30 April, 2011

The Flash #10

           This is a series that I said started in the middle, which is something I really don't like. Time travel stories are cool, but for the first arc of a story, I'm really just looking for a fist fight between the main character and his/her arch enemy, then you can do whatever you want. Then you can do time travel stories or  do something shocking that will change the series. After I got through the first arc, I thought okay now maybe I'll get a good Flash series. No, now I have an event that will change the series: Flash Point. If you knew that you were about to have a time travel/parallel reality story as your second arc, why would you make your first arc the same thing? I know the first arc wasn't really a parallel reality story, but it with out a doubt had time traveling, and it had different versions of popular characters, so it has the same essentials. I'm a huge fan of Geoff Johns, especially his work with Wally West, but scheduling these two arcs back to back was just a bad idea, and frankly it ruins the time traveling and parallel reality stories for a little while.
         In this issue the alternate Barry Allen (AKA: Hot Pursuit) tells Barry Allen (The Flash) all about him, the Multiverse, and all of the bad things that are going to happen. Bart Allen then comes and tells the Flash not to believe Hot Pursuit. Hot Pursuit then insists he's telling the truth and rides off. Barry runs after him, but Hot Pursuit gets away. Bart Allen wants to help Barry with this, but Barry want's to do it alone. Bart gets upset and runs away. Barry goes back to the lab to scan a piece of hair he snagged from Hot Pursuit, and it comes up as a mach for Barry Allen. Then Patty walks in. She explains how she is now working in Blue Valley, because things are slower there. Then Barry gets a call from Singh. He goes and brings Patty. A thirty year old man died in the exact same way Elongated Kid died. Then they find a witness hiding nearby.
       This was beyond disappointing. Again, I think Geoff Johns is great, but this was the worst comic he has ever written. Again this arc is redundant when matched with the previous arc, so already the comic and I got off on the wrong foot. But then when Hot Pursuit explained the Multiverse I was shocked. The Multiverse has been explained a hundred times but for some reason Geoff Johns felt the need to explain it again. That probably only bothered me as much as it did, because of the repetition of time travel, but both are pretty bad. Also I had no idea why both Barry Allens felt the need to do what they were doing alone, is it just so they could be upset? Or to make Bart upset? Johns made Barry tougher than he usually is, and then didn't offer an explanation for it. I do understand what Johns was trying to do when he had Betty move because she wanted her life to slow down, but this has been done a million times before. It's like calling Superman a weapon or saying Batman brings the villains to Gotham. Writers bring it up a lot, but every time they do it's supposed to be shocking. Overall this was not a good issue, and really ruins the series for me. The only hope Flash Point has now, is the spin offs and alternate reality stories that are coming, and those have only a medium sized chance at success.

Grade: 2.5/10
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