10 January, 2011

Birds of Prey #7

           I didn't like the previous arc. They did too much too fast. On top of that I wasn't a fan of the plot, story, or writing. I was really exited for this series. Oracle has always been one of my favorite characters in Batman's world, mix her with Huntress and Black Canary and you have a really good team. I didn't like that Hawk was included in the team, but Dove I thought was a great move. I'm going to stick with this series for a while and hope that it will get better, because this team and writer show so much promise.
           In this issue the Calculator meets with Savant. The entire event with Savant and Oracle was planned so that Savant could get Oracles exact location. The comic then goes to Oracle. She's going down an ally and a gang attacks her. Oracle handles herself well, but Batman comes in and finishes it. Batman comes down and asks Oracle for a hug. They then go to Kord towers and meet Creote who is the bouncer of sorts for Oracle. Savant comes in an Oracle asks if the Calculator believed what he said, and Savant said he thought so. In another part of the city, the rest of the birds of prey are celebrating Doves birthday. Dove has a drink and passes out. Hawk is wondering the streets alone and throws his present for Dove in the trash.Then some super powered criminals bust in. Mortis, who was hired by Calculator is trying to find and kill Oracle.
           A lot happened in this issue. This is the arc I wanted to see before the one that just finished. It brings in the Calculator who is a big-time Birds of Prey villain and it covers Savant and Creote. If this arc came first there would have to be some editing pertaining to Savant and Creote's roll in this arc but it would have been worth it. The character Mortis looks like she could be a very interesting twist in this and other Birds of Prey story lines. I am also very happy that this could be the end of Hawk in the Birds of Prey series. I don't like the character Hawk, he's very much a Punisher, but his attitude, or at least the way he is written seems very contrived. I really liked the incorporation of Bruce Wayne into this issue. Oracle and Huntress are both characters in the Batman arena and it is fitting that Bruce Wayne entered the series. I liked how he acted like he was seeing an old friend again, because that is what he was doing, but also because a lot of times when Bruce Wayne is Batman, he's no longer human. As Bruce Wayne the character is filled with emotion, but as Batman, he's essentially a crime robot, and it's nice to see some emotion while Bruce Wayne is Batman.
          I wouldn't consider this a perfect issue but it was very well done. I hope this doesn't go the same way as the last arc, and be really good for one issue, then start slipping, but so far this arc is off to a great start.

Grade: 9/10
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