20 December, 2010

Green Lantern/ Plastic Man #1

         Recently I've been reading a lot of Green Lantern, and Plastic Man has always been one of my favorite characters, so this comic looked like the best thing that could ever exist, and that is why I picked it up.
        In this issue Plastic Man goes to Green Lantern and says that he got attacked by some weird alien weapons, and that he needs Green Lantern's help. Green Lantern decides to help. They disguise them selves as gangsters and try to investigate. They find that some of the gangsters in the bar are going to work for the aliens. Plastic Man then gets caught, and tortured by the aliens. Green Lantern disguised as a fly goes and frees Plastic Man when the aliens leave. The aliens turn out to be ducks from outer space, and Green Lantern contacts the good ducks. They disguise themselves as gangsters again and infiltrate the meeting the ducks are having with their gangster troops. Plastic Man and Green Lantern reveal that the ducks are trying to take over the world, and the gangsters turn against them, and the ducks lose and the gangsters promise to go clean.
         As far as I know, Green Lantern can't turn into a fly, or anything. The dialogue in this story was also weak. Now that I think of it this story was probably made for children, but when I read it. Plastic Man is such a powerful and interesting character, and yet he has been reduced to children's books for a while, for this and his last series. The Plastic Man in Batman the Dark Knight Strikes again is the ideal Plastic Man. One that is funny and annoying, but also is one of the more powerful people in the entire DC universe. Honestly I can't really judge the comic because it was made for a much younger audience so this grade is focused on how DC uses Plastic Man. Although I do have to say, even if this is a children's story don't use an evil alien race of ducks, give the story a little more credit than that.

Grade: 2/10
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  1. Interesting, I saw this in the shop and nearly picked it up, for the sheer oddness of the team-up. I never knew it was skewed towards a younger audience (not that that would necessarily make it bad).