01 January, 2011

Amazing Spiderman #650

          I honestly can't say enough good things about the past couple issues of Amazing Spiderman. The re-structuring of Spiderman is something I've been wanting since last April. His story got more depressing and complicated every day, it became dull. Now with this arc he's fun to read about again, it's the Spiderman I've always wanted, plus he gets to show scientific things, which is always good to read about.
          In this issue Spiderman is still fighting the new Hobgoblin. When he was paralyzed by Hobgoblin's sonic scream, Bella Fishback played music really loud to counter the scream. Hobgoblin goes and steals a bit of Reverbium. He gets a way and brings it to Kingpin. Kingpin thinks that the new Hobgoblin is better than the old one and hired him. Phil Urich brings the tape of him robbing Horizon Labs to Norah Winters.  Peter Parker wants to steal the Reverbium back, so he calls Black Cat to help him. When the meet Spiderman is waring a suit that bends light and sound around him, so he's invisible.
          This issue is great. It shows how it's still hard for Peter Parker to keep his identity a secret, but possible. Dan Slott monitors how much time he spends talking about Hobgoblin perfectly. If there was an issue with little Hobgoblin, before this conflict is resolved, then I would wonder where he went, but if there was too much Hobgoblin I would want to hear more about Spiderman.
           The new Spider suit is just cool. It bends light and sound around him to make him invisible, that is just cool. The suit would have to be temporary, otherwise future comics would be very boring, if Spiderman just appeared out of nowhere and arrested the villain, but he can't just say that it's a temporary suit, there needs to be a reason. The black suit was powerful, but controlling. This suit needs something like that. If one day he puts the suit away, and just says he's finished with it, that would be very disappointing. It'll be interesting to see how Dan Slott disposes of the suit.
            This issue, and this arc have both been perfect, I could not ask for anything else. Not only is this arc amazing, but I really want to see what the long lasting effects do to other arcs. It should be interesting. But in terms of this issue, it's a must buy.

Grade: 10/10
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