31 December, 2010

The best ongoing series of 2010

The best ongoing series of 2010

5. X-Men

   Victor Gischler has handled this series very well. This series did suffer from starting in the middle of a series by using the vampires to early, and they did leave several loose ends. For example, what happened to Janus, and where is Magneto, but this series was written extremely well. When Wolverine had to come back from being a vampire there could have been an easy way out, but Gischler found a way to do it quickly and in a way that made sense. Combined with the art of Paco Medina and the series was great.

4. Justice Society of America

     I've been with this series for the past couple arcs, and I was impressed with two out of the past three. Then one with the Winds of War was one of the greatest arcs I've read in my life time, and the one that is currently out does the same. But the cross over with the Justice League of America and the Starheart I didn't care for. But the series has gone in two arcs what it took the comic book medium to do in 60 years. They showed how superheroes fought army in WWII and they fought terrorists in modern day, and that exactly what the JSA has done in the past year, and thats why the series is the fourth best ongoing series of 2010.

3. The Flash

     I've always loved the Flash, Not just one Flash, but all of them, Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen. When Geoff Johns wrote Wally West a couple years back, I thought that those were the best comics that I will ever read. This series, like X-Men, started in the middle. The Renegades should have been postponed until the second or third arc, but even though it came early the art was great. The writing, the plots, the art, all of it, this series would not have been the same without Geoff Johns or Francis Manapul, and this series is definitely one of the best this year.

2. Detective Comics

        The Batwoman arcs were good, but the impostor Joker Wars arcs is what really puts this series above all others. The arc showed the insanity of Gotham, andpeople, in any city. It wasn't only showed by the writing and story, but David Hine did very well with that, but the art reflected the story and the craziness, maybe even better than the story. It was a fun read, and then when other arcs came it got dark, and scary, there were funny moments, and happy m   oments, this series has everything, arc quality does vary, but it's consistently a good, and interesting read.

1. Amazing Spiderman

        I must admit that picking this series is strictly based off the past three issues. Redoing Spiderman, has just been the best thing that could ever be done to and for this series. Giving Peter Parker a new place where he can Spiderman and Parker was just a brilliant idea. There are still risks, but now it's not just the same story with Michelle every issue, which was just getting tedious. He has a job, a somewhat steady life, there are still risks, and it's just entertaining which is perfect. Just because of the past couple issues, this series is definitely the number one ongoing series of the year.



  1. This is an interesting list, quite unlike all the others I've seen online. While I disagree about the quality of The Flash, I'm glad the character is getting more recognition.

    I too think the current direction of Spider-Man is one of the best things to come out of this year.

  2. The direction of Spiderman is one of the best things that has happened to Marvel. One of the most loved, and popular characters is finally making great comics again. I agree it is one of the best things to come out of this year.