05 September, 2010

Green Arrow #3

          This series has been beyond disappointing. For some reason Krul keeps mixing up Robin Hood and Green Arrow. I really which he would stop that, because it's been going over the top.
So Krul's writing has been amateur at best, plus he's messing up the story, and on top of that he can't even figure out what character he's writing for.
           In this issue, some guy named Galahad, from King Arthur's round table dips Ollie into a pond that was in the forest and saves him. Why he's in the pond he comest to a realization that his worst enemy is himself, so that to survive he has to fight himself. After that you get a little bit on some health organization sending the rich people a message by killing someone when he was opening a hotel. After that there is a little more on Rochev.
           Well, the writing is still bad, the story was okay, and Krul still doesn't know who his character is. When Galahad came out I was very disappointed. Krul tried to mix the stories of King Arthur and Robin Hood in this issue, the only problem is, is that Ollie Queen is the Green Arrow, not Robin Hood.
          I was very upset with the way that Green Arrow survived, because he should have been dead before Galahad even reached that pond. I wish it was something like he did die, but then he met Deadman or some other white entity thing, in heaven, and that sent him back. (If you think of something else please comment) Although I did like the scene where he was fighting with himself. I thought that was the best part of the story, it was written pretty well and drawn very well, so I liked that a lot.
         I felt like the Rochev thing was rushed. This woman is taking over, what is practically and empire because of something, and Krul spends around six panels on it. I know that could have been much, much more elaborate, but at least it closed that door.
           So over all this was another disappointment, and this series is still really bad, and I'm not renewing my subscription at this rate, but I did like the cover.

Grade: 4/10
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