17 September, 2010

Namor #1

             Curse of the Mutants is another comic event like Shadowland, however the there is a difference. Shadowland is flawless, and I do have some doubts about how good Curse of the Mutants will turn out to be. So far this and X-Men are the only Curse of the Mutants stories I've read. The X-Men series has been satisfactory not great, but not bad. I'm surprised not to see Janus (see review of Death of Dracula) in the X-Men series yet, and I also am wondering when the Brotherhood is going to make an apperance. When both of those things happen the event will become so much better, because then there would be no loose ends, and everything's better when it has the Brotherhood in it.          In this issue Namor is trying to find the head of Dracula which is underwater being protected by the Aqueos. (AKA: underwater vampires) He runs across a group of rogue soldiers called the Tridents. They bring back to body of Namor's old general. They all go looking for the head, they find it, and now they are fighting their way out.
        I really love the art in this story. A lot of times Namor stories just look like normal stories with a blue background. Olivetti did the art, and he found a way to make the book have a very aquatic feel to it. When you look at the page it feels very aquatic, cool, and (for a loss of a better word) floaty. The basic story its self was kind of " been there done that." Man goes in search of treasure that will help him in a bigger cause and other people die to help him. The writing was what made up for that. Stuart Moore voiced Namor very well he gave him the "I hate everything and everyone around me" kind of feel to Namor, which he should have. Plus Namor's dialogue was good, there was never really a dull moment in this comic, which is a good thing.
         Overall this comic was a little more than satisfactory, and I will recommend it, but not highly. It's a buy if you want to, if you'r really not interested don't waste your time.

Grade: 7.5/10
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