21 November, 2010

Hellboy Double Feature of Evil #0

          I've always liked Hellboy, but I've always wanted to like him more. I've read a couple one-shots, and some of his graphic novels/anthologies, and I always enjoyed them, just not as much as I thought I would. My two favorite genera of comic are horror and superhero, and Hellboy is both. But the whole Hellboy operation was just a let down for me. But I picked up this issue anyway hoping it would change my mind.
          In this issue Hellboy investigates two cases. In the first case a man comes to Hellboy and says his house is making him kill people. He describes how a man gave him the house and some money as a gift, and after the first night he slept in the house, he got a craving to kill people. So every time he killed people money would come down the stairs. There is a portrait near the stairs, and both the guy and Hellboy think it's his money coming down the stairs every time. So Hellboy goes up into the room, and after the man pushes him in, Hellboy sees the guy who's portrait is on the wall doing some magic stuff. A huge block of gold comes down the stairs and kills the first guy. Hellboy runs out of the room, rips open some floor boards, where he finds a heart. (most likely the heart of the house) he stabs it and the house explodes. In the second story, a man who works in the gift shop at a museum thinks he's an ancient Egyptian priest of Horus, and he's holding someone hostage in the museum, when Hellboy comes the "priest of Horus" gets scared and runs into the wrong temple, and prays to the wrong god, who has an alligator head. The god by the name of Sabek eats him.
         This was a great issue, and what I've been waiting for. This is the perfect combination of Horror and Superhero. Especially the first story which had murdering, someone going crazy, and the sorcerer. Those three things are always good in a horror, or more specifically a Hellboy. It was by no means a perfect story, but it really had a good... horror feel to it. I was disappointed not to ee Mike Mignola drawing the book. He was part of the reason I originally started with Hellboy, because his unique style was fantastic (to say the least.) The second story was so much shorter than the other, so no one can expect much plot development it's all pretty much one scene, although I though him running into the wrong temple (while it did feel like one of the old horror comics that I love very much) looked kind of like "okay let's end this quickly."  That story I wasn't a fan of, and if those stories in  separate comics, I would probably be very angry after reading the second one. But while I read it I was still impressed with the first story, so that was okay. I wouldn't call this a musty buy, but definitely check it out.

Grade: 7.5/10
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