23 March, 2011


         I have stated many, many times that Fantastic Four number 576 is the worst comic I ever read. Because I read that I stopped reading Fantastic Four, and didn't even pick up the issue where Johnny Storm died. I heard he died a very"superheroy" death, which almost assures that he will come back. (I do plan on reading this issue soon to see it for my self) I didn't plan on reading this  but a friend of mine assured me it would be great.
        In this issue Sue Storm explains everything that has changed to Peter Parker. Including that Reed's dad is back. Ben blames himself for Johnny's death and has become antisocial. At P.A.V.L.O.V some people freed the Wizard. The Wizard escapes and the Fantastic Four goes back for dinner. Reed puts forth a plan about the Inhumans, and his father says that it's a bad idea, which is different for the Baxter Building. Then Reed's father and Valeria take Reed aside and tell him that Dr. Doom has to join the team, and after a little he agrees.
       My expectations were low for this issue, so this book exceeded them, but that isn't saying much. Originally I that the costume change was (put bluntly) stupid, but then when Sue explained that she just wanted a change of pace I thought that it was fine, because that is a genuine reason, but then it was ruined when she said something about a black and white world. I did like Ben Grimm's reaction to everything, and I'm also glad he didn't welcome Spiderman with open arms. I also like Valeria and Reed's dad taking charge, it was a nice change in pace, and was perfectly done. Bringing in Dr. Doom now was a great idea. If you have a new outlook on the Fantastic Four, might as well have a new outlook on Dr. Doom, and I'm so happy Hickman didn't wait five issues to bring in the FF's big bad guy. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a little more on the Wizard, because that really is the main event of the issue, but that isn't a huge thing, because I know that he's going to appear real soon. My real complaint is that with the exception of Franklin Richards and the Thing, the other members of the FF didn't really acknowledge Johnny's death, it was a little different, but shouldn't the Sue and Reed's emotions be a little different? So that bugged me, but over all this was a very good comic, and very enjoyable.

Grade: 8.5/10
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