30 June, 2011

Doctor Who #5

         I am a huge, huge fan of the new Doctor Who series, and Matt Smith being the Doctor. I also think that Amy Pond is one of, if not the best companion that any Doctor has ever had, so when I finally found an issue with Matt Smith as the Doctor and Amy Pond as the companion I had to pick it up. I did like the classic Doctor Who series, but I do like the new Doctor Who series better than the old one, so I thought that the comics would go the same way.
         In this issue the Tardus winds up on earth, just a thousand years ago. The Doctor was attempting to go to a soccer game. He winds up in the middle of a Viking/Saxon conflict. Finally peace arrangements come along between the Viking king and the Saxon King, but the Viking king's son wants war so he kills his father, blames it on the Saxons and kidnaps Amy. The Doctor and Rory challenge the Vikings to a soccer match, and through many cheap moves, the Doctor and Rory win. The Viking king then dishonors himself by trying to kill the Doctor and Rory, but Rory fights back and the Vikings turn on their king. The Saxon king and Amy are released from Jail, and then the trio go to the soccer match.
      I liked the classic issue better. This story was a little too "cutesy" for my taste. I was fine up to when the Doctor challenges the Vikings to soccer. I did enjoy the entire issue, but it wasn't very good. I expected the comic to be near the quality of the show, which has turned into a very serious and thoughtful science fiction show, but instead I got this. I have mentioned that I love fun reads some times, and that is what this was (just lower quality than the DC/Marvel fun reads) so if someone just wants something to pass the time then I would recommend this, just be warned, that this is not like the TV show.

Grade: 6/10
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