02 February, 2011

Green Arrow #8

          This series has been nothing but terrible, if I said I enjoyed it, it is interesting, or anything like that I would be lying. I didn't like what was happening with Queen industries or the fact that Green Arrow is now Robin Hood. It's not that J.T. Krul writes badly and none of the artists draw or colors badly, it's one hundred percent story.
          In this issue Lois Lane meets with Even Gibson to write about the magic forest in the middle of Star City and the people there. Mr. Terrific and Dr. Midnight are there, Lex Corp is there, the Royal Guard is there, and even Poison Ivy is there. Then Galahad and Green Arrow are running through the forrest after someone running away from them. It turns out to be Jason Blood who has been separated from the Demon due to the magical properties of the forest. Galahad, Green Arrow and Jason Blood capture the Demon and tie him into some trees. Galahad chases down some Lex Corp scientists for attacking the forrest, but Mr. Terrific and Dr. Midnight tackle him. When Galahad escapes the forest he starts having weird flash backs. Green Arrow pulls him back, Jason Blood fights the demon who escaped the trees and the Phantom Stranger appears.
          I must admit this was the first issue of Green Arrow I enjoyed. I was a little disappointed because of Krul's lack of originality. I think the Demon is a great character, and same with Green Arrow and Phantom Stranger, but anyone who ever read Quiver will find all these characters appearances at the same time a bit familiar. They might be doing the empty soul thing with Galahad, in fact I strongly think thats what's going to happen and if that moves Green Arrow away from being Robin Hood faster then all the better, but it still lacks what could happen if you brought in Blue Devil and the Demon opposed  to Phantom Stranger. It would still be the same premise but it wouldn't be a repeat of Quiver. I did enjoy the section of the book before I realized what was happening. Jason Blood being separated from the Demon is the best thing that has come out of the Magical forest, while I know it won't stick it changes things up a bit. I know I talked about Quiver a lot but the truth is that I liked this issue, and is definitely the best issue this series has ever seen. One of the best things about this issue is that now I see an end to Green Arrow and his Marry Men.

Grade: 7.5/10
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