26 February, 2011

Justice League of America #54

        This series is very on and off, some issues I just don't read, and others I read, but then forget that I read them. There is the occasional issue, that isn't just good, but incredible. Justice League issue 49 was one of the best comics I've ever read, but Justice League issue 53 was so dull that I forgot I read it.
        In this issue Bruce Gordon is going around Diablo Island looking for Mophir's corpse. He finds it, but then even with the sun still out, Gordon turns into Eclipso. Eclipso looks back on past expiriences, and decides to go at it again. He recutes Shade, Nightshade, Acrata,  Shadow Thief, Bete-Noire, Dark Crow and a monster called Syththunu. This is his "Shadow Team" so far, but he wants Jade to be apart of it.
      Honestly I know almost nothing about Eclispo, I have some old comic books that have him in them, but I never got around to reading the Eclipso parts. But this issue was just cool. People who have "shadow powers" have always been interesting to me. I always get exited when I see Shade or Shadow Thief in a comic, and I'm very exited that they are in this arc. The only thing that I don't like is that Jade is going to be a part of the team. My real problem with this series has to do with a little of everything, story, writing, occasionally art, but I find that my real problem, the reason I'm not exited when  this series shows up in the mail, is that I don't like the team. I'm not a fan of really anyone on this team, except maybe Donna Troy and I definitely like Batman. Ideally I would like Superman, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman... but even the team at the beginning of this series, with Vixen, Red Tornado and Black Lightning would have been great. I hope that DC fixes this team again, and I can see how they could do it in this arc, but I doubt it.
      I also don't know why the Spectre is on the cover, but he's not in the issue, I hope that he comes in later in the arc, because that would make it so much better.

Grade: 8/10
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