15 February, 2010

Action comics #884 and McCarthy

Written by- Greg Rucka
and Eric Trautmann
Art by- Pere Pérez, and CAFU

I have only one word to describe the first part of this comic, dull. Nightwing was aging rapidly, Flamebird was crying, the Doctor treating him was corrupt, but eventually treats him. For a loss of a better expression, "Been there done that." I can't wait for Superman to return to Action Comics this April.
The second part of this comic was quite enjoyable. It stared Lois Lane, she wanted to run a story in the Daily Planet, about how Mon-El's death was fake and was done to create "to generate anti-Kryptonian hysteria and propaganda to further some government agenda." She is hunted down by
the police and put into custody. In jail we visit some of Lane's personal life, which I could do without but was harmless, and somewhat enjoyable, and you will never guess why Lois Lane quits the Daily Planet.
Action Comics have been translating McCarthy and the Red scare into the Comic book world. Just instead of Communists it's Kryptonians. What would happen to a communist sympathizer,
or someone who spoke out against McCarthy is what happens to Lois Lane. She gets shot, imprisoned and had her life threatened all for something she believed in, which is the exact opposite of what this country believes in.
Action Comics is doing justice to this and interprets it well.

Comic grade: C
Series/interpratation of communism and McCarthy: A-
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