18 September, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #641

          This is the concluding issue of One Moment in time. This is some of the greatest writing, and story telling I've ever seen. As I've said before Spiderman was created to be entertaining, not just his wall climbing alter ego, but also the nerdy, teenaged, photogropher. Now he's not nerdy or a teenager, and he's not really a photographer, but his alter Peter Parker is supposed to be just as interesting as Spiderman, and thats why I love this arc.
          In this issue Doctor Strange consults with Ironman and Reed Richards, and they find a way to hit the "cosmic reset button." MJ is alive and well, Aunt May is fine, everything is back to the way it should be, but MJ is upset that Peter didn't let her forget, she wanted to forget. So finally MJ and Peter (back in the present) decide to be friends and move on with their lives.
          I really like the use of Doctor Strange, it's a believable way to put everything back to where it was. Sometimes when writers try to put things back to where they were, writers come up with some very convenient way, like Doc Strange had some magic time elixir. It was Tony Stark and his conflicting moral views with it that really did it for me. That's what made this sound genuine. Plus it was interesting. I also liked that MJ wanted to forget, that also made it better. Stark and MJ was the difference between this being a kids book and a serious comic.
         I'm very interested to see how this efects the sereis, and the character, now that they (MJ and Peter) have gotten this off their chests, I'm very curious to see what changes. On top of that, both styles of art were done really well in this series. And even on top of that this is a great cover. I'm exited to see the next story arc, and the rest of the series.
        This was a great arc, and it ends with a fantastic issue, that can only lead to better ones. This is a must buy.

Grade: 10/10
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  1. I had a totally different opinion of this. I kind of felt like this was pretty pointless to take this step back in time. I guess it is totally opposite of what I expected this story to be. I hate all this re-writing history stuff that Quesada is trying and I didn't think the characters acted like they should. They gave it closure that MJ and Spidey won't get back together. As long as Quesada is in charge, anyway.

  2. To be honest I did think (and hope) that MJ and Peter would get back together after this arc, and I though it would go back to like what the stories were in the 70's, my favorite time of Spiderman comic. That one little bit was disappointing. I did find closure in the fact that they did get this behind them, and this arc really helps in Parker's character development.

  3. That's true, his character grows from it. Gives him and the comic readers a chance to move away from it. I just don't think they needed to stretch this out and I didn't find the way that they explained the split very entertaining or believable. But I digress. The new issues of Amazing Spidey show promise. Except for the artist. He draws a fat spider-man.