25 September, 2010

secret Avengers #4

         I really don't like this series that much. I absolutely loved the first issue, but then it got very boring, and when a Sci-Fi space cop, mutant a norse god, and a super soldier is boring, then you know something's not right. Also I was very upset that Brubraker didn't use Nova to his full potential. Even though I think he is very much a knock off of Green Lantern, he still has some interesting things about him. When he's the villain and not even used in the way I want at all (he's one of the things that attracted me to this series) it's just a disappointment.
        In this issue Steve Rogers put on the Nova helmet and used it to fight the actual Nova. That and Ant Man tries to stop a bunch of suicide bombers from hitting mars.
        The fight scene between Nova and Rogers was great, but unfortunately that was the best part of the comic. When a comic has something as controversial as suicide bombers, and the best part of the comic were two Sci-Fi figures fighting, then you know that you aren't using the comics full potential. Besides those two things the comic was very, very boring.
        The art was great, it had the seriousness of the Captain America, but it wasn't too dark.
        I might pick up the next issue because I'm curious to hear about why Nick Furry was there, but after this story arc is really complete, I'm done with this series for a while, I have enough comic series to keep up with I don't need one that I really just am bored with. I'll probably pick it up in a couple of arcs when Brubaker has his stuff together, and has the basic gist of the series, until then I'm done. The series had so much potential, but it ended up just being boring.
       This is an issue that isn't really bad, but I won't recommend it. I did like how the cover matched the Avengers cover. (see Avengers #4 review)

Grade: 4/10
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  1. This wasn't a great issue by any means. I really thought they missed the potential to help some of the lesser stars in this. Wouldn't have been fun to see Ant Man find a way to take out the main villian with the suicide bombers? Or have Moon Knight figure out a way to actually help. But they leaned on Steve Rogers instead. Brubaker knows his Steve Rogers, but it kind of felt like a cheap cop-out.

  2. I couldn't have said it better my self. I picked up this series because it had all the B-list characters I have ever wanted to read about, and they were on a team, and it was written by an author that I like very much. But Brubaker stayed with what he knew and that just made the issue dull and predictable.