31 March, 2011

Batman the Dark Knight #2

             Even though I am starting to like Dick Grayson as Batman, I have and forever will like Bruce Wayne better. I was exited to see a Batman series with a very classic feel to it, but I was a little worried that I didn't love the first issue. I know that David Finch is a good author, and I didn't not like the issue, I thought it was pretty good, but for a Batman series starring Bruce Wayne I want my expectations to be shot out of the water.
            In this issue Batman is interrogating the Penguin for more information about Dawn Golden, but the Penguin's guards all have there guns pointed at Batman. Batman gets away and chases after the Penguin. He finally gets him. But Batman starts breaking bones as an interrogation, and Alfred is shocked. Before Penguin does talk Killer Croc comes up from behind and knocks Batman out. A girl randomly steals the Batmobile, and some guys are talking about how someone is picking off their group one at a time.  Then Jason Blood turns into Etrigan. Then Batman is hooked up to a chair being beaten up by Killer Croc, but if Batman's hart rate goes up he will die, and finally someone who looks like Ragman (and probably is Ragman) atacks one of the members of the group I mentioned earlier.
           This issue didn't shoot my expectations out of the water either, but it was incredibly close. I wasn't to sure about using the Penguin and Killer Croc as the first two villains in the new series, instead of the Joker, but these two are turning out to be great. I really liked the darkness and the intensity of this issue, it's what I've missed about Bruce Wayne. This had a very "Bruce Wayny" fell to it, and I liked it a lot. I'm also very happy to see the Batmobile, and Batman's cool toys, I've missed those a lot. My one complaint is that there was a section in the middle that just seemed like a bunch of random unrelated things were all going on at once. The thing with the girl, the gang, and then the demon all happened really, really fast. I wish that had been spread out more over maybe a longer issue, or just save some stuff for next issue. I did very much like how changed Bruce is, he's still good old Batman, but the thing where he was breaking the Penguin's bones, and how shocked Alfred was, was just very interesting, and it's nice to see something new brought to Bruce Wayne.
So over all this was a really great issue, that I recommend highly to everyone, but for people who really want Bruce Wayne back in all Batmen series, u should definitely pick this up.

Grade: 9/10
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