06 February, 2011

Justice Society of America #47

           I really like this series, especially the recent issues. The whole terror wins idea has been brilliant, it had intellectual value, a tone of character development, and it was a very good read. The entire series in general has been great. It made number four in my top five ongoing series of 2010. Not only was that based on the terror wins arc, but the winds of war arc was also fantastic. Overall I've been very happy with this series.
          In this issue Man Hunter (while stopping a robbery) sees something about the JSA on TV. People were debating whether Super-Heroes are good for the world, or bad. Then she sees the Flash make a statement about how bad the crime is in monument point. Dr. Midnight goes to see Alan Scott, but he's not there any more. Then Flash brings him to Lightning and tells him that Dr. Fate took her soul and is protecting it, but her body is dead. Dr. Chaos then tells Mr. Terrific to release Scythe, and that he knows his IQ is dropping. Then Dr. Midnight and Wild Cat confront Dr. Chaos who says that he has a device that will kill a certain number of randomly selected people. But the Flash runs and takes the device, but then Scythe comes in and the comic ends.
         I have one problem with this issue, for some reason whenever I read a JSA comic they always find a way to get rid of Dr. Fate. This thing with Lightning gets him out of the picture so that Guggenheim can focus on Mr. Terrific and the Flash like he usually does. Guggenheim is a good writer, but I would like it if he took some risks and wrote some stories that had Dr. Fate as the lead. He's an incredibly interesting character that always seems to get shoved aside. I do see how Guggenheim could have Dr. Fate in this new soul place and so the main characters are him and lightning, but judging just on the covers of upcoming issues it looks like Guggenheim is going to stick with Green Lantern.
       I enjoyed the rest of this issue thoroughly. Dr. Chaos is a great villain, and so is Scythe, and the way Dr. Chaos interacts with other members of the JSA is great. I even like Mr. Terrific's loss in IQ, otherwise this would be a short and boring series, he would trace Dr. Chaos and put him in prison and then we would all move on to the next arc, but because he is becoming "dumber" the arc is much better. It prolongs parts of it, and adds other parts.
      This was another great issue, but the series would be much improved if Dr. Fate was in it more, opposed to his usual one page appearances, followed by people talking about where he went and why.

Grade: 9/10
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