12 June, 2011

Booster Gold #45

          I only picked up this series recently (one issue ago) but I really enjoyed that issue and decided to keep going with it. This is the only thing about Flash Point that I'm reading, mainly because I always forget to pick up other things when I'm in the comic store. As I've said before: I am not a fan of the Flash Point idea (although I don't know if that's going to lead up to the relaunch which I am a big fan of. I'm probably going to make a post just on that in a little bit.)
       In this issue Booster is still wondering what happened to Rip Hunter and now he is in the middle of a battle with Doomsday, just this Doomsday is being controlled by Captain Atom. (because this is an alternate reality Captain Atom isn't Captain Atom, he's just Nate Adam. The American government think Booster is an Atlantian, and Atlantis is at war with the surface. This war has flooded Europe. Booster meets someone named Alexandra Gianopoulos who is royalty of the now flooded Greece. With her Booster figures out that this is all the work of professor Zoom. Then Alexandra flies away after Booster does. (Booster has no idea this woman has superpowers) Then Doomsday, still being controlled by Captain Atom, attacks Booster, but then Doomsday breaks free of Atom's control and now is just trying to kill Booster.
      I was slightly confused about the whole thing with Alexandra Gianopoulos and her superpowers, but other than that this was an excellent issue. Before I even talk about the story I have to point out that the art was stunning. It was absolutely stunning. This probably wasn't the best time to jump onto the series because I'm biassed against Flash Point and I would much rather be reading a more classic Booster Gold Story, but this one was still incredibly enjoyable.  The war with Atlantis is interesting but it's not the most original idea, and it was kind of cool to see Captain Atom, and I know these two characters are linked, but i wasn't a huge fan of Jurgens just throwing in a reference for no reason. Really anyone could have been controlling Doomsday, but that wasn't even a at the bottom of the scale for complaints. It was really insignificant. I am really excited to see how the thing with Alexandra Gianopoulos turns out, and I am very excited to continue with this series.

Grade: 8/10
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