19 December, 2010

Superman #706

            Grounded is much like Shadowland, it started off as a very promising series with one of the best first issues ever written, and when Shadowland slowly started slipping, Grounded did it very fast.  I gave the first issue a ten out of ten, and the second a six out of ten. It became something to look forward to, to something that I might remember to pick up.
           In this issue a kid named Sandeep gives Perry White a bad picture, Perry White doesn't like that, he throws him out. After that Ron Troupe walks in and tells Perry that a news blog named Urbanitis released a story saying that the Daily Planet is paying Superman for interviews, and that Lois Lane is having an affair with Superman. Perry calls Lois and she denies it, so he sends Sandeep in as a mole to Urbanitis. Superman meets with Perry and offered to help, Perry says he can handle it. He calls the head of Urbanitis and meets with him, he says he has a picture, but then Sandeep reveals that it was a photoshopped picture. Perry wants an apology and for the head of Urbanitis to apply for an internship this summer.
           Granted this story wasn't written y J. Michael Straczynski so this issue is not his fault. This was not good, for starters it had nothing to do with the grounded story line, it's almost like Wilson was asked to do an issue and he had no ideas. Also as much as I like Perry Whites outbursts, by the ninth or tenth I just got board. That combined with terrible art just made this a bad issue, perhaps the worst Superman comic I've ever read. Grounded started off with Superman talking down someone who was going to jump off of a building, why do I care about some scandal that was posted on a blog. Every time I pick up  Grounded I hope that maybe this will be better, maybe it will be like the first issue, but every issue I read is even worse than the last. I'm going to keep reading because I really want this series to be good, but I have serious doubts.

Grade: 3/10
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