18 June, 2011

Birds of Prey #13

            This arc is definitely better than the previous ones. It is a shame that this series is going to be re launched, because while I couldn't say any more bad things about it in the beginning this arc is incredible, and what is being done with the Question, The Huntress, and Oracle is outstanding. Gail Simone really came back with these past couple issues.
            In this issue Huntress and the Question go run off to help Black Canary while she's fighting Junior. Dove gets stabbed and is out of the fight. Hawk and Lady Black Hawk both get attacked by other people in the building, but they both fight back. Oracle calls Catman to find out Junior's weakness which is exposure. Eventually the Birds get out, and when they are back in the headquarters Oracle makes Huntress the new field commander. Then Oracle declares they are going back to find and get Junior,
          I loved this issue. There was a lot of fighting at the beginning which i didn't mind too much because even though i don't like comics that are completely fighting, these are superheroes so there is going to be a lot. Also because the person the Birds were fighting was so scary the fight was not just a normal superhero brawl, I actually thought that maybe one of the members of the Birds of Prey might die. I am also thrilled that Huntress is the new field commander, because it is no secret that I am not a big fan of Black Canary, but I am a huge fan of the Huntress. Judging mainly off of the cover for the relaunch of Birds of Prey I'm not sure who all the members will be, but I don't think I saw Huntress in there. I am a little worried it's going to turn into something a little close to Gotham City Sirens so this relaunch could go either way and I'm really excited for it. However I am upset that Gail Simone is gone.
But this issue and this arc was fantastic, I hope the arc ends as strong as it has been.

Grade: 9/10
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