05 March, 2011

X-Men #8

          This is a decent series, I thought the whole vampire thing was premature, and not handled very well, but the last issue of this series, was also decent. The X-Men public relations thing, is kind of interesting, but it's not "WOW" stuff, I think that it's going to effect the series for now, but as soon as this arc ends they'll do what they always do.
       In this issue Spiderman teams up with the X-Men to take on the Lizard. People were disappearing mysteriously, but then the disappearing stopped, but then it started again, but only with children. The X-Men find that someone is going on a "creepy/stalker website" and is talking to "nerdy" kids and telling them to go to a special place. When the kids do so, the Lizard grabs them. Wolverine made it in time to try and rescue one of the kids, but lost. Then you see that the children are all in a cage, and someone is controlling the lizard, making him grab the children, so that he can do experiments on them.
      I love Spiderman, he's a great character, and when he teams up with... anyone really it's usually a good comic, most of the time that is due to his witty banter. It was the same in this comic. Spiderman had is witty banter, but he also had some serious moments to. No just about his life, or someone in his family, but about the world. I read Amazing Spiderman: 297 and there was a scene where he was to upset, that children were taking drugs, that he couldn't even say the witty things he does. The same thing happened in Amazing Spiderman: 96, and Stan Lee said that the reader didn't feel like Marvel was giving them a lecture, it was just an incident in a story. This was the same basic principle, but it isn't about drugs, it's about bullying. I am a little sick of the Lizard because of SHED, but this was a good comic. The X-Men were good, Spiderman was good, Gischler just wrote the comic well. This comic does leave you in suspense, wondering who is controlling the Lizard, but there is the possibility that this is a new villain, this would be a good way to introduce a new villain, but it would be very disappointing for this arc. I want to here it's someone else I've known forever and suddenly is even more powerful, but It is most likely an X-Men villain, because this is an X-Men comic. I'm excited, I can't really predict this comic, and I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Grade: 8/10
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