12 December, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #54

          I've been on and off with Green Lantern. I have had trouble deciding whether or not it is worth sticking with, and instead of picking up Green Lantern this time, I decided to try Green Lantern Corps instead, mainly because I liked the cover.
          In this issue Sinestro is fuming because Kyle Rayner  punched him. They decide to fight without rings. Sinestro wins, by a lot. Rayner reveals that he punched Sinestro to get his attention because Soranik Natu has been captured by a Weponer. This Weponer blames Sinestro for his exile, he made the original yellow ring and gave it to Sinestro. Sinestro got greedy came back and killed the warriors of Qward and made the Weponers make yellow rings until they died. So now this particular Weponer (who was exiled for making the first yellow ring) is exiled and blames Sinestro for it. But when lanterns come, it's a group of Green Lanterns, not Sinestro.
           As I said before the cover is what attracted me to this issue, and it was a very good cover. I also really liked the story, it had a perfect sinestro. Tony Bedard managed to make Sinestro just "jerky" enough. The ringless fight between Rayner and Sinestro just seemed like a way to put in a cool fight scene, and it was cool, but after I read it the scene just seemed contrived. I really liked the simplicity of the issue. It had a very simple and easy to understand story, that just made the issue a fun read. Honestly I've never liked Soranik Natu, or Kyle Rayner, but after this issue I have decided to reconsider. They were both written very well. Along with the Weponers, the only time I've really seen them before is in Green Lantern First Flight, and this was a very different approach to them, and both approaches were very good.
         This issue was very good, and I'm definitely going to pick up the next one.

Grade: 8/10
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