15 February, 2010

The Brave and the Bold #31

The most unusual combination I and probably anyone else could think of is featured in this comic. The Joker and the Atom. When the Joker is dying will the worlds smallest heros save or kill him, and if he does save him how can he live with that on his conscience?
This is one of the best comics that I have ever read. It shows some of the Joker's memories (which I and most people have always wanted to see) and gives a pretty accurate mental analysis of the Joker given by himself. I would definitely buy it if I hadn't already.
Some of the Brave and the Bolds I have not liked. (Batman and the Geek #29) Some have been Ok. (Dr. Fate and the Green Lantern #30) But this one it amazing

Grade: A
To buy go to: www.mycomicshop.com

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  1. This is going to be a great website. I can imagine how many issues are going to pile up on the link list.