05 December, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #649

           I can't even describe how much I loved the previous issue in this arc. Gave Spiderman his life back, and showed so much hope for the future of Spiderman, and the Amazing Spiderman series. Before it was always something I got in the mail, and read, but it wasn't exiting like getting a Legion of Superheroes, or Captain America, but now I'm constantly looking forward to the days when I find Amazing Spiderman in my mail box.
           In this issue the original Hobgoblin is working for the Kingpin. Hobgoblin goes down to Green Goblin's stash of high tech toys. When he gets their Phil Urich is hiding there. Hobgoblin is about to kill him, but then Urich uses his sonic scream and cuts his head off, and then he becomes the Hobgoblin. Spiderman beats up some Green Goblin worshipers with a reformed Black Cat. Aunt May walks Peter into work. After a unproductive day, Hobgoblin breaks into Horizon Labs, and starts fighting Spiderman.
          Another near flawless issue. The "revamping" of spiderman continues, not he has a place to work on being Spiderman. I'm pretty impartial about killing off the Hobgoblin and replacing him with another Hobgoblin because I've never really had much Hobgoblin experience. I don't really know why Marvel decided to make Hobgoblin into an evil Black Canary. It kind of works because it's Hobgoblin, but then making it the Sonic Scream seemed unnecessary, instead to just having him just steal a piece of Green Goblin tech. It would have made more sense, but that is only a little part of the story, so I'm not to worried about it. I loved the scene with Aunt May looking back on a conversation with Peter Parker. Especially during the revamp, it's always good to go back, it made the issue so much better, and gave emotion to the issue. I also like that Black Cat is being revamped simultaneously with Spiderman. I would say that this was a good issue, but it's not entirely about that, it's about making Spiderman the great character he once was. So I'm incredibly exited for the next couple issues, and the arcs that come after this with the improved Spiderman.

Grade: 9/10
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