12 February, 2011

Birds of Prey #9

           This series started out so promising and went down hill very fast, The arc was boring, and not very well written. Then this new arc came and the first issue was as promising as the first issue of the series, but I didn't have much hope for the arc, but since last issue was also good, I now have a lot  hope for this series.
           In this issue Black Canary is still having nightmarish visions because of Mortis. She sees her mother, Green Arrow, Speedy, and Sin. Batman brings her back to Oracle where Savant can work on her. The rest of the Birds of Prey (Huntress, Lady Black-Hawk and Dove) are on a bus with the Calculator's cronies, Lady Black-Hawk eggs them on until they start hitting each other. Hawk confronts Oracle about finding Dove, and then he gets mad at Batman, after Batman told him to calm down. Oracle takes him down with her nightsticks. Black Canary continues to have visions, but breaks out which makes Mortis have a seizure. Dove breaks out of her chains, but then is subdued and the Birds of Prey are now near a firing squad, and Oracle comes in a helicopter, and the Calculator blows her up.
           This was another good issue. It's not a great issue, nor is this a great series, but this series has moved from terrible to slightly above decent. I have finally come to terms with Hawk being in this series, I will still hope that Simone gets rid of him, but I can see future possibilities that could make him a good character. Dove has gone from a good character in this series, into a great one. The conscience she has plus her raw power makes her a fun and interesting character. Mortis attacking Black Canary is a cool idea but we just went through an arc where she relived past decisions, and past experiences. I know this arc primarily focuses on Oracle, but it deals to much with Black Canary. The next arc should focus on my new favorite character, and my long time least favorite character: Hawk and Dove. They joined the series out of no where in the beginning of the series, and there should be more of an explanation, plus I just want to hear more about Dove, and I really want to like Hawk.
          So this was another good issue, but I really want Dove to become a bigger character in this series, and when that happens, Birds of Prey will become a great series.

Grade: 8/10
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