26 January, 2011

Legion of Super-Heroes #8

          This series is consistent. It's almost always a really good issue. Legion of Super-Heroes is the only issue of this series thus far that has been below a six out of ten. The Legion is something that I wish got more coverage in the DC universe and in mainstream media. I do understand that it is hard to build up a reputation that heroes with many comics, like Batman and Green Lantern have, but it would be nice to have another series with Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad again.
         In this issue Colossal Boy, and Dream Girl protect Pheebs from angry Durlans. Tellus brings Dawnstar from medical attention, and Cosmic Boy is stressed about the new Durlan epidemic, even though he knows he will be replaced soon.The Durlans eventually attack Cosmic Boy as well. With help from Earth-Man, Phantom Girl, and Element Lad, he beats the Durlans. Cosmic Boy's mind then turns to the election. It was close between Brainiac 5, and Mon-El, but with Sensor Girl's final vote for Mon-El, Mon-El won the election. He will be leader, once the Legion can locate him.
         To be honest I voted for Colossal Boy, but I wasn't very confident that he would win. I hoped that if he didn't win it would be either Brainiac 5 or Mon-El and I did get one of my second choices. I don't think that when Levitz decided who voted for who, he considered anything at all. Except that Brainiac 5 and Mon-El would be the top to, and Shadow Lass would vote for Earth-Man. But I was confused why Earth-Man didn't vote for himself, why Gates voted for Earth-Man and how Polar Boy got that many votes. Mon-El has been a factor that has been missing from this series that would make it just that much better, and now he's leader of the whole Legion. I hope the fact that the Legion can't find him isn't just an excuse to keep Cosmic Boy as leader. As much as I liked him while he was leader, it would be disappointing if all that hype and that vote were all for nothing. My only complaint with this issue was the choices of who voted for who. I'm happy with Mon-El, art was good, and the stuff with the Durlan's is great. Another good issue of a great series.

Grade: 9/10
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