30 January, 2011

Birds of Prey #8

        I loved the first issue of this series, and hated the rest of the last arc. The art was okay, the writing was okay, the story was bad, it was just a terrible arc. I was very exited to read the first issue of this arc, hoping that once Gail Simone got in the hang of this new series that her talent would kick in and the series would be good again. I was correct. I loved the last issue and I had high hopes for this one.
        In this issue the Birds of Prey are still being attacked by Mortis, who is looking for Oracle, who is not there. Oracle is talking to Batman and tells him not to interfere, because this is her team. After a little "creepy talking" from Mortis Dove says that she is Oracle. Calculator thinks he's dying and thats why he now wants to kill Oracle, because if he's going down she's going down with him. Oracle tells Batman to "go into the fray" and take a dive, which Batman does. But Mortis grabs Black Canary, and now Black Canary is having horrible flashbacks. Also somewhere in the middle of the issue is something with the Penguin and Hawk that just isn't that important.
        I can see why having the Hawk and Penguin thing should be in there, because it gives closure to both of those characters in the series, but it wasn't important to the series. This issue was sadly not as good as the last one, but it was still really good. I have to wonder why anyone would ever refuse Batman's help. I get the whole "It's my team" bit, but this is the original, Bruce Wayne Batman, I don't see why you wouldn't just send him in and hope for the best. I do wish that Gail Simone would stop working so much with Black Canary and do something with Huntress, Lady Black-Hawk, or even Dove. To be honest one of the reasons I didn't like last arc so much is because it circled around Black Canary, who is one of those characters that kind of bore me. Mortis is a very cool character, and would have been great if her powers were used on Huntress or Dove, but because they were used on Black Canary, this arc is turning into and extended version of when Green Arrow had his own Blackest Night issue. I put a very negative spin on this issue, but all of the complaints that I just mentioned were all very minor. This was still a good issue, and I hope there are more like it to come.

Grade: 7/10
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