08 December, 2010

Justice Society of America #45

          I've really liked this series. I loved the arc with the Fourth Reich, I must admit I skipped this whole star heart business, and so far I've liked this new arc. It could be because I've always loved the Justice Society of America, and the past couple arcs have been really important, but it could also be that the past couple arcs have just been written very well.
        This issue starts with the Flash and Green Lantern on a mission during WWII. The mission was to destroy the  "Drachen Project."When they finally find the "Drachen Project" it turns out to be a baby. The Flash wants to kill it, but Green Lantern wont let him. Meanwhile (back in present day) heroes are helping with clean up of Monument Point. The citizens of the city come and yell at the Flash for not caring. Then a senator reveals that the terrorist that just destroyed the city, is the Drachen child. Elsewhere Green Lantern wakes up in the hospital and finds that he's paralyzed.
          This was a very good issue. It was really full of emotion from all of the characters with Jay Garrick getting yelled at by the people he was trying to save, and Alan Scott being paralyzed. Although as I said before, Jay Garrick being yelled at would have been better if I hadn't seen it so many times before. Although, this time, it was better than in Superman, or Green Lantern. It was the art, and one panel where a man is really yelling that made it better. Also the anger and disgust Flash showed toward the senator was done very well, as was the scene with Alan Scott. This comic does a good job of showing a big part of the JSA, and that is their past experience, especially WWII. It really bridges the gap between old comics, which were about fighting for America, against a foreign enemy, and todays comics, which are about terrorists. A huge part of this comic was the art. The writing was good, but with out Scott Kolins, and Mike Atiyeh, this comic wouldn't be nearly as good. They found a way to express emotion so well that even without the words in the story, I would be able to tell what the character was feeling. I also like that the terrorist did succeed, he was caught, but he still inflicted fear in the DCU, which was really his goal. This is much like the superhero version of 9/11. When the terrorist strikes there is nothing to do, but rebuild. This issue showed that perfectly.
           I'm caught between two things to say about this comic. I don't know weather to call it a extremely good one that you should look at, or a must buy. I'm somewhere in between right now, but definitely look at this issue.

Grade: 9.5/10
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