10 September, 2010

Freedom Fighters #1

             I've been waiting for a Freedom Fighters series since Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters was canceled a couple of years ago. The Freedom Fighters are severely underplayed characters and I'm glad that they are finally getting the publicity they deserve, as well as an ongoing series.
             In this issue Black Condor and Firebrand battle some white supremacists called the Arayan Brigade, at the same time the Human Bomb is trying to blow up an inhabited asteroid, and while that is happening Ray and Phantom Lady are fighting some weird thing that is like Starro but it is like a bunch of gunk. Once all of those have been handled someone kidnaps the Vice President, and the President sends the Freedom Fighters in to rescue her.
             In the past I have talked a lot about starting in the middle of a series, but this issue is a great starting issue, it says hey were back, all of the characters are included (unless they decide to bring back Doll Man, which would make me very happy, and continue the idea that this was a good starting arc) and it was interesting. There were parts of this issue that were just a little too "campy" for my liking, but that only happened once or twice in some small insignificant part of the comic. I thought that Palmiotti did really just a great job defining the characters in the first issue. It showed that Phantom Lady was some kind of party girl, it showed Uncle Sam's love for his country, it brought back the jokes that were always made about how scary the Human Bomb actually is, so it brought back the characters that I love, and did it without missing a beat. Just like in the Civil War, and some recent Captain America issues, I really like the political implications in this comic, they were only for a page or two and they weren't drawn out, so it was enough to make this a well rounded comic between serious, interesting, fun, and just an introduction.
              This issue was pretty good, even if you haven't heard of the Freedom Fighters before this would be a fine starting point for anyone, plus its just a good comic.

Grade: 8/10
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