27 April, 2011

Birds of Prey #11

          As I've said many times before: This series started off great, but went down hill fast. It could be that I'm just not a fan of Black Canary and that is who Gail Simone likes to work with the most. The first six or seven issues of the book were devoted to Black Canary, and that just really got me off to a bad start with the series. The Death of Oracle arc was good, it was nothing special, and not something that I'm going to remember in many year, but it did improve my view of this series, although, it's still not even in my top 15 series that I'm reading, or go in and out of.
        In this issue Huntress is chasing down someone who stole some jewels. She starts fighting him, when Catman comes and stops it. He picks up the jewel thief and holds him off of the edge of the building asking who else was in the heist. He gave the name Rickie Lowlife. Huntress and Catman then go over some of their relationship history and problems. Then they go to find Rickie. They find him, interrogate him, and then he gives the name of his cousin Markie who has a hostage. They go and find him. Catman goes over to the hostage, but she gets scared for a second, thinking that he was one of the criminals. Huntress takes down Markie and then pulls her crossbow on Catman. The woman thought Catman was one of the criminals because he was. She recognized his green eyes. Catman then apologises profusely, and explains he has a son who was kidnapped, and also that he (Catman) is trying to reform and asks for Huntress's help. Huntress turns him down, and feels bad about it.
       I liked this issue a lot more than I thought I would. Again, it wasn't fantastic, and is not one of the best comics I've ever read, but it was pretty good. I even found the relationship between Huntress and Catman enjoyable. This was one of those fun read comics, its story was not complicated, or thoughtful, but it had some good fight scenes, some good banter, and great art, so it was still enjoyable. I'm debating with myself whether or not to renew my subscription to this comic, I'm leaning towards no, but I really did like this comic. It could just be that I'm surrounded by long story arcs, and every so often I just have a really good time with simple comics, but I don't know.
I recommend this comic as a fun read, if you are looking for a series or arc that you can really get into, this is not the right comic for you. But if you are looking for just a good story, than this is the perfect comic for you.

Grade: 7.5/10
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