24 March, 2011

Avengers #8

          I read the first couple issues in this series, but I couldn't keep up, and I was also discouraged by the entrance of the Red Hulk a character that I had always wished would go away so that I could read the Hulk series again. Bendis is not the person who got me back into this series, it was John Romita Jr. His art is great and when I saw this issue I decided to go for it.
         In this issue the Illuminati gathers, but Black Bolt is dead so Medusa arrives with Lockjaw. She is brought up to speed on the Illuminati and what it does. Then the Illuminati discuss a problem that they're having with the reality gems. Reed's gem (red) has been stolen. Iron Man then tells a story about how Red Hulk had "the tar beaten out of him" by a kid who had red and yellow gems. You also find out that Steve Rogers is having Tony Stark watched. The Illuminati work out that Black Bolt had the yellow gems. They go to where Black Bolt had the gem and it was gone, then Steve Rogers and other heroes arrive confused.
        I loved this issue. There are certain comics that I own that I am genuinely upset when I finnish them because I want the next issue right after I finnish that one. This was one of those comics. The first time I heard of the Illuminati (as a comic team) was a Civil War graphic novel, and that is really what made me want to get this issue. (John Romita's art also helped with that decision) So the plot is great. I love the Illuminati and I love the infinity gems. This issue even made me like Red Hulk a little. The memory was very simple, and he was written not particularly different than a ton of other characters I've seen, but that is what made me like him. (a little) I always had this illusion that he was this big awful villain guy, but he's kind of "heroish" which is typical, but typical is a step up from what I thought of him before. On top of all of that this issue was written beautifully. Each character was written the way they were supposed to be, but even incredibly sensible characters, like Richards, Strange and Xavier had their moments, which kept the comic interesting. I also got to learn a little about Medusa a character I didn't know much about. So to review: This had a great plot, great writing, and great art

Grade: 10/10
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