16 February, 2010

Arkham Reborn 1-3

These comics are good, with a kind of disappointing end. Amadeus Arkham's original Arkham Asylum is no more now in its place is Jeremiah Arkham's new design, it's new, gothic buildings, sweets, and positive rehabilitation has completely changed Arkham Asylum. Everything is running smoothly in the first issue, Arkham is mainly working with Raggedy man. I think that was a bad choice of villain. David Hine should have picked someone a little more known. Don't get me wrong, I do understand why he picked Raggedy man, a crazy, child killing freak, with an obsession with a can opener. What could be more perfect? I think he should have picked someone like Zsas or Two-Face, someone with a phycological disorder, but was still moderately intelligent. My views changed when I read the third issue, but Ill explain that when the time comes.
After visiting the tortured childhood of Raggedy man, we visit the life, and past of Alice sinner. Her parents belonged to the cult of light, and when the time came to pass over the entire cult drank cyanide, and she dumped her's out. (or so we think) Right after that she goes to the Festival of Masks, where of course she met with the destroyer of Arkham Asylum himself the Black Mask, where she has a discussion about the destruction of Arkham.
In issue number two Sinner and Mask's plan begins to unravel. Killer Crocks tank overflows, Mr. Freezes mask breaks, and someone pollutes the food of Clay face which obvious
ly can't have a good result. Of course the most obvious thing to do is have a party. (said in a sarcastic tone). Arkham makes it very clear to Bruce Wayne that he did not make an investment in the new asylum, he made a donation. Meanwhile, Raggedy man is running under the floors of the facility and finding dolls singing the raggedy man song.
The plot of the third issue was fairly obvious, the inmates at Arkham over run it, the security system shuts down, and many many guards are killed. One thing I didn't like was that when Batman came, he beat all the villains to quickly. Alice Sinner had Raggedy man crawl through a whole and bugs went inside his body, where he carved them out with a can opener. I'm not going to ruin the ending for all you readers, but I will tell you it was a surprise, and a disappointment.
At first when I read these books, I liked them allot, but as I wrote its review I realized t

hat the only reason I fell involve with it is that I like the Batman villains and the idea of placing a comic series their was the greatest thing I had ever thought of. I would not highly recommend it, but I will recommend it a little. The book is good, but not that good.

Grade: C+
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