17 April, 2011

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #8

           I have no idea why I didn't pick up this series when it came out. Recently I have been going through a Green Lantern phase, and this has Guy Gardner and Kilowog two of my favorite B-list Green Lanterns. It's one of those series that I want to buy when I walk into the comic store, but then forget that I wanted it. So I finally remembered to get it, and here it is.
          In this issue Gardner, Kilowog, and Arisia are flying back to OA talking about recent events. Then Arisia gets taken over by Parallax and flies away. Guy Gardner finds out that this has happened to most of the Green Lanterns. Then a ton of taken over Green Lanterns come and take Kilowog. Gardner arranges to meet up with Hal Jordan at the Green House. Gardner and Jordan get angry at each other, because   Gardner said that Jordan was weak, so they start to fight. They fight for a while, but their power rings run out, and then they decide to put aside their differences to attempt to save the corps.
        I loved this issue. The War of the Green Lanterns is a stunt, and quite frankly I'm a little sick of Green Lantern events. But this was a good issue. The story was incredibly entertaining, and I know that I have said that I hate long fight scenes, but for one: the fight scene wasn't all that long, and two it was somewhat necessary to show the power rings losing power, I know that it could have been done by the rings losing power while they're flying, but when you have a character with a temper, like Guy Gardner, you need to use him. I don't know if I would have gotten rid of Kilowog so fast. Arisia was taken away in the first two pages, and then Kilowog in the first seven. I like Gardner, but it would be cool to see Kilowog in this arc as well. But that is my one and only complaint with the story. The story was terrific, but I would even pick up this issue for the art. Color is one of the things that keeps brining me back to the Green Lantern family of books. You can't have a Green Lantern series with out solid colors, which is something that I like. This issue had the same thing, but beyond that the penciling was great, and the cover was outstanding.
      This was a fantastic issue, and a great point to pick up War of the Green Lanterns. I recommend it highly.

Grade: 9/10
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