07 November, 2010

Ragman #1

              Frankly, I don't know why DC decided to make a One-Shot right now, unless they are planning on making an ongoing series. To be honest, I had never heard of Ragman until the announcement of the One-Shot but I thought the catch phrase: Suit of Souls was pretty cool so I decided to pick up the issue.
              In the one-shot  a guy named Roy Regan walks into a Rabbi's office and asks "How does someone hate... [themselves] so much?" After some conversation between Roy and the Rabbi, Roy reveals that he is a superhero named Ragman, the defender of the Jews. He was created because the Golem (from the jewish myths) didn't have a soul and was ruthless. Roy's father was the previous Ragman, but he never told Roy about where they came from,  their history, and he didn't even say they were Jewish until Roy was 16. So roy naturally asked why?  Since the Ragman can take evil  souls and make them a patch in his suit, (so they can redeem them selves and go to heaven) he goes back and talks to someone his father captured. A stormtrooper named Jaegar Brandt. Jaegar explains the situation and then finally goes to heaven. I can't say what he said without having this be a major spoiler, but I can say what Roy learned at the end: He stopped being Ragman... [but] he never stopped being a hero.
              When I finished this book I was at a loss for words. One of the best issues I've ever read. Ragman is a tear jerking master piece. Batman has been known as the one of, if not the best comic book character ever created, and that is because of his dark past, so that mixed with moral dilemmas made him such an interesting character. Ragman has that and more. Christos Gage has only been writing comic for around five years, but I've never seen anything like this. Ragman is a fantastic character, but that isn't the only reason this comic was so good. It was written like a dream. The writing drew me into the story and kept me there. I do have to admit that Ragman is a lot like Batman, dad killed in front of him. But while Bruce Wayne is always trying prove himself to his father, Roy Regan is trying to find out why his father did the things he did. Even though it's not as sad as Bruce Wayne's story it's still sad.
               I see so much potential in this character DC must make this an ongoing series. I have searched recent reviews of this issue and the popular rating for this issue is "mediocre" which I flat out disagree with. This is one of the best comics I've ever read, and this is a must buy. There wasn't a dull moment in the issue, and the part with the stormtrooper was one of the best moments in pop culture history. While I respect that other people disagree with me, I say this was a perfect issue. Oh... and I also have to mention that the art/cover were both done beautifully. Buy this issue, and I sincerely hope that DC makes this an ongoing series.

Grade: 10/10
Buy at: www.mycomicshop.com

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