20 March, 2011

Birds of Prey #10

         This series has gone back and forth for me. The last arc is something that I dreaded reading, but for some reason I read it anyway. This arc has gone back and forth from mediocre to amazing, and then back again. My main problem with the series was Hawk, I didn't like the character, or how he was in the team, but now I'm beginning to cope with Hawk, and that is no longer an excuse to not like the series.
         In this issue Huntress toys with the Calculator while in handcuffs. The Calculator tries to shoot Huntress, but Dove jumps in the way and gets knocked unconscious. Mortis tells Calculator that they need to get out of there, because Black Canary is free. Black Canary starts beating all of the Calculator's henchmen up. When a big guy grabs her, Hawk comes to save the day. Then Huntress and Lady Black-Hawk take advantage of the opportunity and chase after calculator. Black Canary goes through how Hawk was in the helicopter and Oracle is alive. Huntress says that Calculator "pissed off Superman" also that Oracle is never dead, and has ghosts. Then Oracle (who is alive) calls a conference with both Batmen, Red Robin, Batgirl, and Misfit saying that she won't help everyone anymore, because that makes villains to couscous. Then Catwoman comes to talk to the birds of prey, and finds out Oracle is alive, and then leaves after mentioning a team up.
       This was a mildly bad comic. The first part when the birds were chained up was dull, and I just wanted it to end. Even Huntress' clawing at Calculator was dull. I must admit that I did like Huntress messing with the Calculator especially the "you pissed off Superman" bit. When Black Canary came, the comic got better. I also liked it when Hawk came. I wouldn't say I like the character, but I do think that I'm starting to. Then when I got to the actual Oracle giving her speech, then things went down hill. It wasn't just the whole idea, which I will talk about in a moment, but also a little thing, Robin isn't there. This could just be because I am a huge fan of Damian Wayne. But the whole idea was also not great. Oracle is a superhero. Superhero's help each other, and that was pretty much Oracle's whole gig, and what made her such a powerful person. I understand that Gail Simone wants to keep Oracle in the birds of Prey, but this seems ridiculous. Also Catwoman's appearance was apparently useless. When I was reading I thought for sure that the next arc would be a Gotham City Sirens, Birds of Prey team up, but the next issue is about Huntress and Catman, which is really just something I don't care about. So this series is still disappointing, and it wasn't helped by this issue.

Grade: 4/10
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