30 June, 2010

Joker's Asylum 2: Harley Quinn

              This issue stared Harley Quinn. Harley was created only 18 years ago, and she gas had more success than many characters have had in their entire existence. For instance, if you go to an amateur comic collector and ask them which villain they like more, Harley Quinn or Dr. Sivanna they will without doubt pick Harley Quinn, probably because they have never heard of Sivanna. This is not some stroke of luck, that the character had, but because the character is very, very good. She is funny and (much like the Joker) kills people in the most joyful way possible, which just makes her fun to read about.
            In this issue Harley escapes from Arkham on Valentine's Day to go see the Joker, but when she gets to his hideout she finds several dead henchmen, and no Mr. J. She finds out that some people came and took him, from a wounded henchman named Spider. She then sends him out to get chocolate for the Joker's Valentine's Day present. She then finds that he was now in an auction, and people who had been effected by the Joker were trying to buy him. Harley kills all of them, and finds out where Mr. J is and goes there. When she gets to the location she finds ____. (I'm not going to spoil it)
            I was very happy to see Harley Quinn in this comic for reasons that I mentioned above. Although I was a little worried because of the disappointment caused by Joker's Asylum: Mad Hatter. This comic met my expectations. Okay, not great. The problem that I had was that I thought the Joker should have been in it more, besides his little narration's, he was only at the very end of the story. I would have preferred that when Quinn got to the hideout she would have found Joker and the two of them would have gone of a romantic crime spree. But this was good too, just not as. I really liked the art, I thought it fit the boisterous, and happy personality of Harley. Although it did not work with the Joker, I don't know why, he just wasn't drawn that well, he looked a little too human. Lastly I really liked Joker's introduction and conclusion. He was the funny/twisted Joker that he always is. So overall a pretty good comic.

Grade: 8/10
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28 June, 2010

Invincible #72

                 I think this is the first Image comic I've ever reviewed. Any way... I had read one or two Invincible comics before, and I thought they were okay, but this comic went above and beyond the call of duty. The only thing I had read by Robert Kirkman before was Walking Dead. I loved the first volume, it was edgy, but not forced edgy. It wasn't like Kick A** where Millar tried to be shocking, no it was sincere. That changed in volumes two and three and they got bad. So I decided not to buy the rest of the volumes. So I had my doubts about this comic. Luckily I was surprised to find that this was fantastic. Even though this issue was just a massive battle scene (which I usually don't like) Kirkman made the characters speak... eh... think in away that was very entertaining. I also found that when I looked at a panel, like the one where Oliver runs out of oxygen I found myself clutching the sides of the book to see what happened next. Usually that doesn't happen in a comic, probably because when you turn the page you see a tiny bit of everything on the next page. But Kirkman managed to do it, and well. There was one panel that I have to mention, if it were in any other comic, I would probably be complaining about it, but it was another thing that Kirkman did very well. This is the scene where Nolan is saying that he is proud of Oliver. I usually hate when the fight scenes pause and some characters have a heart to heart talk, but in this scene (probably because the whole issue is a fight scene) I loved it.
                I also have to mention another skill that Kirkman possesses. A skill that I admired even in Walking Dead vols. 2-3, his ability to kill off characters. It alway makes me sad. When Conquest shoved his hand through Mark, one it kept me on the edge of my seat, and two it filled my with grief. This issue did what every issue tries to do. It got me hooked on the series, next time I'm in a comic store I'm going straight for Invincible. I know I say I'm hooked to allot of series, but I'm series this time. So expect Invincible #73 on Comic Review Warehouse.

Grade: 10/10
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27 June, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #633

                "SHED" is finally over, thank god. This is one of the worst story lines I've ever seen. It messed up one of the better Spiderman villains there is. Zeb Wells killed off the best part about him, and that was his alter ego. Connors is dead, why? Why would he ever do that? I understand he is trying to leave his mark on the Marvel universe,  but don't deface villains. Anyway this issue concluded it. The Lizard, who has mind powers is making everyone act like a lizard, so Spiderman drinks some of Connors' formula so that his mind didn't get (for loss of a better word) foggy. So he runs up and stabs the Lizard with Connors' formula and makes him relies (mildly) of what he had done, and made him more human. Then something weird happens to Aunt May, she starts yelling at Peter, then it went away. Then a couple of people walk down into the sewers, turns out a couple of people were still under the Lizard's control and he's keeping them as pets.
               When Lizard took over people's minds they became very Walking Dead Esc. They would wander around and bite people. I'm no zoologist but I don't think lizards walk around biting people. So he made a world of really messed up lizards. Other than that this was a  beat 'em up comic. Again it is understandable because this is a final issue of a story arch where the problem is a villain, but I still would have liked to see something more. In Justice Society of America #39 the plot was to kill and escape, but the thoughts of Mr. Terrific were poetic and made the comic more interesting then several pages of fisticuffs. It was kind of  cool when the Lizard zombies were ripping Spiderman suit apart they showed his web shooters, and that was kind of cool but the rest of the comic was just plain, old fashion bad.

Grade: 4/10
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20 June, 2010

Joker's Asylum 2: The Mad Hatter

                Again, I love the Batman villains, absolutely love them. So Joker's Asylum is perfect. Of all the villains that  Joker' Asylum has done this is by far the most unknown. In this issue Jarvis Tetch is psychologically weak, and was trying to stay on the strait and narrow. If he wore hats or drank tea, he would probably go back to his murderous ways. So he goes along stalking a girl that works at a convenience store. She looked like Alice and Tetch wanted her to be Alice, he doesn't know her name. After a while a being really creepy and stalking this girl, he starts to write a book about him marrying her and living a happy life. He then goes to talk to the girl (buy something at the convenience store) and he finds that her name is not Alice, since he had got himself so worked up about this girl that he went insane. He drank the tea, and wore the hat, he took over the girl's mind and started to have a tea party, when of course Batman came and stopped him.
            So the art was bad. I wasn't rolling on the ground crying because of it, but it bothered me. I wish Bill Sienkiewicz did the art. (He did the cover) Also, the Mad Hatter is a noteworthy Batman Villain,  Landry Quinn Walker did do a good job of including that he fallowed someone, but she made him seem, not like he was obsessed with Alice and Wonderland, but it made him look like a pervert. I did enjoy one or two things about this book. Walker did a good job of making the Mad Hatter sound as if he had been written by Lewis Carol, I thought that was cool. I had gotten exited about the 2010 Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, because I thought it would be creepy, and a creepy Alice and Wonderland would be pretty cool. I was disappointed. This comic was creepy and sort of Alice and Wonderland, so I sort of liked it.  So the Mad Hatter was messed up, the art sucked, the story was just about  the Mad Hatter which was messed up. What a shame.

Grade: 3/10
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Secret Avengers #1

             All right, I didn't expect much out of this comic, I just bought it because my comic store didn't have Flash #2, Birds of Prey #2, nor did it have Brightest Day #4.  So I grabbed this on my way out. The comic was  amazing. I didn't see the author until after I read it, and I was very happy to see Ed Brubaker's name at the bottom. First of all the role call was amazing. Moon Knight, Nova, The Black Widow, Steve Rogers, War Machine, Beast, Valkyrie and Ant Man. I'm very glad that Steve Rogers is in this series. I will admit that I wish he was still Captain America, but  Bucky is doing fine. I know some of you might find this shocking because I went on rants about how much I didn't want Dick Grayson as Batman, but I don't mind Bucky. Also Steve is doing a pretty good job here.
       This story fit the name of Secret Avengers. They ran in beat up some guys, took what they needed and ran out. That is what I expected, but Brubaker  made it work. In this case the secret Avengers took what they thought was the Serpent Crown. Instead it was a cousin to it. Looks into where Roxxon (the people they stole it from) found this crown. They found out that Roxxon had mineral rights to Mars and was digging there. When they shut down all of the diggers, pretty much disappear. (Read the comic to understand it better) So Steve sends his one guy that he can to Mars: Nova. When he got there he was put under fire by these weird space tanks, he went into a cave and found ______. I'm not going to spoil the story for you. Meanwhile during all this the Shadow council has been fallowing the Secret Avengers. They keep saying they can't lose it again, so I'm guessing the Cousin Crown is worth more than Beast knows.
         This is the best I've read in a long, long time. My only complaint is that Ant Man isn't on the cover. I'm loving Brubaker's work with the Marvel Universe. He is outstanding. The art in this book is just a notch above average, but it didn't really bother me. I'm really happy to see every one on this team (except I don't care to much for Valkyrie) especially... well... especially every one. I don't know if Brubaker made this team, but if he did he is more brilliant than I thought. There was one other little thing I didn't like and that was how Moon Knight has a big emotional scene where he was trying to change his ways . Not because the scene was bad, it's because just like how DC is trying to make Hawk into the Punisher. Marvel is trying to make Moon Knight into Batman. If Moon Knight is a over the edge killing character let him kill, don't make him into Batman, you will crash and burn.

Grade: 9.5/10 (I know, but I just couldn't bring myself to give it a 10/10)
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18 June, 2010

Captain America #606

             A while back I published a post called "Marvel's Blackest Night." This post was all about how marvel needed to fix its self, they needed away to put all the teams back together, to edit some characters and to un-edit some, possibly even to delete some. (Red Hulk) In that post I thought Siege was going to be "Marvel's Blackest Night" apparently I was wrong, now it looks like it is going to be the Heroic Age, although this comic didn't really address that. In this issue Bucky is upset about last story arch (see my previous Captain America reviews)
- Bucky "He's not the first person I've killed and he probably won't be the last."
- Falcon "Probably the first that looked just like Steve an' wore his uniform."
Bucky was acting reckless during fights and was just in an all around bad mood. Those quotes were taken from and intervention that Steve and Falcon were having because of Bucky. Meanwhile Baron Zemo is running around recruiting people and learning Bucky's weakness'.
         I've always liked Baron Zemo from the old comics, so I'm glad that he's back. Even if he isn't the same one, I'm glad some version of him is back. That was really the only good thing about the story. The rest of it could have been done in five pages, instead of doing that whole Bucky is distant bit, I would have rather seen more Baron Zemo or just have them make the story different and hopefully better. There is one thing about all Captain America comic (in the past couple years) and that is the art. It is always outstanding. There are a couple panels with Zemo in the rain that could go in a museum of art. But this time it was even better, not because of the panels but the cover was amazing. There are not words to describe how good it is, so you'll just have to look. (see picture) I hope that Marko Djurdjevic stays on Captain America cover art, because this is more than worthy of and Eisner award. There has been no better cover in the past two years. (If you disagree send me a picture of a better cover in a comment)
        So overall not a horrible comic, just Ed Brubaker had been doing so well with the "Two Americas" thing I just hope the next couple of issues are better, but I'm concerned he is going to drag out this Bucky upset thing for another couple of issues, which I do not want.

Grade: 5/10
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16 June, 2010

Green Lantern #54

         This issue is a sort of meanwhile... for Brightest Day. It starts where Brightest Day issue one started. Hal Jordan, Sinestro and Carol still can't lift the White Lantern battery. When all three of them try, the White Lantern goes crazy and says "HELP ME LIVE," it also tells the three lanterns to find all of the Entities. This issue also looks like it is going to connect with the Legion of Superheroes. Something, which I think is a guardian gave Sodam Yat some undisclosed gift, and turns Daxam's sun back into a red sun killing many. Then the story shifts to Atrocitus who kills a bunch of muggers, when he starts spilling blood onto a page to locate the Entities he notices Ion and Parallax aren't there, that is when Sinestro, Hal, and Carol come in. Hal starts fighting Atrocitus when Lobo comes in and takes out Hal Jordan.
       This comic reminds me of a very common expression, "They don't make them like that any more." This comic was fantastic. Even though there were many sections to this comic, each one was clear, so it wasn't confusing, nor was it boring. So this comic was good, but I'm not a big fan of Brightest Day. Many people have been told to find all the people that the White Lantern brought back. Many of these people can fly, and the one's who don't have other means of transportation, why doesn't any one find them? Any way... I really like the idea of the Entities. A bunch of creatures who are actually living emotions... cool. The only part that I found confusing was the Sodam Yat thing. Who was the guy in the black robe? What was his gift? And how is this going to tie into Legion of Superheroes? (I know it will) Also the art was beautiful. You can open this book at any page and it will jump out at you like fire works.
 I might subscribe to this series too, I haven't read it in a while, but I really like this series, so maybe.

Grade: 8.5/10
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12 June, 2010

Red Robin #13

                This issue would be best described with a line graph, but due to the fact that I don't have a line graph I'll just have to describe it to you. This comic was about Tim Drake going after Lynx. The beginning was as good as I could have ever hoped for. It showed the average relation between Dick, Damian, and Tim. It's always good to have something like that every so often, if you start littering the series with it, the series becomes no good, but every so often is good. Tim decided to go after Lynx when the other two went after Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. To be honest I really wanted it to be the other way around, I have actually never seen the Tweedles in a comic, but I've always wanted to. To find Lynx Tim does the classic Batman interrogation, again something I loved. He also decided to make a show about beating Lynx. I thought this showed the knowledge that everyone in the "Batman family" knows about their villains. He knows that if people saw Lynx beaten she would be disgraced and loose all of her power. So I liked that. The part with Drake's and Fox's engagement  was just okay, I wasn't expecting much out of that, so my expectations were past, but they were low. I went on to DC.com last month just to see what was coming out, as I did I thought hey, why doesn't Red Robin ever fight classic Batman villains? Then I saw this cover and I was really exited. When I opened the comic, I thought it would be somebody like Mr. Freeze, but no, we got Lynx. I relies that Niceza did well with her, but I was still disappointed. People were very exited for Nicieza, but I like Yost a lot better, the stories were just more compelling. Lastly I though To's art was below average, he made the fight scenes look like Japanese anime, I understand that could be because he is dealing with a villain who uses a samurai sword, and who wears a samurai mask. But why does Red Robin also look like a picture from a Japanese comic. So overall not the best thing I've ever seen, but not the worst.

Grade: 6.5/10
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10 June, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #632

               All right, Shed continues in this issue (unfortunately). Billy is dead, Connors is dead, and the Lizard is new, improved, and smart.  He is bringing out the lizard in all the warm blooded creatures brains. Making them attack random people, and take what they want.  Also Parker has given up his jokes and is acting seriously. This happened when he saw Billy die, and his foster parents.
              I didn't think there has been a worse comic in the history of comics. It's terrible, the entire story arch is terrible. If I had to read this a second time, I would try to legally classify it as torture. I hate this new Lizard. Lizard was the Killer Croc of the Marvel Universe, now he is just another psychic, megalomaniac. Also I mentioned in an earlier post the words of John Romita Sr. he said: If you have Spiderman standing on the ground, you are wasting Spiderman. I said this about another comic in this arch. The arch has been bad, but this is awful. 
There was one good thing about this comic, and that was the paneling. The way the panels were put together was like a perfect game of tetris. I have never liked the paneling so much that I raved about it, but you have to see it to believe it. But nothing is good enough to make up for that disgrace to comics. I hope something happens after the end of Shed that puts everything, or most things back to the way they were, other wise I don't think I'll be able to read Spiderman for a while. Also what happened to all the side stories? Like Kaine, or Madame Web? Did they just create a bunch of side stories for one issue and leave them unfinished? This was one of the worst comics I have ever read.

Grade: 1/10
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08 June, 2010

Brave and the Bold #34

                This comic featured the Legion of Superheroes and The Doom Patrol. I usually rave over this series, but not today. I waited over a month for this issue to come out, and when I got it, I had high hopes. Yet again I was disappointed. Lightning Lad comes back from patrol and says he sees a Black Hole which is coming towards earth. The legion gets out just in time, and goes back in time to get help, so that they can destroy the black hole. They needed someone with energy projection capabilities. Saturn Girl goes into her database and finds the Doom Patrol. They fly back to Legion time and Lightning Lad and Negative Man use their powers to stop the black hole.
               That entire story could have been done in five or so pages, but instead Stracznski decided to fill 22 pages with useless story. I suppose this could work because there were some unsolved mysteries in this issue, and this is a two part Brave and the Bold, which I haven't seem in a while. That is the only big complaint I have, but it makes sense. If you are going to write a 22 page comic, you better have the story to fill it. This comic was a great ad though. I now really want to read Doom Patrol comics. Negative man seems too cool to pass up, and Robotman was hilarious. I could want to read Doom Patrol because the they are very similar to the X-men (whom I like a lot) which were created around a year later. I also have to point out a flaw in the coloring. For a couple panels Saturn Girl's costume became pink. What really made that stand out is that she was pointing something else out that was pink, and told Cosmic Boy: "It is your color" while she is warring the same color. I like the Legion, but in this issue Doom Patrol was the better feature. I do not have high expectations for Brave and the Bold #35 which features the Legion of Substitute Heroes and the Inferior Five. I am very exited for Brave and the Bold #36 which features Adam Strange, and Lois Lane.

Grade: 7/10
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07 June, 2010

Brightest Day #'s 1&2

                Several people don't like the Brightest Day series. I respectfully disagree. I'm not saying OMG this is the best comic series I ever read. No, but it's pretty good. The first issue starts with the Atom trying to split Ronnie and Jason apart. It is painful for everyone, but at least it works. (since the comic is separated into sections, so will my review) We then see an average family playing rock band, when the mother starts killing them all with a kitchen knife. Her skin then falls off revealing that she is some kind of alien. After a short intermission where you find that Hath-Set made plaster molds of the Hawks faces, it goes to Martian Man Hunter who is standing over  Saul Erdel's (the scientist that brought him to earth) daughter. He disguised himself as Saul and asked the daughter (who is old now) what she remembers about the Martian. She said that they (the Erdel's) had been obsessed over a project like this before, but when it had horrible results her father kicked her off the project and continued until that day Martian Man Hunter came.  After that Deadman's ring brings him right in front of the Anti Monitor.
                The scene where the mother killed her family was so sad, and so well done. Every part of it, the look on the children's faces, and what they were saying. It was flawless. So was the part with Martian Man Hunter and Erdel's daughter. The gentleness shown on the fathers face was outstanding. Even what he said was outstanding. So Johns, Tomasi, Reis, Syaf, Clark, and Prado all did a fantastic job. Although the Artists made the scenes more effective than the writers did. Also the Atom's flame proof suit was also so cool. When he ripped Firestorm's atoms apart, he had to wear that. The scene was cool to, this comic really was good.
              The second issue picked up where the first one left off. Deadman is up against the Anti Monitor with a ring he doesn't know how to use. All of the sudden the right pulls Deadman's arm up and blasts images of all who have been resurrected into the jest of the Anti Monitor, but when he tries to attack again the ring doesn't work. So he falls to earth. The ring then kicks in again and makes a safety net for him. The comic then goes to Ronnie and Jason in the hospital. Both still have hard feeling toward each other. Jason also has a dispute with his dad about going home, or staying and researching. Jason picks research. You then see Mera and Aquaman. Aquaman accidently summons a dead killer whale who comes up and grabs him. Then you see Martian Man Hunter examining all the bodies from the mother alien thing. He gets all the information when he taps into the brain of the dog. With a little tampering he makes it so that the dog does not remember what he saw. Then the comic goes to Hawkman and Hawkgirl when they find that Hath-Set has collected all of their bones from past lives.
               I didn't like this comic as much as Brightest Day #2. I really just want to know what is going on with Deadman, also in this comic there was no explanation for what just happened, things just happened. I do expect the next issue to explain a couple of things, but I really wanted the next issue to focus on other characters that returned. But now I need and explanation.

Grade #2: 9/10
Grade #3: 4/10
Average: 6.5/10
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06 June, 2010

Detective Comics #865

                At the comic store I had to decide between this and Gotham City Sirens. I made the wrong choice. This comic was only okay, but because its prequel was so good it was a massive disappointment. After killing his beauties Jeremiah Arkham blames Batman for not stopping him, only then  did he find out that the beauties were only a figment of his own imagination. He had been delivering food to and visiting an empty room. He then resized the knife he used to slaughter his beauties was actually the Jester's marotte, it was completely filled with the false face  gas which was slowly going into Arkham's system. Also the Jester is just one of the Joker's games. Once finding this out, Arkham goes to the hospital section of Arkham, where Alice Sinner changes sides again. Also Mr. Zsasz goes into his room and threatens him, but Arkham removes his eye with a knife. Then there is more Alice Sinner stuff, then it ends.
              So now Black Mask is back (at least probably) and Alice Sinner is evil again. So everything done in around five comics  has been undone in one disappointing issue. Hine was doing so well, and now, not so much. I do hope he redeems himself very soon. Jeremy Haun was good until he showed the Joker who he made look really old. Although he made up for that when he showed Hugo Strange, who was drawn just perfectly. The main disappointing thing was the undoing of much story development. I do wonder if Mr. Zsasz is going to have one eye missing in other comics or if it was just a one time thing. I do hope it will appear in future comics.

Grade: 6/10
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Birds of Prey #1

          I had always know that this team existed, but I never really knew anything about them. I knew enough to understand this comic. The issue starts out with Black Canary and Lady Black-Hawk rescuing a child from in Iceland from a guy named Chasco. The comic then goes to Oracle who is calling all of the former members of the Birds of Prey together for some unknown reason. Huntress and Black Canary both get to Oracle, but Lady Black-Hawk goes to a bar where Hawk and Dove are. They have  just taken out a group called the "Sick Cheerleaders." (yah it's exactly what it sounds like) Later in the comic it makes it pretty clear that Lady Black-Hawk recutted them.
              Anyway, Oracle is explaining to Huntress and Black Canary that someone has files on every one. They don't know who possesses them, but they are in existence. "He knows when and where my dad takes his morning walk... Says he's going to kill one of the names on these files every hour until we stop him." When they go to confront this enemy, they find that she is already threatening Penguin. When she sees that the Birds of Prey are there she stabs Penguin in the neck takes Black Canary and Huntress down. She is then revealed to be a villain by the name of White Canary.
            Really, Gail Simone couldn't think of a more original name than White Canary? Otherwise this comic was really good. The fight scene at the beginning with Black Canary and Chasco, was so cool. Although in most of the comics I read someone gets punched in the nose, and it always looks the same. I doesn't matter who punches whom, it always looks the same. Lastly, I don't like Hawk being in the Birds of Prey. They are one of the best Girl teams, with Hawk that just ruins it. I understand Simone only did it because she wanted Dove, but it would of been interesting to see Dove with out Hawk. It's not like they are bringing in Green Arrow, Question, Nightwing, and one of the other Black Hawks. No Dove can live one series without Hawk. I can also tell that the DCU is trying to make Hawk the equivalent to the Punisher, but they're trying to hard to make him gritty, it seems forced and stupid.

Grade: 9/10
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05 June, 2010

The Flash #2

              I used to love Geoff Johns, especially his previous works with the Flash, but Brightest Day is just okay, Blackest Night was just okay. I'm starting to like him less. This issue was just another one of his just okay comics. In this issue the Renegades (a police group from the future who's names and costumes are based off the Rogues) are trying to arrest the Flash for murdering Mirror Monarch, which he has not done yet. After running away something in the Renegades technology malfunctions and sends them back to their time. But the after shock blows up a building. Flash saves everyone in it, goes to the library, finds out how to build a building, and builds one, all in the blink of an eye. The comic then goes to Iron Heights where Captain Boomerang is being kept. He is on his way to a check up when Captain Cold comes and freezes the guards. "You need to prove that you're still a Rogue. This time you brake out of Iron Heights yourself, then you make the Flash sweat." Then the comic goes back to Barry Allen, at police headquarters they found blood on Mirror Monarch, so they scan it and find that the killer is Barry Allen.
            Like I said, this comic was just okay. A couple things really stood out to me. I liked the whole learn how to build a building than do it part. It was just so... Flash. I also liked how the story wasn't too complicated. Several authors create too many sub stories, so that eventually you can't keep them straight. This issue was simple and enjoyable. Also the set up for the next issue is going to be good (I know this is going to sound like a contradiction of keep it simple) you have the Renegades, and Captain Boomerang. That has to be good. Not too complicated, but kind of. I didn't like how nothing happened in this issue, it took one whole issue to find one thing, and that one thing was already known. Barry Allen is the killer, we knew that, we didn't need a complete issue to explain that to us twice.

Grade: 7/10
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Justice Society of America #39

                This story arch has been great, I  loved it. It has been sad, happy, secretive ect. All the good things that a comic nerd could ever hope for. In this issue it shows how the "no power" shield thing, gets pulled back every so often so that the "Super Nazis" can take over the rest of the world. One day the R.E.B.L.E.S and several members of the Green Lantern corps (including Kilowog) tried to attack when the shield was down, it was immediately put back up and they all fell to earth, dead. That makes Mr. Terrific angry and all the locked up superheroes rise up, some teams go on escape duty. They all die. Some go to shut down the shield generator, Mt. Terrific gets their. When he is at the controls he suddenly stress' out and I think he forgets the sequence. Then it flashes back to Mr. Terrific in a hospital bead, and Dr. Midnight saying that he is dead. TO BE CONTINUED.
             Again I love this story arch, but it has been going on for way to long, just end. If it doesn't end next month expect a rant on my blog. I did like this comic a lot, but I really wanted it to be the concluding issue. Although I suppose that they are trying to get it so that they can continue the series, with more than one character, so that's good. Also this is the only monthly issue of a Superhero comic that has made me sad. Just watching all the heroes fall down dead is just plain sad. But that is another thing that makes this arch so great.

Grade: 9/10
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04 June, 2010

Bruce Wayne Returns #'s 1&2

              Popular consensus was that this series wasn't any good. I really thought they were wrong, I thought this series was going to be really good, Bruce Wayne returning, Grant Morrison, how could this go wrong. It already started with an advantage (at least for me) because I really want Bruce Wayne to come back. But these comics were really disappointing.
The first issue is set in the time of the cavemen , for some reason there is a rocket stuck in the ground with Superman's cape in it. Eventually someone throws a rock in a cave, this makes Bruce Wayne come out. None of the Cavemen can speak well, except one named Boy. Batman can't speak at all. Eventually a tribe who is lead by Vandal Savage comes out and starts to attack the tribe that is looking after Batman. The "Savage tribe" defeats the Batman tribe and takes Batman prisoner. Boy dresses in a mask and goes to rescue Batman, once rescued Bruce Wayne and the Bat tribe defat the "Savage tribe." When running away Boy and Batman have to jump in a lake, after doing so Batman winds up in the same spot, just around the time of the Salem Witch Trails. It also happens that Booster Gold, Superman, Green Lantern, and Rip Hunter are all looking for Wayne, and they arrived just after Bruce left.
           When Bruce Wayne came out of the cave, I was so happy. As you may know I've been waiting for this ever since Bruce Wayne "died." However the rest of this comic was a let down. I was disappointed that nobody could speak, not even Batman, and the scene with the cavemen introducing themselves went on for way to long. This is one of the only comics I struggled to get through. I love the Idea but the comic its self was really bad.
           In the second issue the time period is during the Salem Witch Trials. Superman, Green Lantern, Booster Gold and Rip Hunter are still looking for Wayne and they go to this sort of... Library of time thing, that is supposed to blow up the time stream, it's very confusing I had no Idea of what was going on. Down on earth Wayne woke up in the same spot just with like Kraken like thing attacking him, after Batman goes unconscious, he wakes up in a small house which belongs to a girl who has necklaces with Wonder woman's and Superman's logos on them. Batman is going by the name Mordecai (he still has no idea of who he is) who was apparently in this town from Boston to help "root out witches." Then the story goes back to the Logo Girl, who is apparently a friend of nature. I did like the next part. Batman is standing to have his portrait done, it is the same picture that Dick Grayson will investigate later. But some angry town people come and show him the Kraken which they keep calling a dragon. Back at the Time Library the evil librarian turns out to be Bruce Wayne and if he goes back to his own time period he will "kill every one." On earth  Wayne is going to the lake to fight the Kraken when the girl tells him that he is not Mordecai but just some other guy that appeared, then Batman gets sucked in to the lake and he wakes up on Black Beard's ship.
           Confusing right? So was the comic. The only thing that was good about this comic (besides the picture) was the fact that I'm one issue closer to having Bruce Wayne back. The plot was so confusing and all of the characters look the same, I counted to see how many pages were left in this book, this is slightly worse than Justice League #45, and I didn't think that was possible.

Grade #1: 5.5/10
Grade #2: 0.2/10
Average of #1and2: 2.85/10
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Joker's Asylum 2: The Riddler

                My favorite hero is Batman. I do like the character, but what really gets me are his villains. I love them, absolutely. My favorite of course is the Joker. So naturally a series about his villains narrated by my favorite one appealed to me. I read Joker's Asylum one, and it was okay. This one was very good.
In this issue the Riddler is in the middle of stealing a painting (this is before he became a private eye) when a girl says "What do you think you're doing?" Riddler begins to fall in love with this girl. But then of course, there couldn't be a story with a Batman villain, without the Batman. So Batman brakes in and stops the crime. Riddler finds out who this girl is via the internet. Her name is Jessica Duchamp. Riddler sends her all sorts of gifts, but she is a respectable girl and sends them all back. So Riddler tries to reform, this still doesn't work. Villains come to his door asking for help in various plots, he turns them all down. He sits and drinks his passion for this girl away. Some undefined guest shows up at his door. We do know he or she is a villain of Batman's, we do not know his/her identity (I have a guess: Black Mask). So he/she goes to her and makes her pretend to fall in love with Riddler. He thought he had cracked the riddle of her heart. Turns out he was in love with the riddle of why she didn't love him, not the girl him self.
            In order to keep the guest's identity secret, Calloway made many villain visit the Riddlers door, he mastered the voice of all of them. It was perfect. Harley sounded like Harley, Bane sounded like Bane. The only voice he didn't get quite right was the voice of the narrator, the Joker. There were some on and off moments, sometimes the voice was good, sometimes it wasn't. I also didn't care for the plot, but the ending made it all worth it. Lastly the cover art made the riddler look like a different crazy then he is. He is an intellectual who is obsessed with riddles, not a... a... just look at the cover and you will know what I'm saying. So I was happy with this comic over all. I'm very exited for the next Joker's Asylum 2 books coming out this month. Killer Croc, Harley Quin, Mad Hatter, and Clay face.

Grade: 8.5/10
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01 June, 2010

Justice League #45 and Kingdom Come

                Okay, I just noticed something. I just read Kingdom Come yesterday, and I saw some similarities between this and Justice League #45, and Red Robin.
This comic is supposed to take place in the future, ok cool, but in Justice League #45 at the end Alan Scott looks kind of like Parallax, and when I read KC he was wearing the exact same thing. Also Red Robin existed before Chris Yost, Dick Grayson is Red Robin in the future. So that makes me wonder... is Alan Scott going to do something bad while being possessed by the Starheart? If he does will he go into exile?
               And will something happen to Drake, so when Bruce Wayne comes back Grayson will take over the role as Red Robin? My theory is that all of recent comic events are just leading up to Kingdom Come.
Oh... Magog, will he turn evil? These are all thing recently happening in the DCU, and it is very suspicious.