19 December, 2010

Shadowland After the Fall #1

          Daredevil is a character that I've wanted to be redone for a while. As soon as I heard about Shadowland I knew that there was a chance, and now that it is over Black Panther is taking over for a while, and that is just disappointing because I want some reborn Daredevil.
          In this issue Ben Urich and Detective Kurtz are both looking for Matt Murdock or Daredevil. They ask everyone, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Spiderman and even Moon Knight. Finally they both think to ask Foggy, he also has no idea, but when the suggestion came up that Matt might be dead, Foggy was outraged. Urich goes to Matt's place and finds a tape recording for Urich, saying that Matt doesn't know when he will be back, and not to tell Foggy anything. Electra comes in and tells Urich to stop his hunt. Kurtz finds Black Panther breaking up a fight. Then a bunch of cops tell Kurtz to stop the hunt for Daredevil because he's a good guy, but the Captain disagrees   with them and continues the hunt.
          Like I said before I really want Daredevil back,  I'm definitely going to keep reading because I love Black Panther, and I really want to here whats up with Daredevil and with Black Panther. I must admit that I want Black Panther's run to be short lived, because I really want Daredevil back. When the series returns I really want Johnston to pick up the series, because this issue was amazing. When I opened it up and saw that it was about Urich and Kurtz I was disappointed. But after reading the issue I was really happy, it investigated in to Daredevil and how others are reacting to Shadowland in a way that makes perfect sense. That and the art, not just the cover art, but all of the art through out the entire issue was perfect. When Daredevil returns I want this entire team on the series because this issue was great.

Grade: 10/10
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