10 September, 2010

Wolverine #1

            I like the X-Men, I always have. Among my favorite characters is Wolverine. Although to be honest I wasn't too exited about this series but I saw it at the comic store and decided to pick it up.
           There are so many Marvel events happening I have difficulty keeping them straight. There is Curse of the Mutants, Shadowland, and now there is Wolverine Goes to Hell. There is one good thing about having all of those events, and that I like all of them. Shadowland is flawless, Curse of the Mutants is really good, and now I'm going to talk about Wolverine goes to Hell.
            In this issue Logan pays weekly visits to paster Wraith, and one day he doesn't come. Instead his demon possessed body comes and burns down the church that Wraith worked at killing several people. Wolverine's sole is in hell, and a bunch of people came after Wolverine's girlfriend , who is then rescued by Mystique.
            I do like this arc, but if I were Jason Aaron I wouldn't start with an arc where your main character is already dead. Other than that  this comic was pretty good.  The art was very well done, it had a sort of "sketchy" feel to it that made the comic more enjoyable. I liked that Wraith was in this issue, the only time I've seen him before was in Wolverine Origins, and I really didn't like that movie, so this was a good, successful redemption move. On top of all that I thought Guedes depiction of a kind of classic hell was done really well, I've seen it before when artists try to over complicate demons or hell and it ends up looking really bad, but this was done well.
        So this issue was good, not great, good. It was good for Wraith, and the art was amazing, the story was okay but placed badly, and the actual Wolverine was barely in the issue. Again it was good not great.

Grade: 6/10
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