is that the theater is in a bad neighborhood. Betty get's attacked by a thug named Harlan Finch. Upon hearing this news, instead of running to the hospital, Peter as Spiderman went on a man hunt for Harlan Finch. After tearing through New York, Spiderman finds Betty's locket and then when he is really close to finding Finch he get's a call from Aunt May telling him to "Get to the hospital" and how she was never as disappointed in him as the day Uncle Ben died, because instead of comforting Aunt May he ran after the killer which hurt Aunt May. So Peter turned away and went to the hospital. It was movie night so he sat and watched a movie with Betty Brant.
        I loved this issue. This issue was absolutely jam packed with emotion. Dan Slott took something as simple as movie night and brought it to a whole new level. I have said many times that the appeal of Spiderman is Peter Parker's life. This was no exception. I also loved how powerful Spiderman looked when he was looking for Harlan Finch. That definitely looked like a lead up to Spider Island. If  Spiderman can look like that in just one issue, then in the event he is going to be beyond powerful. So the story was definitely a 10 out of 10. I especially liked how Aunt May told Peter off about the day Uncle Ben died. In that part I could practically feel the sadness that both Aunt May and Peter were feeling. So I recommend this comic to anyone, even people who aren't die hard Spiderman fans will enjoy this.

Grade: 10/10
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16 July, 2011

Uncanny X-Force

          While I clame to be impartial towards the rivalry of DC and Marvel I must admit that I have, for around a year, liked DC much more. I do not really know why, just some where back I decided to read more Superman and Batman than X-Men and Spiderman. Now with the DC relaunch and none of the stories really mattering anymore I decided to give Marvel a chance and I remembered really liking this series when it first came out so I decided to start my re-reading of Marvel with Uncanny X-Force.
          In this issue the X-Men continue to work with Dark Beast to try and help Angel get rid of Archangel. To stop this new heir of Apocalypse, Dark Beast needs something called the Life Seed, but that means he and the X-Force have to go back into his own dimension.The X-Force go to Dark Beast's old lab to retrieve the Life Seed, but they are stopped by Nightcrawler, Sabertooth and Sunfire (the ones from the dark reality). After much fighting Shiro destroys the Life Seed and Dark Beast runs away into the original dimension, stranding the X-Force. Then relizing that the X-Force weren't clones made by Dark Beast, Nightcrawler, Sabertooth and Sunfire take the X-Force to their hide out (Atlantis) where they meet up with Professor X and Jean Grey.
         I have said I don't like alternate reality stories before, (because I find them unoriginal) and this was an Alternate reality story. However it wasn't just about the alternate reality it was mainly about Apocalypse. As I wrote that I noticed many similarities between this comic and every single other alternate reality story. They went to go retrieve something/someone, there was a complication, they get stranded, and then they meet up with other people that resemble people from their own universe. So I was planning to write this and say that the comic wasn't what you would expect and it was different from other alternate reality stories, but I was wrong, it is very typical. The only real differences were that the X-Force already knew this universe existed, and the other one (which was actually much better) was meeting up with different versions of dead friends with them. The attachment that the X-Force felt toward Nightcrawler was well done and the shock Wolverine and Jean felt when they saw each other was captured perfectly in just one panel where you couldn't even see Wolverine's face. So this was not a great story by Rick Remender, but Mark Brooks did an amazing job on pencils. He really made this comic much better.

Grade: 7.5/10
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30 June, 2011

Doctor Who #5

         I am a huge, huge fan of the new Doctor Who series, and Matt Smith being the Doctor. I also think that Amy Pond is one of, if not the best companion that any Doctor has ever had, so when I finally found an issue with Matt Smith as the Doctor and Amy Pond as the companion I had to pick it up. I did like the classic Doctor Who series, but I do like the new Doctor Who series better than the old one, so I thought that the comics would go the same way.
         In this issue the Tardus winds up on earth, just a thousand years ago. The Doctor was attempting to go to a soccer game. He winds up in the middle of a Viking/Saxon conflict. Finally peace arrangements come along between the Viking king and the Saxon King, but the Viking king's son wants war so he kills his father, blames it on the Saxons and kidnaps Amy. The Doctor and Rory challenge the Vikings to a soccer match, and through many cheap moves, the Doctor and Rory win. The Viking king then dishonors himself by trying to kill the Doctor and Rory, but Rory fights back and the Vikings turn on their king. The Saxon king and Amy are released from Jail, and then the trio go to the soccer match.
      I liked the classic issue better. This story was a little too "cutesy" for my taste. I was fine up to when the Doctor challenges the Vikings to soccer. I did enjoy the entire issue, but it wasn't very good. I expected the comic to be near the quality of the show, which has turned into a very serious and thoughtful science fiction show, but instead I got this. I have mentioned that I love fun reads some times, and that is what this was (just lower quality than the DC/Marvel fun reads) so if someone just wants something to pass the time then I would recommend this, just be warned, that this is not like the TV show.

Grade: 6/10
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Flashpoint #2

         I am not crazy about the idea of Flashpoint, it is just a massive alternate reality story. Although since it does lead up to the re launch I can bear it. I do like alternate reality stories, but Flashpoint is getting more hype than the idea deserves, but again, since it leads up to the relaunch then it's okay. The first issue of the series was decent, but the most shocking thing that happened is it, is that we found out that Barry Allen didn't have his power which has been done before, but if you just take the comic alone then it was okay.
       In this issue Deathstroke was sailing with a bunch of other comic characters, but their boat gets stopped by Aquaman and Ocean Master, and they kill them all. Then the Thomas Wayne Batman is interrogating Barry Allen. During this interrogation Barry Allen finds out that Professor Zoom is behind this, and explains to Wayne that in his world Bruce lives and he dies. So Thomas Wayne decides to help him. Meanwhile Steve Trevor goes looking for Lois Lane and the Amazons catch him and he tells them all about his mission to find Lois. After that Thomas Wayne and Barry Allen try to recreate the accident that made Barry the Flash, but it just ends up severely burning him.
      I was not a fan of the interrogation scene with Barry Allen and Thomas Wayne, it seemed the entire point of it was to explain things that I assume most people had figured out already, I understand it for people just hearing about the whole idea of Flashpoint, but if you already know what is happening then the entire section is very dull. I did enjoy the rest of the comic, I found a lot of it was just "hey look at what we are doing to all of these characters" and DC just showing how a bunch of different characters ended up, but when you have an alternate reality story you need some of that. The best part of the comic was the very end. I thought that Barry Allen was going to get his powers back and that would be that, but the burn was most surprising. I honestly don't know where the Flash/Batman part of the series will go after this. I have no predictions besides Barry is in the hospital for the rest, but I know that can't be true. I am beyond excited for the next issue, and this issue definitely made me feel better about Flashpoint. It really wasn't the story, more just the last pages, but it definitely made me feel better.

Grade: 7/10 (This is the grade for the entire issue)
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27 June, 2011

The Relaunch

                  This post is not the usual review of a comic book. In this post I will talk about the need for DC' relaunch, what I expect, what I'm looking forward too, and also what I'm dreading. I do not think that many fans of DC will disagree with me when I say that this relaunch is long overdue. I love DC but one of the things that DC and Marvel do is they get too rapped up in there own stories and stray too far from the character's original origin. The two top examples of that are Green Arrow and Batman. While I do understand that Green Arrow and Robin Hood share many of the same attributes (the bow, the hat, green etc.) They were far from the same character until J.T Krul moved him into the forrest with a man who carries a sword. He even through in a couple of scenes where Green Arrow stole from the rich and gave to the poor. I am very hopeful that in this relaunch Green Arrow will go back to his roots as the voice of liberal America. What I am expecting is that Green Arrow will go from being like a character from folk lore (like he is right now) and then turn back into a political figure, and have each comic book have a meaning, because if he is not like that, then he is just another boring character with a bow. Batman's problem is easier to see. Batman is Bruce Wayne. When someone else is wearing the same costume there is no more Batman. What I am expecting and hoping will happen is that the Batman series will be turned into more of Batman the Dark Knight and Dick Grayson will do well as Nightwing. (I recently read a couple of old Nightwing Comics and loved them, I really hope they will return to that quality)  I am still a little worried because Batman Inc. is on the list of series to be relaunched, but I still have hope that Batman inc. will be kept very separate from the rest of the Batman series. I am very much looking forward to some B-list characters getting a series devoted to them. I'm especially looking forward to Captain Atom and Deadman, although I am a little worried that too many B-lists are getting series, for instance I don't know if Mr. Terrific needs a series, but I'm not to worried about that. I am worried about series that really shouldn't exist. I don't think New Guardians or Red Lanterns should exist. I thought with the relaunch that it would go back to just Green and Yellow lanterns, I don't object too highly that the other lanterns still exist but I don't think the entire Red Lantern Corps should get a comic series. The main series I'm excited for is Aquaman. The series will have Aquaman and Geoff Johns, I really don't see how it could go wrong. The series I plan on following are: Deadman, Captain Atom, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, most of the Batman series, JLA and JLI, The Flash and finally Blue Beetle. I might not get around to all of those, it will most likely all depend on which series are offered as subscriptions, but I'm very excited for the series. I almost wish that Marvel would do the same thing. The pictures that are seen around are some of the covers that are going to be in the relaunch

19 June, 2011

Superman/Batman #85

         This series is never consistent. It is never consistently good, but it is consistently bad. This also means the story types are never consistent. That last part I like a lot. While I didn't like the arc where Superman goes to the magic run future, it was much different than the story with a battle between the two. I didn't see a series called Batman/Superman in the relaunch but I'm sure these two will team up again after September.
        In this issue a reporter who supposedly found out Batman's secret identity is found dead, people suspect Batman. Superman goes to help him but Batman doesn't want his help. Batman goes to the apartment where the reporter lived and burns all the evidence that leads toward Batman being Bruce Wayne. Now the cops are even surer he killed the reporter. Batman discovers the reporter had an old baterang, but one where one of the components in it still had the patent number on it, which links Batman and Bruce Wayne.
      This was a really cool, and a really fun story. It does bring Batman back to where he originally was with his dark "I work alone" attitude. I also liked that the reporter had hard evidence, usually when these things are attempted by comic writers, the person just seems to take a wile guess and has limited amounts of evidence to back it up, but this was different and I give the writer, Joshua Fialkov, credit for that. I'm not really sure how this is going to be dragged out into three issues. I could understand two, one is this, and the second is Batman finding the actual killer, but I really don't know how three can work, or how Superman can get involved. But in terms of this comic, the writing was well done, the story was interesting, and the art work was jaw dropping . Although it is missing something so I can't quite give it a 10/10 but I can give it something really close, and I do recommend this comic to all comic book readers.

Grade: 9.5/10
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18 June, 2011

Birds of Prey #13

            This arc is definitely better than the previous ones. It is a shame that this series is going to be re launched, because while I couldn't say any more bad things about it in the beginning this arc is incredible, and what is being done with the Question, The Huntress, and Oracle is outstanding. Gail Simone really came back with these past couple issues.
            In this issue Huntress and the Question go run off to help Black Canary while she's fighting Junior. Dove gets stabbed and is out of the fight. Hawk and Lady Black Hawk both get attacked by other people in the building, but they both fight back. Oracle calls Catman to find out Junior's weakness which is exposure. Eventually the Birds get out, and when they are back in the headquarters Oracle makes Huntress the new field commander. Then Oracle declares they are going back to find and get Junior,
          I loved this issue. There was a lot of fighting at the beginning which i didn't mind too much because even though i don't like comics that are completely fighting, these are superheroes so there is going to be a lot. Also because the person the Birds were fighting was so scary the fight was not just a normal superhero brawl, I actually thought that maybe one of the members of the Birds of Prey might die. I am also thrilled that Huntress is the new field commander, because it is no secret that I am not a big fan of Black Canary, but I am a huge fan of the Huntress. Judging mainly off of the cover for the relaunch of Birds of Prey I'm not sure who all the members will be, but I don't think I saw Huntress in there. I am a little worried it's going to turn into something a little close to Gotham City Sirens so this relaunch could go either way and I'm really excited for it. However I am upset that Gail Simone is gone.
But this issue and this arc was fantastic, I hope the arc ends as strong as it has been.

Grade: 9/10
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12 June, 2011

Booster Gold #45

          I only picked up this series recently (one issue ago) but I really enjoyed that issue and decided to keep going with it. This is the only thing about Flash Point that I'm reading, mainly because I always forget to pick up other things when I'm in the comic store. As I've said before: I am not a fan of the Flash Point idea (although I don't know if that's going to lead up to the relaunch which I am a big fan of. I'm probably going to make a post just on that in a little bit.)
       In this issue Booster is still wondering what happened to Rip Hunter and now he is in the middle of a battle with Doomsday, just this Doomsday is being controlled by Captain Atom. (because this is an alternate reality Captain Atom isn't Captain Atom, he's just Nate Adam. The American government think Booster is an Atlantian, and Atlantis is at war with the surface. This war has flooded Europe. Booster meets someone named Alexandra Gianopoulos who is royalty of the now flooded Greece. With her Booster figures out that this is all the work of professor Zoom. Then Alexandra flies away after Booster does. (Booster has no idea this woman has superpowers) Then Doomsday, still being controlled by Captain Atom, attacks Booster, but then Doomsday breaks free of Atom's control and now is just trying to kill Booster.
      I was slightly confused about the whole thing with Alexandra Gianopoulos and her superpowers, but other than that this was an excellent issue. Before I even talk about the story I have to point out that the art was stunning. It was absolutely stunning. This probably wasn't the best time to jump onto the series because I'm biassed against Flash Point and I would much rather be reading a more classic Booster Gold Story, but this one was still incredibly enjoyable.  The war with Atlantis is interesting but it's not the most original idea, and it was kind of cool to see Captain Atom, and I know these two characters are linked, but i wasn't a huge fan of Jurgens just throwing in a reference for no reason. Really anyone could have been controlling Doomsday, but that wasn't even a at the bottom of the scale for complaints. It was really insignificant. I am really excited to see how the thing with Alexandra Gianopoulos turns out, and I am very excited to continue with this series.

Grade: 8/10
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31 May, 2011

A lot of reviews

          I've been busy this month so unfortunately I haven't had much to for reviews. So instead of doing a lot of reviews with synopsis, I'm doing many reviews in one post, and cutting out most if not all of the synopsis and spoilers that I put in my usual reviews.

Booster Gold #44

This is a character and a series that I haven't really had much experience with. The series always looked good, and the character always looked interesting. With Flashpoint on the way I decided to finally check out the time traveling Superhero, thinking that this would be a good jumping on point. I was correct. I loved this issue. For anyone who wants to jump on to Booster Gold this is the issue to do it. It even has one or two pages devoted to recapping Booster Gold's origin.  While I do see how that could be annoying to a long time fan, this was very good for someone who is jumping on. It was a little confusing when it started in on Flashpoint, but frankly I think that is just because the whole idea of Flashpoint is complicated. I'm not a big fan of this idea, I think the new Flash series is too young for a big event like this, but it worked well for this issue

Grade: 9/10

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #9

I know that I'm slightly behind on War of the Green Lanterns, but this issue was still amazing. The entire story of War of the Green Lanterns has been thrilling. The way people like Tomasi have been able to create a story that really had kind of already been done before (Hal turning Yellow, and Guy turning Red) but still make it very exciting is remarkable. When it comes to comic books being powerful or emotional this comic, story line, and not really even series fit the qualifications. But all of the Green Lantern stories, especially War of the Green Lanterns are just fun reads. This particular issue was nothing great, although it was cool to see Guy Gardner with Krona's Gauntlet, and also to see the Guardian entities again, but next issue when the Guardian entities attack will really be something fun to read.

Grade: 8/10

Doctor Who Classics #3

I've always been a huge fan of Doctor Who especially the old doctors (although Matt Smith is one of the more amazing Doctors I've ever seen. He might actually be my favorite.) So this series really excited me. A whole series about just classic Doctors, what's not to love? I really enjoyed how this issue started and finished a story. I was happy not to see a long drawn out arc, but instead it was done just like an episode of Doctor Who. It was incredibly well done. The writing and art were nothing spectacular, the real appeal for this comic is the feel of it, the fact that you feel like you are reading a Sci-Fi story. Doctor Who and Classic Sci-Fi fans alike should definitely pick this issue up.

Grade: 8/10

22 May, 2011

Batman #710

         I went to the comic store recently and picked up a good number of comics. But four or five of the ones that I picked up were out standing. This is one of those. I picked this one up mainly because I was excited to see Two Face. He's always been a cool and interesting character, and I was very excited to see a comic with a classic villain in it.
        In this issue Two Face is interrogating/killing people trying to find where his coin is. The GCPD finds the bodies and calls in Batman. While they are investigating a congressman comes out and says this should not be handled by vigilantes, and Batman leaves. The scene goes to the Falcones and Mario is angry Two Face is back. Batman then goes to Katrina Falcone and again tries to convince her to go away to boarding school, this time even Catwoman backs him up, but Katrina refuses. Two Face is then gets kidnapped by the Falcones and a woman who I assume is Harvey Dent's ex wife (who is working with the Falcones and the Falcones have the coin) shoots him. Meanwhile Batman breaks into a club to try to interrogate people.
       I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. I am a huge fan of classic comic books, with the classic heroes. While this is not Bruce Wayne, Two Face is definitely a classic villain. Not only were classic characters used, but the comic had a very classic feel. It felt much like Batman: A Long Halloween. That might be because of the Falcones but it still had the feeling of the comic. The only thing that I was "miffed" about was the fact that Two Face died. That stayed with me for a couple of minutes until I came to the realization that DC would never actually kill off Two Face. He's too interesting. He has his whole thing with being good and evil, but every time he flips his coin I can't take my eye off the page. Batman's thing is that all of the characters in his stories are dark and have their own psychological problem. The two with the coolest are Two Face and the Joker. One who sees the joke in life, and the other one who's crime are completely based of chance. This was still a really good issue, but if Two Face is actually dead I'll drop the entire series.

Grade: 9/10
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20 May, 2011

Detective Comics #876

            Sorry for my lack of posts, but recently I've gone through a phase of reading the old comics so I haven't really kept up with the new issues and haven't had anything to review. I do have a couple that I will be reviewing over the next couple of days. Detective Comics is one of my favorite series, each arc is just so different from the previous one. I am a little upset that Snyder is taking a break from the arc with Commissioner Gordon, but it will be good to see how Jim Gordon acts through out this arc.
          In this issue a killer whale was found on the floor of one of the biggest banks in Gotham.  Gordon and Grayson investigate and find a woman in its stomach. Although while they are dissecting the whale Commissioner Gordon tells Dick Grayson that the head of the bank is the daughter of the man who killed his parents. Gordon also tells Grayson about his son being back in town and asks Grayson to meat with him, because his eyes aren't contaminated. Batman goes to check out the owner of the bank. (The woman found in the stomach of the whale was her assistant) Sonia Branch, the owner of the bank and daughter of the murderer who killed Batman's parents, didn't want to talk and told Batman to leave. But then she calls someone and says she will do what ever they want. Batman heard this with a listening device. Batman races off to where the call was made but starts getting attacked.
         Scott Snyder missed the mark with this issue. He was trying to make it creepier then it turned out to be. It had all of the elements:  woman showing up inside of a whale, Gordon's son, daughter of the man who killed Grayson's parents, and a death trap. Mainly the problem was the art. While Jock is a good artist, and there was nothing wrong with the art, I just don't think he has the right style for this arc. Anyone with a darker approach to Batman would have been better. The story on the other hand was somewhere between okay and good. I really do like creepy Batman stories, but again the story wasn't quite creepy enough. I predict that the level of creepiness will rise as the arc goes on, based off of the short descriptions DC offers about up coming comics. (I don't want to give those away incase people don't want to see them, but they are on DC's website if you want to see them) So over all this was an okay comic, but I do think it will improve as the arc goes on.

Grade: 6.5/10
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30 April, 2011

Batman #709

          Batman is like Detective Comics in one way. The story quality varies from one arc to another. So far this has been a good arc. I don't really know much about Azrael, but it was still cool to see him appear in the arc. I didn't read the spin offs in Red Robin, or in Gotham City Sirens, so I was a tiny bit lost, and I might go back and read those later, but I was pretty much in the loop, and I still thought that it was a good arc.
       In this issue Batman goes to face Azrael since both Red Robin and Catwoman had failed. (That's the only part I was a little lost on. I didn't know how they failed, but it doesn't really interfere with the story) Batman meets Azrael, the Crusader and Fireball on top of a roof. Azrael brings the Prodigy forward. He explains that he was the best solo trapeze artist in the western hemisphere. But some guys didn't like him so they beat him up bad. Then Batman remembers. When he was little he didn't like the Prodigy either, and while people were beating up the Prodigy, Grayson just watched.  Azrael finds him guilty. But Catwoman and Red Robin bring Jenny and her kids to the roof hoping that this would persuade Azrael not to blow up the city. Jenny calls Azrael a monster , but the Crusader promises to protect Jenny. Then Batman convinces Azrael to use the sword of sin on himself. He does so and then no longer wishes to destroy the city. So when Fireball explodes the Crusader puts a force field around him, so that the city is safe.
     This was disappointing. I would have rather Batman defeated the Crusader, Azrael and Fireball then what happened. I'm all for happy endings when they are logical, but this seems like a sloppy ending for this arc. I've seen the villain seeing the error of his ways too many times now to enjoy this comic. This is the ending I had in mind, but it was too predictable. That's really all I have to say about the comic. Except that Dick Grayson was different because he wasn't as dark as Bruce and I liked that. But this arc and this issue made Grayson darker, and I don't want to see him  become Bruce Wayne. I like both characters, but Grayson should be Grayson and Wayne should be Wayne. So over all this ending ruined the arc making it predictable and also Hine did a bad job keeping Grayson from becoming Wayne. But since the quality in the arcs of Batman vary, I hope the next one will be better.

Grade: 6/10
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The Flash #10

           This is a series that I said started in the middle, which is something I really don't like. Time travel stories are cool, but for the first arc of a story, I'm really just looking for a fist fight between the main character and his/her arch enemy, then you can do whatever you want. Then you can do time travel stories or  do something shocking that will change the series. After I got through the first arc, I thought okay now maybe I'll get a good Flash series. No, now I have an event that will change the series: Flash Point. If you knew that you were about to have a time travel/parallel reality story as your second arc, why would you make your first arc the same thing? I know the first arc wasn't really a parallel reality story, but it with out a doubt had time traveling, and it had different versions of popular characters, so it has the same essentials. I'm a huge fan of Geoff Johns, especially his work with Wally West, but scheduling these two arcs back to back was just a bad idea, and frankly it ruins the time traveling and parallel reality stories for a little while.
         In this issue the alternate Barry Allen (AKA: Hot Pursuit) tells Barry Allen (The Flash) all about him, the Multiverse, and all of the bad things that are going to happen. Bart Allen then comes and tells the Flash not to believe Hot Pursuit. Hot Pursuit then insists he's telling the truth and rides off. Barry runs after him, but Hot Pursuit gets away. Bart Allen wants to help Barry with this, but Barry want's to do it alone. Bart gets upset and runs away. Barry goes back to the lab to scan a piece of hair he snagged from Hot Pursuit, and it comes up as a mach for Barry Allen. Then Patty walks in. She explains how she is now working in Blue Valley, because things are slower there. Then Barry gets a call from Singh. He goes and brings Patty. A thirty year old man died in the exact same way Elongated Kid died. Then they find a witness hiding nearby.
       This was beyond disappointing. Again, I think Geoff Johns is great, but this was the worst comic he has ever written. Again this arc is redundant when matched with the previous arc, so already the comic and I got off on the wrong foot. But then when Hot Pursuit explained the Multiverse I was shocked. The Multiverse has been explained a hundred times but for some reason Geoff Johns felt the need to explain it again. That probably only bothered me as much as it did, because of the repetition of time travel, but both are pretty bad. Also I had no idea why both Barry Allens felt the need to do what they were doing alone, is it just so they could be upset? Or to make Bart upset? Johns made Barry tougher than he usually is, and then didn't offer an explanation for it. I do understand what Johns was trying to do when he had Betty move because she wanted her life to slow down, but this has been done a million times before. It's like calling Superman a weapon or saying Batman brings the villains to Gotham. Writers bring it up a lot, but every time they do it's supposed to be shocking. Overall this was not a good issue, and really ruins the series for me. The only hope Flash Point has now, is the spin offs and alternate reality stories that are coming, and those have only a medium sized chance at success.

Grade: 2.5/10
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27 April, 2011

Birds of Prey #11

          As I've said many times before: This series started off great, but went down hill fast. It could be that I'm just not a fan of Black Canary and that is who Gail Simone likes to work with the most. The first six or seven issues of the book were devoted to Black Canary, and that just really got me off to a bad start with the series. The Death of Oracle arc was good, it was nothing special, and not something that I'm going to remember in many year, but it did improve my view of this series, although, it's still not even in my top 15 series that I'm reading, or go in and out of.
        In this issue Huntress is chasing down someone who stole some jewels. She starts fighting him, when Catman comes and stops it. He picks up the jewel thief and holds him off of the edge of the building asking who else was in the heist. He gave the name Rickie Lowlife. Huntress and Catman then go over some of their relationship history and problems. Then they go to find Rickie. They find him, interrogate him, and then he gives the name of his cousin Markie who has a hostage. They go and find him. Catman goes over to the hostage, but she gets scared for a second, thinking that he was one of the criminals. Huntress takes down Markie and then pulls her crossbow on Catman. The woman thought Catman was one of the criminals because he was. She recognized his green eyes. Catman then apologises profusely, and explains he has a son who was kidnapped, and also that he (Catman) is trying to reform and asks for Huntress's help. Huntress turns him down, and feels bad about it.
       I liked this issue a lot more than I thought I would. Again, it wasn't fantastic, and is not one of the best comics I've ever read, but it was pretty good. I even found the relationship between Huntress and Catman enjoyable. This was one of those fun read comics, its story was not complicated, or thoughtful, but it had some good fight scenes, some good banter, and great art, so it was still enjoyable. I'm debating with myself whether or not to renew my subscription to this comic, I'm leaning towards no, but I really did like this comic. It could just be that I'm surrounded by long story arcs, and every so often I just have a really good time with simple comics, but I don't know.
I recommend this comic as a fun read, if you are looking for a series or arc that you can really get into, this is not the right comic for you. But if you are looking for just a good story, than this is the perfect comic for you.

Grade: 7.5/10
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24 April, 2011

Green Lantern #65

         In an earlier review I said I was tired of Green Lantern events, and that is true. But so far War of the Green Lanterns has been outstanding, granted I have only read three issues and there is time for it to all go down hill. But parts one through three were extremely good, and even though I have already recommended them, I will recommend them again.
       Part four starts out with Kilowog being tortured and finally being taken over by Parallax. Meanwhile Guy and Hal find the Green House and use the ship that was in it to go rescue Kyle, John, and Ganthet. As soon as they get to OA they are attacked by Green Lanterns and have to get out in an escape pod. Guy and Hal find Kyle and John under ground in a series of tunnels. Hal says to defeat the Corps they need to wear different rings. Guy picks the Red Ring, Hal picks the Yellow ring, Kyle picks the blue one, and finally John tries to pick the orange one, but Hal insists that he gets indigo.
      I really like this issue, I especially like when Hal was flying away in the ship and he was happy as a small kid. He is a pilot and it's fun to see him have a great time flying. I got excited to see Kilowog again, I was hoping maybe he will come back into the event, but unfortunately the got rid of him, again. That is a disappointment. He is one of my favorite B-list lanterns, and I was excited to read about him, but now he's gone. It doesn't ruin the arc, but it doesn't help.
     As anyone would be I was incredibly excited to hear about the lanterns of sector 2814 putting on different rings. Guy and Hal picking red and yellow was predictable, I can't give DC grief for that, because it was just logical. Kyle picked blue which kind of made sense, but then John picking indigo, I did not like that. Orange wouldn't have been better, really John should have picked violet, it makes more sense for him. Indigo just seems like they didn't know what to give him.
     Despite a few minor set backs, this was still an incredibly good issue, I recommend this issue, and the entire War of the Green Lanterns.
(sorry about the cover, it's the only picture I could find without the headings)

Grade: 8.5/10
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22 April, 2011

Detective Comics #875

         Detective Comics is a unique series. Some are very classic Batman, others are dark Batman, and some have nothing to do with Batman at all. Each arc is very different from its predecessor which is different for a series, it has short entertaining arc opposed to long and over complicated and frankly boring series like Green Arrow.
         This particular issue is about James Gordon. He is remembering when he was lieutenant, he got a call from Barbara (when she was his ex-wife) who called to express concerns about James. (James Gordon's son) She says that he has nothing medically wrong with him, but she's taking him for more tests. He remembers all the creepy things that his son did, like killing a bird, and dressing up as the Joker for Halloween. But especially this time when Barbara and her friend were over, and the friend brought a science kit. The friend was mean to James, and then the friend goes missing, and James has the science kit. James Gordon Sr. started accusing the boy. Then everything comes back into the present. The entire flash back had been simultaneously occurring with James Gordon getting a criminal. Batman comes and gets him, and then Jim Gordon leaves while thinking about his son.
         This was a weird, strange and twisted comic book. It was very enjoyable. The story that was going on with the criminal that was running away from James Gordon was really just a space filler and a reason to throw Batman into the mix, so that whole section of the book was kind of boring, but it didn't interfere with the flash back which is really what was going on in the comic. The boy was something out of an Edgar Allan Poe, it wasn't just the thing with the bird, which was creepy, but it was him dressing up as the Joker that really made the character. That has been done by so many people in past Halloweens, but he's a fictional character, not really killing, and tormenting people. The cartoony art enhanced the creepiness of the story. It's hard to describe how, but if you read this issue you'll understand what I'm saying.
Over all this was a pretty good issue, I wouldn't call it a must read, but if you like Edgar Allan Poe, or other things that creepy, than this would be a good issue to pick up.

Grade: 8/10
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17 April, 2011

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #8

           I have no idea why I didn't pick up this series when it came out. Recently I have been going through a Green Lantern phase, and this has Guy Gardner and Kilowog two of my favorite B-list Green Lanterns. It's one of those series that I want to buy when I walk into the comic store, but then forget that I wanted it. So I finally remembered to get it, and here it is.
          In this issue Gardner, Kilowog, and Arisia are flying back to OA talking about recent events. Then Arisia gets taken over by Parallax and flies away. Guy Gardner finds out that this has happened to most of the Green Lanterns. Then a ton of taken over Green Lanterns come and take Kilowog. Gardner arranges to meet up with Hal Jordan at the Green House. Gardner and Jordan get angry at each other, because   Gardner said that Jordan was weak, so they start to fight. They fight for a while, but their power rings run out, and then they decide to put aside their differences to attempt to save the corps.
        I loved this issue. The War of the Green Lanterns is a stunt, and quite frankly I'm a little sick of Green Lantern events. But this was a good issue. The story was incredibly entertaining, and I know that I have said that I hate long fight scenes, but for one: the fight scene wasn't all that long, and two it was somewhat necessary to show the power rings losing power, I know that it could have been done by the rings losing power while they're flying, but when you have a character with a temper, like Guy Gardner, you need to use him. I don't know if I would have gotten rid of Kilowog so fast. Arisia was taken away in the first two pages, and then Kilowog in the first seven. I like Gardner, but it would be cool to see Kilowog in this arc as well. But that is my one and only complaint with the story. The story was terrific, but I would even pick up this issue for the art. Color is one of the things that keeps brining me back to the Green Lantern family of books. You can't have a Green Lantern series with out solid colors, which is something that I like. This issue had the same thing, but beyond that the penciling was great, and the cover was outstanding.
      This was a fantastic issue, and a great point to pick up War of the Green Lanterns. I recommend it highly.

Grade: 9/10
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31 March, 2011

Batman the Dark Knight #2

             Even though I am starting to like Dick Grayson as Batman, I have and forever will like Bruce Wayne better. I was exited to see a Batman series with a very classic feel to it, but I was a little worried that I didn't love the first issue. I know that David Finch is a good author, and I didn't not like the issue, I thought it was pretty good, but for a Batman series starring Bruce Wayne I want my expectations to be shot out of the water.
            In this issue Batman is interrogating the Penguin for more information about Dawn Golden, but the Penguin's guards all have there guns pointed at Batman. Batman gets away and chases after the Penguin. He finally gets him. But Batman starts breaking bones as an interrogation, and Alfred is shocked. Before Penguin does talk Killer Croc comes up from behind and knocks Batman out. A girl randomly steals the Batmobile, and some guys are talking about how someone is picking off their group one at a time.  Then Jason Blood turns into Etrigan. Then Batman is hooked up to a chair being beaten up by Killer Croc, but if Batman's hart rate goes up he will die, and finally someone who looks like Ragman (and probably is Ragman) atacks one of the members of the group I mentioned earlier.
           This issue didn't shoot my expectations out of the water either, but it was incredibly close. I wasn't to sure about using the Penguin and Killer Croc as the first two villains in the new series, instead of the Joker, but these two are turning out to be great. I really liked the darkness and the intensity of this issue, it's what I've missed about Bruce Wayne. This had a very "Bruce Wayny" fell to it, and I liked it a lot. I'm also very happy to see the Batmobile, and Batman's cool toys, I've missed those a lot. My one complaint is that there was a section in the middle that just seemed like a bunch of random unrelated things were all going on at once. The thing with the girl, the gang, and then the demon all happened really, really fast. I wish that had been spread out more over maybe a longer issue, or just save some stuff for next issue. I did very much like how changed Bruce is, he's still good old Batman, but the thing where he was breaking the Penguin's bones, and how shocked Alfred was, was just very interesting, and it's nice to see something new brought to Bruce Wayne.
So over all this was a really great issue, that I recommend highly to everyone, but for people who really want Bruce Wayne back in all Batmen series, u should definitely pick this up.

Grade: 9/10
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27 March, 2011

Batman #708

        I go on and off with this series. Sometimes I pick it up just because, but other times I won't pick it up because Bruce Wayne isn't in it. This time I was walking out of the comic store and this one caught my eye  so I grabbed it. Dick Grayson being Batman was something that I opposed strongly at the beginning, but now with the combination of Detective Comics and Batman, I'm starting to like him more.
       In this issue Batman takes down a minor criminal. He then flash backs to when he was beating up a circus kid named Prodigy. He flashed back because Azrael stabbed him with the sword of sin. The scar has turned into the shape of a bat. Batman then goes to fight someone called the crusader who is attacking people in Devil's square. Batman is joined by Catwoman and Red Robin. Azrael tell the Crusader to stop. He leaves Batman with a test. For Batman to find one truly righteous person in Gotham, or else he will destroy the city.  Then somewhere else Ra's Al Ghul loads up Fireball with electricity, also so he can blow up the city.
       This issue was incredibly enjoyable. I wouldn't say it was a great comic, but I did enjoy it very much and would recommend it to anyone. Azrael is a cool and interesting character, and I'm glad he's in this. The Sodom and Gomorrah plot could be really great, but I'm curious  how it's going to work. I really hope this arc doesn't solely consist of Dick Grayson walking around in broad day light looking for a truly righteous person. I also have my concerns about Ra's Al Ghul's plot with fireball, not because it looks bad, that could be really great, but it makes me think that Hine through that in to avoid Dick Grayson walking around in broad day light looking for a truly righteous person. Grayson walking around with the Fireball thing wouldn't be as bad if it were just Dick Grayson walking around, but the Sodom and Gomorrah thing could be really good if Hine does this right. I have to compliment the art in this issue. It was outstanding. Guillem March was incredible. The art alone is a reason to pick up this issue.  I did have one complaint, and that is making Dick Grayson very dark. I have said over and over again that I'm glad that Dick Grayson isn't exactly like Bruce Wayne. While he wasn't like that in this issue he came pretty close, and I hope it doesn't progress. But overall this was a pretty good issue and I recommend it. I enjoyed it very much.

Grade: 7.5/10
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24 March, 2011

Avengers #8

          I read the first couple issues in this series, but I couldn't keep up, and I was also discouraged by the entrance of the Red Hulk a character that I had always wished would go away so that I could read the Hulk series again. Bendis is not the person who got me back into this series, it was John Romita Jr. His art is great and when I saw this issue I decided to go for it.
         In this issue the Illuminati gathers, but Black Bolt is dead so Medusa arrives with Lockjaw. She is brought up to speed on the Illuminati and what it does. Then the Illuminati discuss a problem that they're having with the reality gems. Reed's gem (red) has been stolen. Iron Man then tells a story about how Red Hulk had "the tar beaten out of him" by a kid who had red and yellow gems. You also find out that Steve Rogers is having Tony Stark watched. The Illuminati work out that Black Bolt had the yellow gems. They go to where Black Bolt had the gem and it was gone, then Steve Rogers and other heroes arrive confused.
        I loved this issue. There are certain comics that I own that I am genuinely upset when I finnish them because I want the next issue right after I finnish that one. This was one of those comics. The first time I heard of the Illuminati (as a comic team) was a Civil War graphic novel, and that is really what made me want to get this issue. (John Romita's art also helped with that decision) So the plot is great. I love the Illuminati and I love the infinity gems. This issue even made me like Red Hulk a little. The memory was very simple, and he was written not particularly different than a ton of other characters I've seen, but that is what made me like him. (a little) I always had this illusion that he was this big awful villain guy, but he's kind of "heroish" which is typical, but typical is a step up from what I thought of him before. On top of all of that this issue was written beautifully. Each character was written the way they were supposed to be, but even incredibly sensible characters, like Richards, Strange and Xavier had their moments, which kept the comic interesting. I also got to learn a little about Medusa a character I didn't know much about. So to review: This had a great plot, great writing, and great art

Grade: 10/10
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23 March, 2011


         I have stated many, many times that Fantastic Four number 576 is the worst comic I ever read. Because I read that I stopped reading Fantastic Four, and didn't even pick up the issue where Johnny Storm died. I heard he died a very"superheroy" death, which almost assures that he will come back. (I do plan on reading this issue soon to see it for my self) I didn't plan on reading this  but a friend of mine assured me it would be great.
        In this issue Sue Storm explains everything that has changed to Peter Parker. Including that Reed's dad is back. Ben blames himself for Johnny's death and has become antisocial. At P.A.V.L.O.V some people freed the Wizard. The Wizard escapes and the Fantastic Four goes back for dinner. Reed puts forth a plan about the Inhumans, and his father says that it's a bad idea, which is different for the Baxter Building. Then Reed's father and Valeria take Reed aside and tell him that Dr. Doom has to join the team, and after a little he agrees.
       My expectations were low for this issue, so this book exceeded them, but that isn't saying much. Originally I that the costume change was (put bluntly) stupid, but then when Sue explained that she just wanted a change of pace I thought that it was fine, because that is a genuine reason, but then it was ruined when she said something about a black and white world. I did like Ben Grimm's reaction to everything, and I'm also glad he didn't welcome Spiderman with open arms. I also like Valeria and Reed's dad taking charge, it was a nice change in pace, and was perfectly done. Bringing in Dr. Doom now was a great idea. If you have a new outlook on the Fantastic Four, might as well have a new outlook on Dr. Doom, and I'm so happy Hickman didn't wait five issues to bring in the FF's big bad guy. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a little more on the Wizard, because that really is the main event of the issue, but that isn't a huge thing, because I know that he's going to appear real soon. My real complaint is that with the exception of Franklin Richards and the Thing, the other members of the FF didn't really acknowledge Johnny's death, it was a little different, but shouldn't the Sue and Reed's emotions be a little different? So that bugged me, but over all this was a very good comic, and very enjoyable.

Grade: 8.5/10
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20 March, 2011

Birds of Prey #10

         This series has gone back and forth for me. The last arc is something that I dreaded reading, but for some reason I read it anyway. This arc has gone back and forth from mediocre to amazing, and then back again. My main problem with the series was Hawk, I didn't like the character, or how he was in the team, but now I'm beginning to cope with Hawk, and that is no longer an excuse to not like the series.
         In this issue Huntress toys with the Calculator while in handcuffs. The Calculator tries to shoot Huntress, but Dove jumps in the way and gets knocked unconscious. Mortis tells Calculator that they need to get out of there, because Black Canary is free. Black Canary starts beating all of the Calculator's henchmen up. When a big guy grabs her, Hawk comes to save the day. Then Huntress and Lady Black-Hawk take advantage of the opportunity and chase after calculator. Black Canary goes through how Hawk was in the helicopter and Oracle is alive. Huntress says that Calculator "pissed off Superman" also that Oracle is never dead, and has ghosts. Then Oracle (who is alive) calls a conference with both Batmen, Red Robin, Batgirl, and Misfit saying that she won't help everyone anymore, because that makes villains to couscous. Then Catwoman comes to talk to the birds of prey, and finds out Oracle is alive, and then leaves after mentioning a team up.
       This was a mildly bad comic. The first part when the birds were chained up was dull, and I just wanted it to end. Even Huntress' clawing at Calculator was dull. I must admit that I did like Huntress messing with the Calculator especially the "you pissed off Superman" bit. When Black Canary came, the comic got better. I also liked it when Hawk came. I wouldn't say I like the character, but I do think that I'm starting to. Then when I got to the actual Oracle giving her speech, then things went down hill. It wasn't just the whole idea, which I will talk about in a moment, but also a little thing, Robin isn't there. This could just be because I am a huge fan of Damian Wayne. But the whole idea was also not great. Oracle is a superhero. Superhero's help each other, and that was pretty much Oracle's whole gig, and what made her such a powerful person. I understand that Gail Simone wants to keep Oracle in the birds of Prey, but this seems ridiculous. Also Catwoman's appearance was apparently useless. When I was reading I thought for sure that the next arc would be a Gotham City Sirens, Birds of Prey team up, but the next issue is about Huntress and Catman, which is really just something I don't care about. So this series is still disappointing, and it wasn't helped by this issue.

Grade: 4/10
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05 March, 2011

X-Men #8

          This is a decent series, I thought the whole vampire thing was premature, and not handled very well, but the last issue of this series, was also decent. The X-Men public relations thing, is kind of interesting, but it's not "WOW" stuff, I think that it's going to effect the series for now, but as soon as this arc ends they'll do what they always do.
       In this issue Spiderman teams up with the X-Men to take on the Lizard. People were disappearing mysteriously, but then the disappearing stopped, but then it started again, but only with children. The X-Men find that someone is going on a "creepy/stalker website" and is talking to "nerdy" kids and telling them to go to a special place. When the kids do so, the Lizard grabs them. Wolverine made it in time to try and rescue one of the kids, but lost. Then you see that the children are all in a cage, and someone is controlling the lizard, making him grab the children, so that he can do experiments on them.
      I love Spiderman, he's a great character, and when he teams up with... anyone really it's usually a good comic, most of the time that is due to his witty banter. It was the same in this comic. Spiderman had is witty banter, but he also had some serious moments to. No just about his life, or someone in his family, but about the world. I read Amazing Spiderman: 297 and there was a scene where he was to upset, that children were taking drugs, that he couldn't even say the witty things he does. The same thing happened in Amazing Spiderman: 96, and Stan Lee said that the reader didn't feel like Marvel was giving them a lecture, it was just an incident in a story. This was the same basic principle, but it isn't about drugs, it's about bullying. I am a little sick of the Lizard because of SHED, but this was a good comic. The X-Men were good, Spiderman was good, Gischler just wrote the comic well. This comic does leave you in suspense, wondering who is controlling the Lizard, but there is the possibility that this is a new villain, this would be a good way to introduce a new villain, but it would be very disappointing for this arc. I want to here it's someone else I've known forever and suddenly is even more powerful, but It is most likely an X-Men villain, because this is an X-Men comic. I'm excited, I can't really predict this comic, and I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Grade: 8/10
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26 February, 2011

Justice League of America #54

        This series is very on and off, some issues I just don't read, and others I read, but then forget that I read them. There is the occasional issue, that isn't just good, but incredible. Justice League issue 49 was one of the best comics I've ever read, but Justice League issue 53 was so dull that I forgot I read it.
        In this issue Bruce Gordon is going around Diablo Island looking for Mophir's corpse. He finds it, but then even with the sun still out, Gordon turns into Eclipso. Eclipso looks back on past expiriences, and decides to go at it again. He recutes Shade, Nightshade, Acrata,  Shadow Thief, Bete-Noire, Dark Crow and a monster called Syththunu. This is his "Shadow Team" so far, but he wants Jade to be apart of it.
      Honestly I know almost nothing about Eclispo, I have some old comic books that have him in them, but I never got around to reading the Eclipso parts. But this issue was just cool. People who have "shadow powers" have always been interesting to me. I always get exited when I see Shade or Shadow Thief in a comic, and I'm very exited that they are in this arc. The only thing that I don't like is that Jade is going to be a part of the team. My real problem with this series has to do with a little of everything, story, writing, occasionally art, but I find that my real problem, the reason I'm not exited when  this series shows up in the mail, is that I don't like the team. I'm not a fan of really anyone on this team, except maybe Donna Troy and I definitely like Batman. Ideally I would like Superman, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman... but even the team at the beginning of this series, with Vixen, Red Tornado and Black Lightning would have been great. I hope that DC fixes this team again, and I can see how they could do it in this arc, but I doubt it.
      I also don't know why the Spectre is on the cover, but he's not in the issue, I hope that he comes in later in the arc, because that would make it so much better.

Grade: 8/10
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20 February, 2011

Magneto #1

          Magneto is an interesting character, no one can deny that. A holocaust surviver who is then discriminated against, again simply for being a mutant. That is a character people dream they could write about. Ian McKellen played him great in the movies, and now I'm exited to see Michael Fassbender play him in X-Men First Class, and naturally I was exited to see a one shot all about him.
          In this issue Magneto visits New York for the first time. He walks around for a little, and then orders a "Superhero suit" from a mutant who makes them. He befriends the mutant and takes her out to dinner. He walks with her for a little, but a weird monster. Magneto takes down the monster, and tries to kiss the mutant girl, she rejects him and he walks a way, promising never to be a hero again.
         I have faced many disappointments in my comic reading years, but this has to be one of the biggest. It was a bad story, bad writing, and bad art. The story was to simple for a character as complicated as Magneto, and it was toned down from what Magneto's story usually is. I don't know if Howard Chaykin was trying to make this a kids comic, but even if that was the intention, it still would have been bad. I understand that this and the other X-Men one-shots coming out are promos for the new movie, but they should at least be half decent. This is going to be a short review, because the story was overly simple, with no redeeming value, and there isn't a lot to talk about. What I can talk about is the upcoming movie. One of the best things I've ever read is the first ten X-Men comics. They were fun, interesting, and exciting. I always wished there would be a movie made about the original team: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Ice Man, Angle, and Beast. To be honest I don't know if the original team team will even be in the movie (although in the preview there was a character that looked a lot like Beast) but even if the movie is pre-X-Men, I'm very much looking forward to it, even though this promo was terrible.

Grade: 0.5/10
Buy at own risk

15 February, 2011

Detective Comics #873

         This is my one year anniversary of blogging on Comic Review Warehouse. What started as just a way to vent my feelings about the latest comic book in a very simple manner has turned into a great thing.
The anniversary review is Detective Comics issue 873. Like in Green Lantern Corps, I read an issue and then never got to the next one, but I got Detective Comics issue 872 and 873. I liked issue 872 and 871 and the last arc of this series was incredible and so far this arc has been pretty good.
        In this issue The Dealer has turned everyone at the auction onto Batman. They start to attack him, and Dick Grayson goes through all the calm down rules of the tightrope in his head. The people at the auction catch up with him, but Grayson wakes up in the hospital next to Oracle. He's missing his legs. Oracle then attacks him, but Dick Grayson wakes up again, and again he's in the hospital, but this time he has legs, and Oracle isn't trying to kill him. Dick Grayson gets dressed as Batman and goes after the dealer. He empties the "cargo" off of his plane. When Batman finally catches the Dealer, the Dealer turns into some weird Man Bat creature, but Batman beats him fairly quickly. When he gets home he makes the Wayne mansion his own, and tells Alfred to throw the Joker's crow bar into the river.
        This was a great issue. Messing with Batman's mind is a constantly used tool in all of the Batman series, and now that there is a different Batman DC focus' on that a lot more. Everyone knows that Gotham is evil, and dark, but this arc took that to a whole new level. Auctioning off the crowbar that Joker beat Jason Todd with is just sick. But it was enjoyable to read about. I'm a fan of reminders of "Batman a Death in the Family" and even the stuff that is done with the Red Hood (regrettably I never read Red Hood Lost Days, but maybe if I see the TPB one day I'll pick it up) and this was great. I wasn't a fan of just ending the arc by making the Dealer a weird Man Bat monster, but I do hope that he comes back again with a whole new arc and a whole new crime. His character could either be great or terrible. If they just make him the creature then he will be boring, but if they make him someone like the Penguin mixed with Man Bat (organizes things, but can be strong) then he will be great. I also liked when Dick Grayson was going through the rules of the tightrope in his head. Bruce Wayne always flashed back to memories of his parents and used their teachings in almost every single case, and Dick Grayson does that as well, but since his background is different, it's a different feel. Dick Grayson is a good Batman, I would like to see Bruce Wayne back in this series, but I'm happy that Dick Grayson is his own Batman and not trying to make him exactly the same as Bruce Wayne.
            This is a good issue, a good arc, a good series, and Dick Grayson is a good character.

Grade: 9/10
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13 February, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #56

          I read Green Lantern issue 54 and reviewed it. I said that I loved it and I would definitely read the next one. What I said was true I did absolutely love that comic, but I never had a chance to read next one. Finally I picked it up and its sequel, and because I try not to review comics whose sequel has already come out, I'm reviewing this issue.
          In this issue Sinestro sends the entire Sinestro corps to go fight the Weponer. All members of the Green Lantern Corps that are on Qward have had their rings confiscated by the Weponer. While they were tied up up Ganthet threw up red (rage) blood and Atrocitus appears in the blood saying that Ganthet should have stayed on earth. He then explained that, he allowed this to happen because he had to communicate with Atrocitus in  a fool proof manner. Then the Sinestro corps starts attacking, and Qward needs more defenders. The Weponer gives them their rings back and they make shields. If they fire at the Sinestro corps they will break the treaty, so they power down and start hitting with out their rings. John Stewart leads Qward's warriors inside the Weponer's bunker, they arm themselves and get ready to fight.
         I loved this issue as well. There is some clean feeling to the Green Lantern Corps series, not just with the colors and art, but also with the writing and the stories. It's one of the things that makes this series so enjoyable. People fighting with power rings is cool, especially when it's an army of Yellow Lanterns against some Green Lanterns, but the idea of an entire race arming themselves against the Yellow Lanterns and the Green Lanterns throwing punches against the monsters that are the Yellow Lanterns, is just cool. I hope this doesn't become a recurring theme, it's cool once in a while, but if abused will become very boring, very fast. An arc could be written about being ringless but that is about it. I don't really know why Tony Bedard decided to pick this issue to reveal what happened with Ganthet and Atrocitus, it has very little importance to the story, in fact the first time I wrote the synopsis I forgot to include it. But besides that little hiccup, the book was flawless.

Grade: 10/10
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12 February, 2011

Birds of Prey #9

           This series started out so promising and went down hill very fast, The arc was boring, and not very well written. Then this new arc came and the first issue was as promising as the first issue of the series, but I didn't have much hope for the arc, but since last issue was also good, I now have a lot  hope for this series.
           In this issue Black Canary is still having nightmarish visions because of Mortis. She sees her mother, Green Arrow, Speedy, and Sin. Batman brings her back to Oracle where Savant can work on her. The rest of the Birds of Prey (Huntress, Lady Black-Hawk and Dove) are on a bus with the Calculator's cronies, Lady Black-Hawk eggs them on until they start hitting each other. Hawk confronts Oracle about finding Dove, and then he gets mad at Batman, after Batman told him to calm down. Oracle takes him down with her nightsticks. Black Canary continues to have visions, but breaks out which makes Mortis have a seizure. Dove breaks out of her chains, but then is subdued and the Birds of Prey are now near a firing squad, and Oracle comes in a helicopter, and the Calculator blows her up.
           This was another good issue. It's not a great issue, nor is this a great series, but this series has moved from terrible to slightly above decent. I have finally come to terms with Hawk being in this series, I will still hope that Simone gets rid of him, but I can see future possibilities that could make him a good character. Dove has gone from a good character in this series, into a great one. The conscience she has plus her raw power makes her a fun and interesting character. Mortis attacking Black Canary is a cool idea but we just went through an arc where she relived past decisions, and past experiences. I know this arc primarily focuses on Oracle, but it deals to much with Black Canary. The next arc should focus on my new favorite character, and my long time least favorite character: Hawk and Dove. They joined the series out of no where in the beginning of the series, and there should be more of an explanation, plus I just want to hear more about Dove, and I really want to like Hawk.
          So this was another good issue, but I really want Dove to become a bigger character in this series, and when that happens, Birds of Prey will become a great series.

Grade: 8/10
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06 February, 2011

Justice Society of America #47

           I really like this series, especially the recent issues. The whole terror wins idea has been brilliant, it had intellectual value, a tone of character development, and it was a very good read. The entire series in general has been great. It made number four in my top five ongoing series of 2010. Not only was that based on the terror wins arc, but the winds of war arc was also fantastic. Overall I've been very happy with this series.
          In this issue Man Hunter (while stopping a robbery) sees something about the JSA on TV. People were debating whether Super-Heroes are good for the world, or bad. Then she sees the Flash make a statement about how bad the crime is in monument point. Dr. Midnight goes to see Alan Scott, but he's not there any more. Then Flash brings him to Lightning and tells him that Dr. Fate took her soul and is protecting it, but her body is dead. Dr. Chaos then tells Mr. Terrific to release Scythe, and that he knows his IQ is dropping. Then Dr. Midnight and Wild Cat confront Dr. Chaos who says that he has a device that will kill a certain number of randomly selected people. But the Flash runs and takes the device, but then Scythe comes in and the comic ends.
         I have one problem with this issue, for some reason whenever I read a JSA comic they always find a way to get rid of Dr. Fate. This thing with Lightning gets him out of the picture so that Guggenheim can focus on Mr. Terrific and the Flash like he usually does. Guggenheim is a good writer, but I would like it if he took some risks and wrote some stories that had Dr. Fate as the lead. He's an incredibly interesting character that always seems to get shoved aside. I do see how Guggenheim could have Dr. Fate in this new soul place and so the main characters are him and lightning, but judging just on the covers of upcoming issues it looks like Guggenheim is going to stick with Green Lantern.
       I enjoyed the rest of this issue thoroughly. Dr. Chaos is a great villain, and so is Scythe, and the way Dr. Chaos interacts with other members of the JSA is great. I even like Mr. Terrific's loss in IQ, otherwise this would be a short and boring series, he would trace Dr. Chaos and put him in prison and then we would all move on to the next arc, but because he is becoming "dumber" the arc is much better. It prolongs parts of it, and adds other parts.
      This was another great issue, but the series would be much improved if Dr. Fate was in it more, opposed to his usual one page appearances, followed by people talking about where he went and why.

Grade: 9/10
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02 February, 2011

Green Arrow #8

          This series has been nothing but terrible, if I said I enjoyed it, it is interesting, or anything like that I would be lying. I didn't like what was happening with Queen industries or the fact that Green Arrow is now Robin Hood. It's not that J.T. Krul writes badly and none of the artists draw or colors badly, it's one hundred percent story.
          In this issue Lois Lane meets with Even Gibson to write about the magic forest in the middle of Star City and the people there. Mr. Terrific and Dr. Midnight are there, Lex Corp is there, the Royal Guard is there, and even Poison Ivy is there. Then Galahad and Green Arrow are running through the forrest after someone running away from them. It turns out to be Jason Blood who has been separated from the Demon due to the magical properties of the forest. Galahad, Green Arrow and Jason Blood capture the Demon and tie him into some trees. Galahad chases down some Lex Corp scientists for attacking the forrest, but Mr. Terrific and Dr. Midnight tackle him. When Galahad escapes the forest he starts having weird flash backs. Green Arrow pulls him back, Jason Blood fights the demon who escaped the trees and the Phantom Stranger appears.
          I must admit this was the first issue of Green Arrow I enjoyed. I was a little disappointed because of Krul's lack of originality. I think the Demon is a great character, and same with Green Arrow and Phantom Stranger, but anyone who ever read Quiver will find all these characters appearances at the same time a bit familiar. They might be doing the empty soul thing with Galahad, in fact I strongly think thats what's going to happen and if that moves Green Arrow away from being Robin Hood faster then all the better, but it still lacks what could happen if you brought in Blue Devil and the Demon opposed  to Phantom Stranger. It would still be the same premise but it wouldn't be a repeat of Quiver. I did enjoy the section of the book before I realized what was happening. Jason Blood being separated from the Demon is the best thing that has come out of the Magical forest, while I know it won't stick it changes things up a bit. I know I talked about Quiver a lot but the truth is that I liked this issue, and is definitely the best issue this series has ever seen. One of the best things about this issue is that now I see an end to Green Arrow and his Marry Men.

Grade: 7.5/10
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