15 September, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes #4

           This series has been just okay, over all I'd say that this series has been a disappointment. It had the Legion and the Green Lantern Corps and even though I like Sci-Fi they were the Green Lantern Corps and Legion of Superheroes which just kind of overloaded the comic so that I got confused, and I couldn't figure  out what was happening with Earth-Man, so it was just a big mess.
        In this issue Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl find their kids on Avanlon, which is now being ruled by some Darkside worshiping cultists. Earth-Man rejects an offer to kill all of the Titan refugese. The legion decides they need a new leader and schedeled a vote to kick Cosmic Boy out. Sodam Yat sends the new Guardian thing to find a new member of the corps.
          The best issue of the series. I wouldn't say it's a jumping on point which is a shame because this comic is really good, but if you haven't been fallowing this series so far you would probably be lost. I like the thing that is happening with Sodam Yat, it just took me a couple issues to warm up to it. I also really liked the Darkside worshipers, it makes sense (well... as much sense as any Sci-Fi thing can) an all pwerful being, those tend to have worshipers. Plus it made for a great fight scene between the cultests and Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Lightning Lass.
        I found the Earth-Man plot a little predictable, but I was surprised how great Levitz made it. I knew that he was going to pick the Legion over the Corps (other wise the character wouldn't even be in the series) but Levitz found away to make him go from the absolutely evil person who everyone hated, to a loose canon that could possibly be a really cool character. He's kind of like the Guy Gardner of the Legion.
      I really, really liked the art in this issue. The fight scene was drawn great, the polliticle scenes were also done great, and every other kind of scene in this issue was just great. I;m not a big fan of the covor, but the cover only matters so much.
       Overall this was a great issue, I wouldn't start here, but based on how great this was I would deffinently start reading when the next story arc starts.

Grade: 10/10
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