24 April, 2011

Green Lantern #65

         In an earlier review I said I was tired of Green Lantern events, and that is true. But so far War of the Green Lanterns has been outstanding, granted I have only read three issues and there is time for it to all go down hill. But parts one through three were extremely good, and even though I have already recommended them, I will recommend them again.
       Part four starts out with Kilowog being tortured and finally being taken over by Parallax. Meanwhile Guy and Hal find the Green House and use the ship that was in it to go rescue Kyle, John, and Ganthet. As soon as they get to OA they are attacked by Green Lanterns and have to get out in an escape pod. Guy and Hal find Kyle and John under ground in a series of tunnels. Hal says to defeat the Corps they need to wear different rings. Guy picks the Red Ring, Hal picks the Yellow ring, Kyle picks the blue one, and finally John tries to pick the orange one, but Hal insists that he gets indigo.
      I really like this issue, I especially like when Hal was flying away in the ship and he was happy as a small kid. He is a pilot and it's fun to see him have a great time flying. I got excited to see Kilowog again, I was hoping maybe he will come back into the event, but unfortunately the got rid of him, again. That is a disappointment. He is one of my favorite B-list lanterns, and I was excited to read about him, but now he's gone. It doesn't ruin the arc, but it doesn't help.
     As anyone would be I was incredibly excited to hear about the lanterns of sector 2814 putting on different rings. Guy and Hal picking red and yellow was predictable, I can't give DC grief for that, because it was just logical. Kyle picked blue which kind of made sense, but then John picking indigo, I did not like that. Orange wouldn't have been better, really John should have picked violet, it makes more sense for him. Indigo just seems like they didn't know what to give him.
     Despite a few minor set backs, this was still an incredibly good issue, I recommend this issue, and the entire War of the Green Lanterns.
(sorry about the cover, it's the only picture I could find without the headings)

Grade: 8.5/10
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