12 January, 2011

Justice Society of America #46

          I love this series. It was number four on my five best ongoing series of 2010. It reflects the superheroes history from around the 1940's to present day. You have old fashion heroes like Jay Garrick, and Alan Scott, and then you have newer, and more modern characters like Mr. Terrific, and Lightning. It also shows how superheroes have evolved with time. In the 30's they fought thugs, from the 40's to around the 60's the fought armies, and now most superhero plots have to do with terrorist attacks of some kind, and that brings me to the synopsis.
        In this issue Mr. Hogan solicits the help of a man called Dr. Chaos. Dr. Chaos hands Mr. Hogan a box and says open the box at ten O'clock and press the button. The Justice Society of America, and others like Blue Devil, are stopping the looting going on in Monument Point. Alan Scott is coming to terms with his condition. Because he is spending all of his energy controlling the Star Heart, so his body can't heal itself. The other members of the JSA are concerned about Jay Garrick. He's not eating or sleeping, just rebuilding. Someone sends a death threat to the new mayor, saying "Lightning gets struck at 9:55. Oh. And the mayor dies if every other super, doesn't leave monument point by 10:00. "
Obsidian goes to where the Flash is holding Scythe, and demands to see him, so that he can kill him. Lightning (who is guarding the door) won't let him in. The Flash arrives, and Lightening collapses. Mr. Hogan opens the box and presses the button, and the mayor dies. It also appears that Lightning dies to.
         This series is consistently great. This comic deals with Superhero history, and has a compelling story about Alan Scott and Jay Garrick. I was beginning to wonder where Obsidian was, and now he had the perfect reaction, he was written very well. I do wish that Obsidian would play a bigger role in this arc, because he's a very interesting character. I would also like to see a bit more of Dr. Fate, but I understand that if his character was big in this arc, there would be a lot of jumping around from scene scene, and would be hard to follow along. With the appearance of Blue Devil, I hope that maybe, Blue Devil will join the JSA. Blue Devil always looked like a cool character, that could have many interesting stories about him, but he's never really in the spot light.
          Besides the lack of Obsidian participation I had no problem with this issue. I would like to hear more about Alan Scott, but that didn't bother me much. So overall this is a must buy. The arc has been great, the series has been great, and I hope it stays this good in the future.

Grade: 10/10
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